More sensational photos! You should see this shit!

Actually it’s just a lazy sort of day, and after some Blue Shirt shenanigans, having lunch at a bar with ┬ásome children, including a newborn, and having Dora stop by for a few coolies, I don’t really have the time or energy to write a big post. Oh, and we just got a call that the queen of the shady ladies is going to be dropping into town in twenty minutes to have a bite to eat. Yippee, we haven’t had a visit with her since last summer, so this will be fun. Anyhow, you get some more trip photos, and I’m not even going to sort them out. When I come back from having some drinks and other fun things, I may caption them for you. We shall see what happens.

Yep, this happened

Beaner when she first got sick ­čÖü

Stanley and his huge bubba

Hmmmm, should I?

Yep, I sure should

I may have had some drinks


Sosua beach, but not the day we went fishing

Gadget 0 - Ocean 1


Bunyan and Stanley's reaction to Gadget's illness

Stanley - Round 1

Someone has to drink it

Might as well!!!

Gadget's final resting place

At least we didn't get skunked

They were a lot prettier an hour ago

Mmmmm, dinner

He just wanted to go home with the smell of fish on him

Captain Hindgrinder, and Elby

Well, there you have it, a makeshift blog post, from a makeshift blogger. It’s Saturday night, and I didn’t even have any drinks tonight, so all in all, a fairly quiet evening. We popped over to Dora and Swiper’s for a visit, saw The Handsome Family, Armando, and Cooper. Swiper lent me what looks like an amazing DVD called “It Might Get Loud” and a documentary on the making of “Strange Brew”. Looks like I’ve got my day planned tomorrow.

I’m going to go cuddle up on the couch with my baby now.

And I’ve got one more silver dollar,



7 thoughts on “More sensational photos! You should see this shit!

  1. Ya, not too happy you showed me puking to all of your blog readers! Who am I kidding, most readers are coming to the June ring exchange and they will get a first hand look at it there! Asshole

    • First of all, I didn’t show the six other times that you puked, so be happy about that, and secondly, I think that your “chum” is what got us the fish.

  2. It’s nice to know what I will be seeing in June. and who I should not stand near at the end of the night. Sorry Gadget. But I will have a rented tux on.

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