Mixed Bag of Nibblenuts

First of all, does anyone remember Rebecca Black and the video “Friday” Did you think it was bad? You won’t now. It’s actually a completely normal song, after listening to this.

Isn’t that nice? I’m so sorry, but I was scarred by it, and only thought it fair to pass that on. Kind of like everyone did with “Two Girls, One Cup” only this is worse. It’s one of those things that I hope is a joke, but in a way I hope that someone is that delusional and bad.

Now onto the changes to your right. I have added a tag cloud, and a blog roll. I’m going to try this out, because I like it, and I hate having a bunch of ads cluttering up the joint. It would be one thing if anyone bought things, but they don’t, so I might as well put nice things in there. I’ll still leave some ads at the bottom, because I guess they aren’t in the way down there, and you never know, somebody may decide that they want to start a website through GoDaddy.com, and they could just click right there. Hey, it would only take one. I think I’ll also look for some other neat widgets to brighten things up.

I especially like the blog roll, because it’s easily accessible, and I can put my favourite bloggers up there. I am going to try and fill it up with wonderful, funny, uplifting, or positive blogs. There will be some rules, but all in all, most of my faves already meet the criteria.

  1. No gloomy, depressing blogs. If everything sucks so bad, I’m sorry, but we all read to feel better and stay happy. Well, I do anyhow. I totally understand if you have bad days, and maybe you need to touch on a bit of darkness once in a while, but the constant doom is too much for me to push on others.
  2. You can’t sell ad space to other bloggers. I won’t have it. Just as I won’t pay to advertise myself on someone else’s blog (Although I am curious about The Bloggess and how much the traffic would increase.). I don’t care if you sell it, and I don’t care if you buy it, but I’m not going to promote someone for free, just to have them charge someone else. I know that this may seem arrogant, but it’s not. It probably isn’t going to drive any more traffic to you by being on my blogroll, it’s just a way for me to show you that I like your blog, and that I take time out of my day to read your posts. If anyone reading my blog wants to see some amazing writers, and funny people, they can go check it out.
  3. You need to put up one post each month with a picture of animals having sex. You don’t need to write a post about it, just throw up a pic randomly during the month. I will be giving points on who has the funniest photo at the end of each month. There will be extra points for oral and anal (not really, but I’m excited to see what you find). There is no penalty for not posting, and if you don’t, I understand. You are way better than the rest of usme that will post them.

Thanks kid, I was running out of energy

That about sums up the rules, I’m sure I’ll come across some more at some later date. I should also say that this list will be getting bigger, and there are more that I will put up tomorrow, but I can only do so much. I am just a man, after all. I’m sure I’ll need to get bigger internets one of these days, just to handle the blogs I love to read, but for now I’ll just keep enjoying them as they slowly grow in numbers. Who knew that there was so much talent in the world?

Hey, I almost forgot to tell you folks the good news. I always want to say “guys”, but change it to folks because I remember that there are girls here too. If any ladies are offended by me calling them “guys”, please leave a comment or whatever to let me know. If I don’t hear back from you, I’m going to start using it, only because it flows better out of my mind. Oh right, the good tidings.

  1. I have a line on a job. It is driving, but not like I was doing before. I will keep my fingers crossed that I get a call back tomorrow. I’m hoping that it will give me time to write, because I am getting very excited about all of this. It’s a constant pounding in my heart, and it keeps my mind completely occupied because I am learning new things. It’s a rush, that’s for sure.
  2. We are picking up our rescue dog today and he looks so sweet. He’s from Death Row Dogs in Peterborough. They rescue dogs from the gas chambers in North Carolina, where they have these horrible practices regarding euthanasia. I’m not going to get into that right now, because we need to stay happy, but they really need any help you can give them. Even if you could just share their FB page around to your friends, it would help a lot. Anyhow, my lady is calling me, so I’ll introduce you to Blue. We will be doing a Blue family photo shoot on the weekend, so stay tuned for that too


If I die before I wake, feed Jake,


Q. What was your favourite candy or treat when you were growing up. Do they still make it?

Mine was those little taffy ice cream cones. I saw them a few years ago at Costco or somewhere like that, I bought a case.

18 thoughts on “Mixed Bag of Nibblenuts

  1. MY EARS! I am stunned that those girls parents didn’t put a stop to that mess. Perhaps I should start posting the farting/giggling videos that my 9 year old and his friend make. They could be superstars!

    I loved sponge toffee as a kid. The husband and I saw it in the grocery store the other week and we both gasped out loud when we saw it lol

    • Haha, we had some sponge toffee in Feb. and it was terrible. I do like good sponge toffee though. Sorry for breaking your mind with the video. It was not my intention.

  2. Sweet! I made the wall!

    I think Blue is totally adorable! I want to snuggle him.

    Fave candy? Hmmm. Tough one. Does my Grandma’s chocolate cookies count?

  3. Why would you share that terrible thing. I couldn’t even watch more than 10 seconds of it. I know auto tune is all the rage now and those girls should have used it. I am not going to get into the rant about music and the difference between good and bad but wow. Those girls are delusional.
    On the candy question – I have to say those chocolate toffee things on a stick they used to give out at Halloween. I have never been able to find them again.

  4. Okay, a bunch of points here:

    -I’m not sure that I’ll be able to post animals having sex, but I’ll see what I can do to squeeze it in.

    -I always use “guys.” I really hope that women don’t get offended by it, because I am definitely including them.

    -GOOD LUCK on the job. I am glad that it got some fire in ya, and I will pray that it works out for you.

    -That dog looks awesome! In the next couple months I am going to start looking for a dog, and will definitely check out the place you got it from. Did you get to meet it, or just look at pictures? Also, bravo to you for saving it!

    -And finally, that video was awful.

    • I am sure that there are rescues around your neck of the woods, and yes we are officially fostering him for a while, just to make sure he’s a good fit. He is. The job is money, but the writing is where the fire is. I guess it’s more the creating that I like. I’d pay someone to type for me and decipher my stories if I wasn’t so poor. You can find some “arty” animal sex pics, I have a bunch that I found today. Inter-species stuff. Very avante garde, and taboo shattering. Yes, you can use guys. No one has complained yet. I don’t remember Circus Peanuts. Is that the brand, or do you mean the ones they roast at the circus, in the shell?

  5. I am so honored to be on your blogroll. Thank you so much for putting me there.

    Now, to discuss this awesome video of the catchy song you posted. Man, those hot girls had voices of angels. I hope they get a record deal. (SNORT)

    I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m sending as many good vibes as possible your way on the job front!!! Keep us posted (what am I saying? I know you will).

  6. ACK! I was so taken by Justin Bieber’s whores that I forgot to comment on other parts of your post… Holy crap, I didn’t know this organization you got Blue from rescues dogs from NC. I’ll definitely check them out. Having 9 freaking furry babies, I’m all about saving animals/donating to organizations that will help them.

    As for the candy… Jolly Ranchers use to have this long rectangular stick. I would get one, pull the wrapper 1/2 way down and suck on it like a lollipop (hey, get your mind out of the gutter, damn you). While I still like Jolly Ranchers candy, I miss that version of it (I haven’t seen that since I was a wee lass).

  7. Guys is just peachy keen, Chris.
    Candy, well, had lots of faves, but real Pixie sticks (not those long things) and Bit O’ Honey are the top two.

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