We met Yvette for lunch on Saturday, and the passenger door was busted, so… oh, Chin already covered my blog post for today. Hmmmmm, What haven’t I talked about lately? Well, there’s the Jehovah’s Witness, I guess they are always good for a rant. I suppose I should show the video of Yvette crawling out of the Green Goblin through the window first, seeing as it wasn’t documented in Chin’s post.

Also, the JetPack team that does site stats for the blog did up a little thing about our blog in 2011. I posted it on Facebook, but I know a lot of you don’t “like” our Facebook page, so I thought I’d post it here. It’s not terribly exciting, but just gives you a hint about what the numbers look like. I don’t think they just did it for me, as this is a rather pitiful blog (in numbers) compared to most other blogs. I guess that’s either because it isn’t very good, everybody but our readers are stupid, or no one wants to share, because they are afraid I’ll get a swollen head. Well, I have news for you, you are too late. I already know how awesome I am, so share away. Tell all of your friends, and threaten to tell their spouses about that time you saw them making out with Sue from accounting, if they don’t share.

Last night or the night before that, I won’t say which night,




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