Just killing a Saturday

I’m a stats man. I don’t know what the hell they mean, but I love looking at them. I love seeing how many people read the blog that day, and what posts they were reading. I wonder what would make them happier, and make them want to read more than the post that their friend shared on Facebook. I wonder if people like the layout, or if there’s something that they’d like to see us try. As a truck driver, mostly I just drive around all day and think. I have often sat and thought about why some people read our blog, and what kind of feeling it gives them when they read the different types of stories and thoughts. I guess it really doesn’t matter, but I’m kind of insecure and neurotic in that way. I’ll write something that I really like, and only thirty people will read it, but then I put something else up, that I feel isn’t as good, and two hundred people read it.

One thing I’ve found out by the stats, is that people generally don’t read the blog on the weekends, so there’s a chance that only the hard cores will see this post. I guess it makes sense, but still makes me a bit sad. It’s like “Really, you have something better to do than to sit at your computer and read silly things that we write?” Some people are such assholes. So, I got to thinking, that on the weekends, I would just throw some shit together. Maybe some videos of a great comedian, or a cool, new band. I don’t know, but I do know that I like doing fun stuff on the weekend too, and if people do most of their reading on Monday, (so the stats say) I’ll maybe just throw some fluff in there to fill space, and it might just open your mind to something you didn’t know existed. (By the way, if you are in a hot band, have some poetry or other art you’d like to share, let us know. We are all about shameless promotion, and we have all kinds of space left on the internet.)

I’ve noticed that people aren’t really big into sharing, and that’s okay. Maybe stuff isn’t good enough to share, or they can’t be bothered. Some people share some things, and some people share all things. You know the type, games, stories, regurgitated sayings, etc… I’m not a huge sharer, unless I really like the person that wrote, drew or sang something, or something was really good. Mostly it’s because I like something though. When I get out of camp, and start living a normal life again, I hope to have more time to devote to little projects.

Another cool thing I’ve learned, is that 49% of our Facebook fans are middle-aged women, and it’s 70/30 for the women in total. I don’t know what that means, but I think it’s pretty cool that chicks dig it. I imagine that if I put in porn reviews and some hunting articles, I could attract more men to the site, but you know what? Fuck it. I started blogging to get rid of some of my job anger, and I have ended up being able to work through all kinds of shit, just by writing it down. It’s almost exhilarating after you write a whole bunch of personal trials and tribulations, and click that “schedule” button. Once it’s published, it’s out there; there’s no taking it back. Everybody that wants to, can find out your insecurities, strengths, and opinions, and then they can judge you on them. I love that. I’ve often thought that maybe I tell to much, and some things should be between two people, but I don’t air out dirty laundry, or go on witch hunts, most of the things I have to say, I want everyone to know. I want people to see how much I love my soon-to-be wife, her kids, and the rest of my friends and family. They are everything to me, and why should I be ashamed of that? I’ve actually had people tell me that I’m “gay” for publicly adoring the woman I love. I guess, but if I was gay, I’d be publicly adoring a dude.

I don’t get why people still use the term “gay” as a way to ridicule someone. I’m not in high school anymore, in the eighties. I have a lot of gay friends, (well lots to me) and they are no different than straight people, except that they usually aren’t bigoted towards anyone. They love as much, or more than anyone else, they are super funny, and they have open minds. What’s not to love about that? I have one friend, that anyone who follows the blog will know of, and her name is Yvette. She has a blog of her own http://becoming-oliver.blogspot.com , and it deals with her struggles and triumphs of living as a trans-gendered woman, in a northern Canadian town. It’s an interesting read, and you’ll learn that she has the exact same problems that most of us have, or have had. I’ve known Yvette for probably eleven or twelve years, and when we met, I instantly liked her. I didn’t know she was gay at the time, but she had no problem telling me after the second or third visit to the store she was managing. I think she told me because I kept coming in and talking to her and Trin, so she probably figured I was hitting on her. I didn’t want to tell her that I was just lonely, and thought it was fun to shoot the shit with them, because I only knew four other people in town.

Wow, for only putting out some videos, I’ve gone a little overboard. I guess I’ll write up the conclusion to this shit, tomorrow. Oh yeah, I am going to put a smattering of funny things throughout this post, so this really isn’t news to you, as you’ve seen them as you’ve read it. Now I look like an asshole.

I went to a party last Saturday night, I didn’t get laid, I got in a fight, uh huh. It ain’t no big thing,


4 thoughts on “Just killing a Saturday

  1. I told you because I knew I could trust you and that I liked you too. What really cememnted our friendship was the phone calls from northern Ontario. Somethimes to chat, sometimes to have me fix you’re phone for you. I smiled everytime I heard you’re voice. And I always smiled when I knew you were coming back to town. I consider you one of my best friends and I am proud to know you.

    (And thanks for the plug on the blog!)

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