It’s the 3rd of Movember already. Tomorrow is the final day to vote, and it looks like it’s a handlebar

That’s just sad. Handlebar is winning with two pitiful votes. Oh well, I guess it means more to me than to others. On a more serious note, because cancer isn’t serious enough, I watched that Judge William Adams video, and it totally sickens me. I cried and had to turn it off partway through. I am making it known publicly that I hope he gets prostate and skin cancer, but doesn’t die from it. I guess if there is a karma, I’m in for it, I shouldn’t say that kind of thing about my fellow man, but anyone who could beat someone, let alone their own child, like that, needs a reality check. I guess if karma is real, then he will get his, and I don’t have to worry about it.

I’m sorry for coming out against karma like this, but I figured the Christians needed a break from my disdain. I think next, I’ll probably attack Scientology, but I’ll need to educate myself on that subject first. Maybe I’ll nail the Jehovah’s Witness to the cross while I’m at it. Do you see what I’m doing here? I’m actually showing contempt, while promising more contempt at a later date. For all of my Christian, Scientologist and Jehovah friends; you know I love you, I just think that religion turns your brain into plasticine for the powers that be to mold. I may have said too much. This is supposed to be a frothy bit about prostate cancer, while I listen to “Echo Beach”.

Look ma, tiny hairs that are able to exfoliate a rhinocerous.


I haven’t been affected by prostate cancer, but I am afraid of it more than any of the others. I’m told that I am a low risk case, because I have an active sex life, and no history of it, but I still think I should be getting my prostate milked on a daily basis. From what I understand, that greatly reduces your risk and supposedly (or is it supposably?) feels fantastic. I guess I’ll find out when Mrs. Birdman gets home. If she turns out to be good at it, maybe she could hold a course for the other ladies. I hope she likes the case of nitrile gloves and lube that I got her for an early Christmas present. What? I think it’s a great gift. She won’t want her bare fingers in there, that’s unsanitary.

Lord I was born a ramblin’ man,



3 thoughts on “It’s the 3rd of Movember already. Tomorrow is the final day to vote, and it looks like it’s a handlebar

  1. 1. Handlebar moustaches take several years to grow… my vote is full-on grizzly man style beard – just let it all grow for the whole month!
    2. After sneaking away from my legitimate work documents on my screen to take a 2 minute peak at facebook, and then following the Movember CTT link… now I have to go find out what video you’re talking about!
    3. I mostly share your sentiments regarding religion, but I just think ‘to each their own’ – don’t bug, you won’t be bugged philosophy
    4.Had to stifle laughter at the “supposably” line to avoid pop coming out of my nose (supposably is one of my biggest pet peeves… along with the misuse of then/than and accept/except and effect/affect and saying “should of” instead of should have – maybe I’m just easily annoyed)

    • I can’t grow the full beard, it’s just for moustaches. If they allowed beards, I’d have a good start to Decembeard. Oh the beauty of it.

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