It’s Remembrance Day Again

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We’re going to the school for their ceremony and then to the cenotaph for the public one.

I’ll be all misty eyed I’m sure. I get like that every year. Something about freedom does that to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not delusional enough to think that I’m truly free, but I’m not busting rocks with a chain around my ankle, so I’d say I’m free enough. The people who have fought for us, achieved the desired goal for the time. It’s not their fault that we as a society allowed politicians and corporations to ruin our world. They fought for the right to give us the choice of which asshole gets to screw us, and I thank them for that. I really do.

Think about all of the leaders over the years that just would have enslaved entire nations if they were given the chance. I don’t know much about slavery, but I know it’s horrible. I know people that have lived in countries where they are forced to fight, whether they believe in the cause or not. Guys with bullet wounds all through them, because after they healed up, they were sent right back out to start killing again. One guy had been shot up on three different occasions. The last time was in his back and the doctors said he couldn’t fight again as his spine had been damaged. He went home to pack his things and get the hell out of there. His wife and son had been shot and killed years earlier while he was out killing other wives and children, so he took off for Canada and a better life. He found it, but at what cost?

When you hear what it was like where he came from, which was under Nazi rule during the war, it makes you appreciate our government, even with their greed and corruption.

Pretty sad isn’t it? These people go and fight at the drop of a hat for their country, and when they come home it’s in a worse condition than when they left. They get shit for benefits and pay, but the people who are sending them to where they will possibly lose their life are double dipping their expense accounts, taking lavish vacations on the tax payer’s dime, and getting a very healthy pension plan out of the deal. Not too shabby for never having to put yourself in danger or even being accountable for anything you do.

I know this is a lot different than my usual Remembrance Day post, but to be honest with you, I’m not in the spirit this year. I’m a little bit angry about a lot of things and I haven’t got it in me to write a sappy retrospective of how our freedom was dependent on all of the people who fought for us and gave us the life we now have.

I know it was, but I’m a little pissed that we are wasting it so badly, and at such a fast pace. Free trade, pipelines, oil sands, corrupt senators and crack smoking mayors. Nobody gives a shit about anything anymore.


Sorry, that isn’t entirely true. We still care about money. Not enough to ensure that our jobs stay in our country, but we sure do like to vote for whoever offers the right economic agenda in their platform. Who cares about pumping billions of litres of contaminated fresh water down disposal wells? It doesn’t matter right now, because we have lots in our lakes and rivers. Oh, all of that water is coming from our lakes and rivers every day? Oh well, I’m sure the government is looking out for us. They wouldn’t destroy our country for a bit of oil and gas revenue would they? Oh, they would? Well, I’m sure they are working on ways to clean it up. I’m sure some of our tax money will go to research. I don’t think that those disposal wells are near the water table or anything. They’ll figure something out.

I’m no different, I just wish I was. I have computers and gadgets. I drive a gas powered vehicle and I fly to my job that helps get the oil and gas out of the ground. I’m not pointing fingers at you and telling you that you’re bad.

We all are.

Actually. We’re not just bad. We’re fucking horrible. The problem is that the bar has dropped over the past few years. It’s actually below the mat now. We’ve been trained to settle for so much less than we should, and it’s all our fault. Oh, it’s also our parent’s fault, and our grandparent’s fault.

That’s right, they are the ones who fell into the original trap of needing all of this useless shit after WWII. The worst of it, in my opinion, was television. There’s nothing like a bunch of greedy corporations sending you something to rot your mind, all the while plugging thoughts of entitlement into your family’s head.

You work hard. Why don’t you buy our gizmo to make your life a little easier? It would save you thirty minutes a day, and that would give you some more time to relax in front of your new colour TV. Has conventional cooking started to interrupt your soap opera time? Here’s a handy microwave. You can cut your meal preparation time in half or more. Was working, reading, and talking to each other that bad?

I’m sorry. This isn’t a day for griping. It’s a day that we need to stop and thank the men and women who have, and continue to, lay down their lives for us. They willingly give everything so that we aren’t forced into killing our neighbours, and there is no amount of thanks that can repay that.

So let’s have a moment of silence to think about what has been lost, and how we can live better and truly honour those that have put their lives on the line to give us that freedom.

I remember.


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