It’s Been Pretty Busy Around Here


I haven’t been working in I don’t know how long, but since the weather has been so nice, I have been really busy around the house. I have been writing a bit as well, but mostly on Profane Reviews and Granola Light.

I have wanted to write more on here, but there always seems to be something coming up and fucking with my program. Because I’ve been doing so many little projects, it seems like there’s no time to just blow off some steam and write shit that I feel like writing about.

I shouldn’t say it like that, because I really do love talking about soap, worms, gardening, and now mealworms, but I don’t want to curse over there and scare of the gentle folks. It’s sad, but a lot of people get turned off by crude language, honest opinions, and pictures of big, white dicks.

The review site is good for getting my cuss on, and also for trying to creatively work true stories into the reviews, but it’s pretty limited as far as far as reach goes, plus I can’t afford to buy anything to review right now, so I am relying on past purchases.

That’s great and all, but you’re not going to get a lot of people, looking for a two year old SkilSaw, on Google scanning reviews and then buying through your [easyazon_link identifier=”B000P9H4VO” locale=”US” tag=”granligh-20″]link on Amazon[/easyazon_link].

I did find that some people do end up on my Swiss Army knife review from Google though. I guess things like that don’t change models every year or so. Why mess with a good thing?

Things are looking up around here. The buds and blossoms are in full swing now, the hillsĀ are green, except where they got burned, and we can get back to a lot of spots on the river that we couldn’t when the water was so high. Oh yeah, I start a new job today, and it seems like a good one. It’s only temporary until mid-July, and then starts again in October until April, but it sounds like if someone quits or gets canned, I might get on full-time permanent. That would be very sweet.

There is still some trucking involved, but it’s a 40 hour week, and I’m home every night, so I am not going to complain about that. It’s a steady cheque, and a steady home life, which has been hard for me to find in a long time. I almost wondered if it even exists, but a couple of buddies told me they had it, so I guess I’ll take them at their word. As far as I know, they haven’t lied to me yet.

This job has also squashed my plans for going home at least until July, but it would have been really hard to swing it financially without the job, and at least we can still pay the mortgage. If I don’t stay on full-time, I might try to get home in August or late July for a week and see my family and a few friends. A week doesn’t give you much time, but it’s something, and until Gerri and I can get coordinating vacations, it will have to do.

Anyhow, if you are wondering what we have been up to, it’s mostly over on Granola Light, but it won’t seem very exciting to a lot of you. That’s okay, everyone can’t be interested in everything, although I have been finding a lot of stuff to be interested in. One of them has always been off-grid living, and we met a couple from Havelock that are living here off the grid, and they invited us out to their place to check it out and have a visit. It’s a ways out in the bush, but hopefully one day that we both have off will come around and we can take a good tour.

Take care, and keep on truckin’

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2 thoughts on “It’s Been Pretty Busy Around Here

  1. I ended up on your Swiss Army knife review too! It was great. I find that reviews containing profanity (based on real experiences) are far more believable and sound more honest. It’s effective advertising if you ask someone like me. Great review! So when you say “home” do you still mean out west? Sorry, I’m lagging behind but what happened after life in the bus? Maybe I should just go back and catch up on your web site. I read a few articles after that but I’ve lost touch with where your family is actually living now. Off grid sounds interesting and hard core. Of anyone, I could see you achieving it. Are you aware that some Ontarians think you can’t legally live off grid? Lol! There’s a misunderstanding there somewhere I’m sure. I’ve heard folks say you must be on grid, sell your juice back to hydro till your monthly bill is credited to zero or a profit, while still operating on their hydro. Sounds fucking stupid to me. What do you know about it? Anyway, cheers and thanks for the read! I’ll expect you to write a novel in response to my questions and comments. Lol kidding

    • Thanks Dave. Yes, we are in Hudson’s Hope and will be here for a few years, so if you are looking for a beautiful getaway place, and a free couch to sleep on, come on out. There’s a bit of work here for a guy that has his own reflective clothing and a love of power saws. I actually just got on with the highway maintenance crew and was surprised at how many trees we have to clean up on the roads. It’s a pretty sweet gig, and I’m hoping to get on full time/permanent one of these days.

      If you get a chance to go to check out the wildfire post. Now we have a camp with about 200 forest fire fighters down the street from us. They are getting choppered around and cutting fire breaks etc. If only I was a bit younger. And healthier.

      As for off grid in Ontario, some places make it hard. If you don’t go completely off grid, you need to keep paying all of Hydro’s fees and charges, so unless you are selling them back $40 a month, or whatever it is now, you still end up paying for it. I think you’d be better off running a generator once in a while to charge your batteries than staying hooked up to them. If you live in a lot of places, like in Centreton, you can’t have solar unless it’s on your house, so that definitely limits you to how much you can produce.

      The town we live in is pretty relaxed when it comes to stuff like that, and they actually promote it, despite us being a BC Hydro town. Two dams within 20 kms, and one of them is massive. Look up WAC Bennett Dam if you get a chance.

      As always, thanks for the comment. I really enjoy chatting with you.

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