It Starts Tomorrow


Yup. I am heading over to see Scotty at PXL today to start collecting material for the Float Your Fanny Down The Ganny (FYF) raft. Then I might haul a load over to Northumberland Repair & Refinish at 251 Ward St. in Port Hope. Mike and Amy have graciously offered their shop to build this abominationcraft, so we are going to hang something with their name on it on the beast that Gadget and I will spend the next three weeks constructing.

You could also have your shingle hanging on this floating fortress for as long as it stays afloat. All you need to do is sponsor us as we try to take those guys in the barrels, that seem to win every year, out of the running. Your sponsorship could also include a years worth of advertising on the blog to sweeten the pot. Anything over and above the costs of materials, entry fees, and other costs incurred is going to charity.

That's a pretty sweet ride, right there.

That’s a pretty sweet ride, right there.

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That’s right. We aren’t profiting from any of the fundraising, so if there is any leftovers, it will go to our Great Strides™ walk at the Toronto Zoo to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. The girls and I will be joining The Super Awesomes team for the walk and it’s going to be a great day. The girls went last year and loved it, so this year I figured I’d try my hand at exhausting myself at that gargantuan zoo.

We also need people to cheer us on at the finish line as we float for gold. It sounds like Penny and Francine will be there for sure, and hopefully we will see some other friendly faces as well. You can make some cardboard or old bedsheet signs as well, just so people don’t think you are cheering for them.

I had better tell you the lineup, I suppose. We have Gadget and I, Scooter and the Zak Attak, JSim and Ry-Ry, D$ and Mrs. Birdman, and our figurehead will be none other than Sebastard.

I hope he holds this pose for the race.

I hope he holds this pose for the race.

We are currently accepting suggestions for costume themes, so throw a comment on something, and let us know what you think we should do. If you mention Speedos, then I’ll know that Zak has put you up to it, and you will be run out of town on a rail.

Now please, dig deep into your pockets and hearts to support this asinine venture that is merely for us to see what kind of things we can make out of foam. It started with big heads, and will probably end when we have constructed a foam hotel that you can sweat in during the hot summer nights.

If you want to donate to our cause, I am putting a button here and in the sidebar for some easy peasy payment slickness. I hope.

[nicepaypallite name=”Help us look like assholes”]

So there you have it. That is our plan, thus far, and let’s hope it warms up by the 6th of April. I have a feeling that this raft is going to be spectacular, because I know the engineer involved in designing it. Let’s also hope that it can hold our weight. We have absolutely no idea what the buoyancy of this foam is, but we think it’s fairly decent.


I know this isn’t rafting, but it’s how I picture me on the water and the dance floor.

Dabtoes’ for’d and the Dustmen aft, sitting there picking at a ‘chicken on a raft’,


4 thoughts on “It Starts Tomorrow

  1. I so totally be on the team if I lived closer! It sounds like it would be a wet and wild ride!

    I will send some cash as soon as I have some.

    • I won’t hold my breath then, because we are in a recession. 😛 I know you’d be here to even out the team if you could, but you live far away. I can’t even imagine the trouble there would be if you were closer.

  2. Theme?Costumes? Your Halloween ones were da’ bomb!! I’d go that route if I were you (which I’m not because you’d never get me in those waters. ick) Good Luck!!

    • Yeah, they were pretty sick (in the kid’s usage of the word). I will have to look into whether we need to use our arms, because the heads are pretty floppy. Get up here and hold a sign. I know my lady will want to have a drink with you when we’re done. 🙂

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