Is This It?

Is this what we’ve been living for? Money, power, to have the most shit?

I look around me and I am truly frightened by what I see. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s as if no one cares anymore. I think it has been coming since the 50’s, kind of when people started forgetting about The Great Depression. I guess I shouldn’t say that no one cares, but no one listens to the people who do. Some of the greatest minds of our time have been pointing and saying “This needs to be fixed.”, but everyone just shrugs and thinks that those people are radicals, and they go back to doing whatever they were told to do, by their friends, boss, parents, the media, etc…

I’m sure it does have a nice ride. Hopefully it tosses your salad on the way home as well.

No one wants to listen to the people who say that things need to change. They like how things are going. They like to have such a huge debt load that they feel like hanging themselves when a stack of bills comes in all at once. It’s alright, because in three years the Range Rover will be paid for and then they’ll have an extra $1100 a month, so they should be okay. Well, as long as no one loses their job, the now un-warrantied Range Rover doesn’t break down, or some other hardship befalls them. Then they’re screwed.

Well, I wonder if anyone is paying attention now? George Carlin doesn’t look like such a troublemaker anymore, does he? Frank Zappa’s insane ramblings are maybe not as crazy as you once thought. Most people have been prioritizing things all of their life, but where do you even start nowadays?

We all have things that we want from the government of our respective countries. Assorted freedoms, civil rights, balanced budgets, healthcare. Whatever it is, you feel that you deserve it, and that it is owed to you.

You can’t have everything.

You want a balanced budget? Other programs will suffer. You want to spend billions on a space program? That money has to come from somewhere, and it’ll probably be the arts. You have to realize that what might be important to you, might not be important to someone else, and you need to deal with it. You can’t have everything. None of us can.

Take this blog for instance. I have these huge dreams of turning it into a lucrative venture. I want to be able to do nothing but think up ways to entertain you, and I’d love to be able to hire my friends to help me. I want to get into audio and video production, and I’m hoping to use the blog as a vehicle to do it. Is it because I don’t want to do real work? Maybe a little, but it’s mostly because I’ve found what I love to do. I absolutely love searching for fun shit to share on the Facebook page. I love reading other people’s blogs, and sharing them with whoever will read them. It’s just what I love to do. I don’t want to get rich off of it, but I’d like for Mrs. B to not have to work so much. Maybe hire her a full-time editor or something. Like I said, I’m just dreaming, and it’s nice to live in a country where your dreams are possible.

Does it make me lazy? I really don’t think so. Mrs. Birdman will testify that I would, and sometimes do, spend way more time doing this than any job I’ve ever had. Is it a realistic dream? Maybe. I certainly don’t expect it. I’m over expecting anything by now. If it happens, it’s because I did something right, or I blew someone that did something right. Either way, I just have to keep plugging away at it and try to not fuck it up too bad. You folks reading this know; if I say the wrong thing, I’m going to lose you. This post alone has probably lost 40 readers within the first ten seconds. I’m not going to look at stats, but that is usually what happens when I’m not being funny and/or acting like an asshole.

“Well, you can’t take it with you.”

No, you sure can’t, but leaving a fucking black hole of debt is really going to help the situation, isn’t it? Give your head a shake. Running yourself into the ground, hoping you’ll die before having to pay everyone back is foolish. The banks and credit card companies get their money from someone, and that only leaves whoever’s left. They’ll just raise the rates on everyone else’s accounts.

You might think I’m exaggerating, but I really know people who say that, and I’m sure if I know three or four, you all must know at least one as well. Hell, you probably are one, for all I know. I remember my Nana and Papa  telling stories about the depression and the struggles that they went through. Luckily my great-grandfather was a good hunter, and the area was saturated with wild foods, or her family would have likely starved. There just wasn’t any extras, so they would never knowingly put the future generations in peril, because they knew what could happen, and how bad it could be.

Watch it, but don’t look at it as a comedy. A lot of that shit is happening.

Sadly, their generation started the whole problem after the depression, and I doubt very many of them knew they were doing it. Things were good, high paying jobs were plentiful, and technology was making leaps and bounds. They worked hard, so why shouldn’t they indulge in a few things that they wanted, when they had enough money left over. That’s the last time that things were normal. People didn’t just go buy everything on credit like they do now. If you bought a TV, 21″ would be a big model, it would last you at least 20 years, and it would cost you $500. $500 in the 50’s would be over $4000 now, so think about that for awhile. Do they even make a 21″ TV anymore? Would you pay more than $150 for it if they do?

Can you imagine having to get up to walk to the TV, just to change the channel? That’s lunacy.

I know that right now, some of you are calling me a liberal, tree hugging propaganda monster, but I’m not. Why does everything have to be one way or the other?

We have one side that loves money and Jesus, and they think that Global warming is what the homosexuals and the blacks made up, so that people would elect their commie, atheistic, unpatriotic leader. They feel that nothing is wrong with the way things are going, because that’s how things go. If they were to admit there was a flaw, then all of their life has been a lie, and that they might have to change. This side’s best defence is that the left is lazy and doesn’t have a fiscal plan to keep paying these massive bills. They have a very valid point.

The other half wants to get everything for free, tax the rich, and explore their artistic side. They think that they are entitled to everything, whether they work for it or not, and that the government should pay for it with all of the tax money they get. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them that it can’t go on like this, they will not listen. Their best defence, and it’s a pretty good one, is that the right side wants to rule with Christian morality, and they are too free and intelligent to conform to that way of thinking.

Then there are all of the people in the middle. They don’t know who to vote for, so they either don’t vote, or they fence-sit until the end and then pick one. In a two party system, this is horribly flawed, and in a multi-party system, this is horribly flawed as well. I think that the multi party system is a little more fair, because then you can have someone for people in the middle to vote for. The problem is that opposition parties can form coalitions to try to bring the majority party down.

I have to tell you about it. It may get you looking into what they stand for. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it.

You can do what I do, and vote for the Green party in every election. Why do I? Because they are the only party I trust. I believe that they are the least corrupt of all of them, and even though they probably won’t be in power in my lifetime, I can feel good about my choice when I go to sleep at night. I know that I chose what was right for me and my ideals. I love my country, and I don’t want to see it raped for a few pennies, so that we can send our resources to China and have some more Nintendos shipped back over. If hundreds of people burn to death in a factory in India, I don’t want it to be because the store I buy my clothes at had hired them to make my shirts with the fire exits boarded up, because they wouldn’t want to stop production. We just can’t stop production!

Holy shit, I kind of went off there. I’m sorry for making this so long, and even though, I have so much more to say, I will leave it for now. I’m sorry if I bored you with all of this political bullshit, but it’s been weighing heavy on my mind lately, and I needed to say it. If we don’t get a Therapy Thursday today, I’ll be posting a fun one tomorrow. If not, there will be one on Friday.

And all around me a voice was sounding, this land was made for you and me,


In case you want a new cause to share and help with, check out this single mom’s shitstorm. It’ll break your heart.

8 thoughts on “Is This It?

  1. This is a great post, baby. Your arguments are clear, concise and well thought out. We have a huge problem here. We have the same problems on a smaller scale (ie: teachers union vs administration) as we have on a global scale. Diminishing resources, over consumption and materialism in our world, and people who live in complete poverty while we complain that we don’t have enough. Unfortunately, it seems that it would take a miracle, and the raising of consciousness across the planet, to make the kind of change necessary for our world to survive. Most people on this planet operate from a consciousness that is nearly primitive, which is why they are unwilling, or unable to see how local actions, over time, have global repercussions. We are on a collision course with disaster, whether it’s in the next decade, or the decades after that. What can be done to change the minds and inspire every person on this planet to think and act globally, and to care enough about our future to change our present? That is the conundrum, and until there is a way to truly reach the masses with this message, our fate is sealed.

    • Yeah. I’ll never understand why people either don’t care, or believe that it isn’t bad. I guess it’s just coincidence that things get worse and worse every year. I love you, and thanks for commenting, but more importantly, thanks for always listening, even when you think I’m crazy. You mean the world to me.

  2. 1) I heart you.

    2) Do Canadians really spell defense “defence?”

    3) Keep up with the blog. Even if you gotta do something else to make ends meet in addition, it’s still worth it – not just for those of us who read it, but for YOU, for doing something you believe in. That’s important.

    • I heart you too, and yes we do. I believe all other English speaking (and writing) countries spell it that way, outside of the USA. It’s like the metric system.
      Thanks for your encouragement and support throughout these many months, and fear not, because I’m going to keep doing this until my mind dries up. That should give you at least another four months.

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