Is Everybody Fucked?


You can take that question in a few different directions.

I look at the American elections, cringe, and ask myself if everybody is fucked in the head.

On one hand, you have a lying, orange, narcissist who absolutely cannot be trusted with the future of the country, but possibly will be, because of the other hand.

Over there sits a corrupt, lying, deceiver who also cannot be trusted with the future of the country.

I wish you had a third hand, America. You could put Jill Stein in it. I think Bernie Sanders would have been better, but he sold out and backed his party’s shitheel candidate. I think that Jill Stein is a better choice than either of the other two, but we all know that she hasn’t got a hope in hell of becoming the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of that once great, and hopefully great once again, nation.

She just doesn’t have the backing of big business, or really anybody, other than some regular people who are fed up with all of the shit going on down there.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just the States that are dealing with this shit, it’s just that they are in the limelight at the moment. We have our own highly corrupt bunch of talking suits here, as does almost every other “civilised” country on this once great planet, but right now, this buffonery is taking centre stage.

I really hope that something happens with the collective consciousness down there, and that somehow you can turn this shitshow around, because as your most Anglicized neighbours, we really want to be able to look to you for hope.

Hope to destroy the TPP, race wars, religious control of politicians, and all other forms of greed and corruption at all levels of government.

We would also like to see what freedom looks like again. We hope you can show us.

Which brings up another possible interpretation of the question:

Are we all fucked now? Is there any hope that the world will ever know peace? Is there a chance that we will ever be able to rid ourselves of the holier than thou image that most religions put in our heads?

I’m better than you, because my Bible tells me that I’m going to heaven. (Unless my god really can see inside my head, or what I did in Vegas last year.) All Muslims are filthy terrorists. Jews are trying to take over the world’s finances, and don’t even get me started on the gays. Why can’t they just go live on an island or stay in their closets? They’re an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

To get the Muslim point of view, replace Bible with Quran, Muslims with Christians, terrorists with infidels, and the Lord with Allah.

You get the point.

Anyhow, I’m going to just keep building the chicken coop, tending to the worm farms and gardens, cuddling in with my baby at night, and hoping we wake up on Lasqueti Island.

It’s harder for The Man to find you there.


2 thoughts on “Is Everybody Fucked?

  1. Yes, many are fucked. They believe anything on the Internet that supports their view. They think they can trust Hillary-lots of my friends do. They believe Justin will make a difference. He won’t. Sure-he’ll do a few things to brighten his image. He will wisely take advantage of photo ops (Pride, The Hip, etc) In the long run he will do nothing, and anyone whose spent 40+ years on this planet who believes otherwise is beyond naive. The leaders control nothing. They have no real power over mega corps and private wealth. Big players pull the strings with big money. Our Premier is a jackass who was purchased long long ago.
    The big wheel keeps turning. Slowly, but with so much momentum that it can’t be stopped. Consider the titanic – that thing was moving slow as a turtle when it hit the iceberg, but it had so much weight behind it that the impact tore steel inches thick like it was wet paper. That can be likened to political power and big money. Now comes the shitty part that I’ll feel guilty for saying to you. No, I don’t believe it will change. War will not stop. Ever. One reason I believe this to be true is this, and it’s very simple; no common man or woman knows why the Civil War in Syria is happening. Some people think they do, and they are wrong. You would have to spend 10 years in university to truly understand the history of how wars truly begin on this planet. The trouble with that is, the teachers won’t teach you the real reason because they are also controlled by the money. Your doctors and hospitals were purchased long long ago by big money. They will never function quite the way we need them to. Ever. Why? Because there’s too much money to be lost when it comes to researching products that turn out to be ineffective. Instead of abandoning those costly studies they simply manipulate statistics and pick a different demographic to target. Why? Money. Those researchers lose their funding if they don’t prove what manufacturers and big Pharma needs them to prove. But that’s all OK! We’ll just keep brushing our teeth thrice daily with a paste containing the same substance that used to be used in larger quantities to make mental patients complacent in their confines. Call this a conspiracy theory if you like, maybe it is. But while your categorizing it as so, just keep in mind that it’s true. So in fact, the definition of conspiracy could be to simply question popular belief. Which brings us back around to the beginning of our problems. We’re fucked.

    • Yeah, as depressing as it is, it’s true, and we’re sick of worrying about it. That’s why we’ve decided to take as much of The Man’s wages as we can get, and go somewhere that we can shut it all off and make soap. It’s not going to get us rich, but what the fuck do we need to be rich for? A few cows, some chickens, and a lot of worms should make us enough compost to grow a pretty good garden, and maybe we can sell enough soap to buy some jars for canning. We really don’t need much, as we’ve come to learn over the past year, and we are learning more and more each day about how to be more self sustaining, so by the time the kids are on their own, we should have the resources to fly the proverbial coop.

      As for the toothpaste, I’m way ahead of you. I guess that’s why I had three cavities on my recent dentist check up that I get every 5 – 10 years. 😉

      Thanks for reading, and commenting, Dave. You’re a man among boys.

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