I’m Beat

I’m just really tired. I can’t even think to write anything worthwhile, but I did remember to throw this in.

You wanted to know where those delicious Cadbury's eggs came from.

In case you forgot, or just didn’t care enough to read it, Mixed Bag Of Nibblenuts is where I put out the animal sex challenge. So far I’m winning.

I’m going to bed, and I’ll get up in the morning to finish this.

I’m up and still kind of groggy. I need a better schedule for writing, sleeping, doing on-line surveys, and family time. Other people manage their time effectively. Why can’t I? Why do I get distracted by all of the different things that the internet has to offer. Right now, I only want to flip over to G+ and see what’s going on over there, and now that I won’t let myself, Facebook is my next option. I’m trying to keep from opening up my Google Reader and reading everyone else’s blogs, which is something else I do in the mornings, and throughout the day. Okay, maybe just one.

Bah. That was a waste of a trip to the reader. I was hoping that there was a new one from http://www.pathoflillys.com/. I am going to get a day, where I can just sift through her back-catalogue (that felt dirty just writing it). It looks like there is one fuck of an interesting story there, and me being curious about sex, relationships, eating disorders, and psychology in general, I think that I could keep myself busy for a long time. She has been writing for years. Years, I say. There seems to be a veritable shitstorm of thoughts and emotions in this blog, the likes of which I’ve never seen. (It’s possible that I am exaggerating, seeing as I’ve only read around ten posts, but it’s really good.)

I find that women write with such emotion, that it puts men to shame. One day, when we as a gender, evolve into beings that can properly express ourselves using words, the world will be so much closer to what Mrs. Birdman and I have attained for ourselves.


I really believe that we have something different than the average relationship, and that is that we communicate with each other. If something is pissing her off about me, she tells me, and vice-versa. I’m not saying that we are going to change ourselves, but at least we know what grates on the other’s nerves. Last night I found out that snapping my gum brought some looks of disapproval. I did it again, and it was confirmed. I apologized and told her that I would try to refrain from annoying her in that manner again. She said that it was just startling her while she tried to work, and she would get used to it. I know that she wouldn’t, so I made a conscious effort to not do it any more. It’s not that she frightened me to my very core with that death glare (she did), but because if she was to ever annoy me with the silly things that she does (there are none), I would hope that I could stare at her with such ferocity that she would immediately quit blowing into my lungs while we share a meaningful kiss, and then start laughing and chortling until she couldn’t breathe anymore.

Not the exact scene, but I thought that all of the pink accessories would appease her. I don't want to spend another night in the "Gimp Box"

We really do have a great relationship, and as a general rule we want to spend all of our free time together. We even moved all of the computers into her office nook, so that we (I) didn’t have to keep running up the stairs to see her. I’ve gained a few pounds, but I think that it’s from constantly drinking in her beauty as I try to finish up my last few games of Words With Friends.

And what a good segue into our newest feature on the blog…Words With Smarty Pantaloons.

All the fun of WWF, all the filth of Smarty. This will follow our friend Seth in his quest for domination over Smarty. Seth has been described by some (me) as the toughest adversary since Smarty Pantaloons. Anyone who has played Smarty will understand the gravity of that statement. Smarty starts and ends every game at 69 points, and while that isn’t a great feat, the fact that he holds his opponents at 0 is something to marvel at. Now Seth will have the chance to use his lexiconagraphal (it’s now a word) skills to try and bring down the house, and Smarty.

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who doesn’t thoroughly enjoy vulgarities and vile language, should steer clear of this train wreck.

On that note, I will apologize for being late today, and leave it at that. I should also mention that there has been no submissions for Therapy Thursday, so if you were looking forward to one (you weren’t), you had better get something in before 5:00 PM today.

Here we go… UFO on LSD, R2D2, C3P0, how ’bout ET? ABC, BBC, CBN, NBC, MTV, VH1, HBO, CNN,


P.S. Did anyone know that song without Googling it?

7 thoughts on “I’m Beat

  1. I’ve been a bit distracted (read: freaked out) today with my first official psycho? admirer comment but after dealing with all that, went to my reading list to see what all I missed and saw you had a new post and, BAM! I’m fucking in it. (Can I cuss on here, ‘cuz I just did.)

    Anyhow, thanks (again) for the mention. I guess that makes me an official blogger now, with others mentioning me on their posts and my first psycho? admirer all in one day? Damn, I’m on a roll.

    Enough about me, you’ve got some funny and interesting stuff going on over here. Think I’m gonna have to sift through your feathers and see what I can find. (No offense, Mrs. Birdman. Unlike others on the internet, I’m content with a good tease now and then.)

    • I am curious who the psycho is, Lilly. It’s either me or Dion, and I can’t tell what HE wrote because it was deleted. Who knew that blog stalking could make someone so uncomfy… 🙂

      • It wasn’t from today and no, you left an awesome comment so it’s not you. Thank you, by the way.

        I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned it. (Poor form, Me.) Guess I was trying to inject some humor into an uncomfortable situation.

  2. Damn. You are winning the animal sex challenge. But, the reason I haven’t played (yet) is because you’re not alone in the “struggling to manage time” game. As you can see by my comments, I’m behind on reading your blog. Yours and all the others that I follow. And, I’m slowed down on writing mine. And, obviously, I’m behind on the animal sex challenge. I swear, I need to quit my job to get all my shit done in a timely manner (and even then, I still think I’d struggle).

    As for your song lyric – nope. I tried Googling it and I think I’m ever more confused about the song. 🙂

    • Listen, Missy. I will always win the animal sex challenges. It’s what I do.

      The song is Alphabetical Order by Joe Walsh. Crazy little tune

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