I’m A Bit Of A Granola, Amongst Other Things

I’m definitely not full bore, but I do try to consciously make choices that are responsible. I’m also going to start working on what I put into my body, what I purchase, where it’s made, and where I purchase it from. I have met a like-minded individual here on the internet, and it turns out he’s not far from here, so we have plans to meet up in the new year to discuss getting my life on track. I want to say “back on track”, but anyone who knows me, will attest to the fact that I was never really on the track in the first place.

Most of you who follow our Facebook page will know that I’m talking about Brad Rose, and he can be found at his Living Better Facebook page. Him and his wife Christine try to help people live with better choices for their health, both mental, emotional, and physical. I still don’t know what they are selling, because he seems to answer my questions for free.

I’m sure there is something, because how can you live on not charging any money? I’m thinking that whatever it is, it sure can’t hurt to talk about it, and see what type of service he offers. I’ve often thought about hiring a life coach, just because I obviously have a hard time balancing things. That would be cool, if that was what the services are. I know that all of the links on his page lead me to that conclusion, but I shall find out in the spring. Don’t you dare ruin the suspense, Brad, by putting a comment on here that answers my question of what it is that you do.

My dear lover has given me this link to have a look at, and possibly share with you good people. It is a blog by Marc and Angel called Marc And Angel Hack Life. The post in question can be found right here, and it’s quite good. I glanced at a few of theirs and they seem like they might know what they’re doing. I certainly wish I did, but we all can’t be geniuses, can we?

Another thing I’d like to say to you all is

Happy New Year

We are probably thinking about meeting Joey for breakfast this morning, and then grabbing a little hair of the dog at the Levy. I haven’t been to the Cobourg Legion Levy in so many years it makes me cry. I think I enjoy it more than the actual new years eve parties, because you never knew who you were going to run into, and there were tons of people there. I hope it’s still as fun as I remember, and I hope that I’m not too hungover to enjoy it. If anyone is bored on new years day, come on down, and have a few pints, listen to the pipers and the drummers, and say hello to some old friends.

I forgot to mention that we went to a swinging new years eve party at Dora and Swipers, but seeing as I’m writing this beforehand, I can’t tell you much about it. I’m told there will be lots of photos and video taken there, so there will probably be another blog post today, if we get time. We hope it’s like any of these fine parties right here.

You gonna share that shit, freak?


You know she’s gonna want this for her scrapbook.

Well that satisfied my twin fantasy. Thanks bitches!


Don’t you dare judge the way my family likes to party.


The only song that comes to mind is Dueling Banjos, but there aren’t any lyrics to that,





5 thoughts on “I’m A Bit Of A Granola, Amongst Other Things

  1. Happy New Year!

    I too am intrigued by what Brad and his missus may or may not do.

    As the banjos play -> “…you got a purdy mouth.”

    • Happy new year Scotty. Hope your mom is happy to be home, and tell her we’re thinking of her. Maybe don’t tell her who we are, because some moms don’t want their kids hanging out with the likes of me.

  2. Happy New Year to Birdman, Mrs.Birdman and the little Birds!! All I could think about this morning was starting the coutdown to flying out for the hitchin’.

    You guys are 2 of my favourite people and I wish you so much love happiness in 2012.

    • Awww, thanks Yvette. You are going to have to arrange for the strippers, so maybe stop at the Dill to see what the going rate is there. It might be cheaper to bring a local with you for the two weeks, and videotape the trip to have your own reality show after. It’ll help with the flight costs and food etc… All the best from us to you and the fat little kitties on your new years ambitions. Can’t wait to see you here.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, we’ll talk soon and you’ll have all the details then.
    Until then though, keep writing as your writing kinda ‘coaches’ me.

    Scotty P – As soon as I chat with Chris, I can chat with you too unless Chris’ big mouth gets to you first! LOL.

    We’re all going to live a better life in 2012 and we have already started by not only finding each other, but finding that we have a common sense of goodness and curiosity with life and our part in it.

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