I’m A Bit Of A Coward

I am afraid to go downstairs in the morning.

It’s very loud, and shrieky.

I am afraid I will start yelling, or worse.

So I hide upstairs, where I don’t see anyone, or more importantly, they don’t see me. I click away, and share my silly little stories on all of the social media sites that I can handle, and I melt. I absolutely love this. I don’t care about the lack of cream cheese or apple juice, because I have Dirtycowgirl telling me about her various addictions, or her dating life. The fact that someone got more Crispers than the other pales in comparison to the fact that Molly, Mickey, Brent, and the rest of the crew in The Missing Link, look like they are going to kick the bucket. It’s an ebook I am reading by the guys who so graciously bring us A Beer For The Shower, and for less than a dollar, you can help out a couple of writers, and give yourself some laughs along the way.

Almost every morning, I sit at the computer and share all of the blogs that I read on Google+ with whomever wants to read them. I know that John and Brazil are always good for a read and a +1 or a comment, along with Margaret, who chimes in herself once in a while. While the battle ensues below, I’m safely tucked away in the nook, reading about what happened in Mormonville from Brandon at http://www.lostinidaho.me/. I know I should cowboy up and wade into the fracas, even just to give my lady a moments reprieve, but I’m too selfish and afraid to leave my perch.

So I sit here with my friends.

I remember when I started blogging in September, thinking that it seemed really fun, and how it gave me an outlet to express myself. I could be funny or maybe say something that I’d been keeping bottled up inside for a long time. I started looking for other blogs, to see how it was supposed to be done, but I had a hard time finding ones that I liked. I found one that had some funny stories, but after I read through the greatest hits, I lost interest in it. From that blog, I found another blog that had a guy selling his ebook on blogging, and was told that I needed that book, so I got it. It was twice as much as The Missing Link, a fifth of the size, and a tenth of the value. I was also led to The Bloggess and then to Youngman Brown from this first blog, so that was pretty awesome.

While my attitudes towards blogging vary, I do know that I have done some of the things that I originally thought were cheap and shitty. One of these things is commenting for the sake of attracting readers. I only do this on The Bloggess’ website, but I have found myself completely douching out on a few occasions. It started with legitimate comments, and slowly escalated to an all out test of people’s willpower. I was actually daring people to click on my blog, and they were doing it. I had noticed that after a genuine comment, I would get four or five hits coming from her blog. Then I would read a post that I thought wasn’t worth a comment, but there would already be 325 comments on it. I thought about all of these people that were commenting on something that I, as an inexperienced, subpar blogger, would have been embarrassed to include in anything more than a Facebook status or a tweet, and they were all over it. In half an hour it had 100 times what my best post had in comments, and I got really jealous. I thought that I had better start commenting too, because these people would obviously love my beautifully constructed (in my opinion) story about how I finally got to meet my favourite radio morning show. So I did what I thought I never would. I put a comment in that simply said “I bet you don’t click on my blog link below here”.

Thirty hits came from that, and I was waiting to be blocked from commenting, but I wasn’t. So I would do it again, every once in a while, when I’d be among the first commenters. I still expect to be blocked at any time, but oh well. Really, if my life hinges on whether or not I can comment on The Bloggess posts, I’ve hit a real low. I doubt I’ve picked up any hardcore readers from that, but who really knows. I know that some people have looked, and that’s all a guy can ask for.

Another part of the blogging thing I’d like to touch on is sharing. I don’t know why every blogger doesn’t freely share all of the blogs that they love? Is it a competition? I read so many wonderful blogs, and I think everyone should be reading them. I guess people think that there isn’t enough time in the day to read everything, and if their readers find something else that they like better, then they may not read their blog. Boo fucking hoo. If your blog is worth reading, then they will read it. If it’s not, then let them read something that is. I think that most of the blogs I read are better than mine, and I hope that my readers will check them out. I hope that they will find mine entertaining enough to browse through as well, but come on, why hold back on sharing the good stuff?

That’s why I have sort of given up on FB and set my sights on G+. It is an amazing format for sharing content, and it doesn’t focus on drama or spreading virus videos. It is simple, and easy, and great for finding people with the same interests and hobbies. The people there are free with their help and advice, and the content is rich and inspiring. You should really check it out if you get a chance, and if you do, add me to your circles. I’ll help you get started on your journey.

For my blogger friends: I haven’t been commenting on your blogs very much lately, but I really have been. Whenever I share your posts on G+, I write my comment in as I share it. I know that it seems cheesy to not take the time to go to the site, but most of your blogs can be fully read through Google Reader, and then I just share it from there. Some of you are set up, like I am, so that only a snippet is shared in reader. In these cases I do go on your site to read. If I like the post, I still share it on Google+, so if you aren’t on there your stuff is being shared, but your fans would probably like to see you there too.

I guess I should go get ready for work. Today I’m helping Scooter at his new grub wagon north of the corner of Cty. Rd. 9 on Hwy 45 near Fenella Ontario. We’ll get the location today and put it on the Google and FB. Come on by and say hello.

If you have two, give one to your friend, if you have three, give one to your friend and me
It’s always more fun to share with everyone,


17 thoughts on “I’m A Bit Of A Coward

  1. I love that you share! Its my daily reading. You have a much better blog than, well mine lol. I wish I was on you’re coast if stop by for some grub.

    • I don’t understand everything from that, but thanks, and just keep working at it. It doesn’t matter what your style is, because there will always be people who like it. Even if there isn’t, you will have something that generations to come will be able to read to find out a bit about you.

  2. I love reading your blog and seeing all your shares on G+. I already have my Google reader that is chock full of unread blog posts but when I see the comments you make when you share, it kind of pulls me in. Kind of makes me want to get back to blogging. If only I had another hour to add to the day I might possibly do it.

    • Thanks Steph. I appreciate it when people enjoy something that I helped with. As for blogging, just lose an hours sleep. That’s what I do. lol

  3. I am definitely appreciative of all of your shares and shoutouts.

    For me, I have been so incredibly busy with a new job and trying to plan a bachelor party and trying to find an apartment that I barely have time to get shit ready to be published for my blog and read and comment on other people’s blogs, that I haven’t had time to really set down and explore Google+. I will get there, though. Eventually.

    But I definitely agree that people should be sharing their favorite blogs more. It is something I try to do, but most often fail.

    • Honestly, I know that you do. This was by no means directed at you, but it just seems that some bloggers feel that there is some sort of hierarchy or something. I like to read blogs. I like other people to read blogs. I don’t care if you have a million followers, or three. If I enjoy your blog, I will tell you. I like people’s blogs that don’t write with great spelling or grammar, but have good stories. I would never hold out comments or praise because I had more or less followers than someone else, as I know you don’t. I totally understand that you get busy, and I never expect a comment from you anyhow. I love it when you can, because I enjoy your perspective on my opinions, and I’m glad you can disagree with them whenever you want, without feeling like you have to placate me, or mince your words. We are the same in many ways, but different in probably just as many. Doesn’t make us bad people, just makes us different. I’m rambling now, so I’ll get off of here while telling you that I do enjoy your writing, and even when you are the hugest blogger in the world, I hope you will stop by once in a while to put me in my place. Peace out, brother.

      • The only ones that I did hold back from commenting on were the religious ones around Easter time. Not because I was offended, but just because I don’t even know what my own opinions/beliefs are anymore.

  4. Dude, you read our book and it didn’t make you want to punch us in the face! That’s really my only measure of success with writing. Or maybe you do, in which case, I’ll point you in the direction of Bryan. He could use a little slapping around. Anyhow, thanks mucho for reading and for your generous usage of the +1. We really appreciate that, man. If I weren’t so goddamned spacy I’d try to remember to do it too. Bryan is going to be writing you back via email regarding your survey question.


    • I guess you don’t know much about successful face punching. You never tell someone that you want to punch them in the face, unless you’re joking. That way they never expect you to do it, and are generally unguarded when you suddenly attack. It also keeps the other people on their toes all the time when you’re around, because they are always expecting it. I did like your funny and poignant book, and while the parallels you’ve drawn between the two worlds were obviously based on your love for each other, I can’t help but wonder who the Queen was based on. Oh, and it was way longer than I would expect for a $.99 book; I thought that it would be around ten chapters. Thanks for the good deal. That would be very nice of Bryan to do that, but I know you guys are busy with all of your wicked projects, so I’m really in no rush.
      Thanks for all of the entertainment you give us, and good luck.

  5. I really do appreciate you always sharing my posts. I’m still struggling to build some followers and know that you sharing my posts with your Google+ followers will possibly help me out one day.

    Also, from your other shares, I’ve found some blogs that have caught my attention. So, thanks for what you do. You rock more than you could ever know.

    • Thanks, Missy. I wasn’t looking for approval or anything, but I will take it. You’re a good writer, and you’re funny, so once people start finding you, you’ll have lots of followers. I was glad I found you through Youngman’s blog, and I look forward to the future.

  6. I love reading your posts and I rarely share, but actually even though I enjoy reading posts, I just am not really on Google+ enough and my Facebook “friends” don’t know I have a blog so I try to remain low profile there.

    Also, I don’t tend to share stories with cursing or sexual themes to the posts (that cuts out a lot of blogs) because I don’t have those things in my posts, but enjoy reading them. I just think that they would be just as good, without it. I also share the same sentiment about The Bloggess and I think quite a few other people do.

    I do read your posts, don’t always comment but enjoy them. I do appreciate you and hope you know that!

    I don’t know if you have heard of this blog, but it is hilarious: Ethan Thane. I think it is ethanthane.com.

    Thanks for being you!

    • Thanks Tracie. I would never expect anyone to share my blog to people who wouldn’t appreciate it. I made the choice to represent myself honestly in this blog, and not go for numbers. I’m not saying numbers wouldn’t be nice, but I don’t want to compromise who I am to get them. I’ve often thought of having a parallel blog that is more reader friendly, but that is more expense and work, and I don’t get paid enough for that. Maybe one day, when I figure out how to make it work better, I will do just that.

      I haven’t heard of Ethan Thane, but I’m going to check him out right now. Thanks for that.

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