I Solicited A Company For Free Product And I Feel Great About It


You guys know that I love the Google+ right?

Well, I do. It’s like Facebook’s non-idiot brother that everybody likes because he’s just so fucking nice. He’s positive, smart, funny, and pretty damn handsome. He maybe isn’t as popular as Facebook, because he isn’t on the rep hockey team, or he isn’t out throwing his dick around when he gets hammered on homemade Kahlua and milk, but he makes up for that by not giving viruses to everyone he knows and only ever going to third base with girls that he isn’t going to marry.

You get my point, right?

So a few months ago I was on G+ (that’s what his friends call him), and I see a video get shared about unclogging drains without chemicals. We go through a lot of Drano with three long haired girls in the house, so I checked out The Drain Claw.

I immediately offered to accept a free sample to see if I liked it. They were only $6.99, but I’m super cheap and wanted it for free. I sent an email telling about how awesome my blog is, and how everybody and their brother reads it. Not so much the G+ brother, but lots of Facebook brothers do. They love my silly stories and pictures.

Anyhow, I guess they bought it, because look:

Can you believe that those saps fell for my ruse?

Can you believe that those saps fell for my ruse? I can’t.

I know it doesn’t look like much in the package, but check this shit out:

Nope, that sure isn't a rat.

Nope, it sure isn’t a rat. A rat would be much smaller than that.

As excited as I was, I still had to pull that off of the end of the Drain Claw, so I was more like this for a while:

It was pretty gross, but it was very easy.

It was gross, but really easy. I would do it again; I just won’t flick it next time. That taste stays in your mouth.

In the end, I was really impressed with this amazing little tool. I can’t comment on the longevity of it, but I figured that even if it only cleaned the drain five or six times, it would still be cheaper than using Drano, not to mention that it’s safe for the environment. I would think it will last you much longer than that, but I’d rather give a worst case scenario than to blow smoke up your ass.

Another sweet thing about this is that it’s made in the USA. I know it’s not Canada, but if I can’t have something made here, I would want our brothers and sisters down south to benefit from our hard-earned dollars.

Well, obviously not my dollars, because I’m too stingy, but maybe yours if you end up buying one of these handy little bastards. You know I wouldn’t recommend it to you if I didn’t absolutely love it. I won’t associate myself with shoddy products or services. I plan on being here a while, and I know that trust is going to be a huge factor in how long people will read this blog.

If you don’t get clogged drains, you’re lucky. You won’t ever have to spend money a jug of Liquid Plumr or even one of these cool little helpers. If, however, you’re like the rest of us with the occasional or more frequent clog, then you might want to support a small business from our neighbours to the south and get yourself one of these. Why put more money into the pockets of big business, when you can help the little guy and not fill our water treatment facilities with toxic sludge?

Anyhow, go to http://www.thedrainclaw.com and order one of these bad boys if you have a use for it. They are guaranteed to work, or your money back, so how can you lose? Really, you can’t. I’ll also bet that if you’re clever, you’ll figure out all kinds of uses for this thing. 😉

Wanna be your lover, not your fucking mother, can’t be your savior, I don’t have the power,


P.S. I should mention that the are on Facebook as well as Google+. You know, for the mouth breathers like me. They put up all kinds of handy household tips all the time, so it’s actually a pretty cool place to “circle” or “like”.


4 thoughts on “I Solicited A Company For Free Product And I Feel Great About It

  1. That’s some disgusting stuff, man.

    I have a very… poor history with Drano. I kicked over a bottle in my bathroom a couple months back, and it turned into a mess that required several hours, HazMat suits, and a disaster relief organization to resolve.

    A little hook thing would have been preferable, although I might be missing an eye or something now if I’d gone that route.

    I wonder whether Tabasco will send me free sauce if I talk about their product online. At this point, it’s pretty obvious Drano won’t.

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