I Need Your Help!

Seriously. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important. I am going to start compiling a few e-books of the first year’s posts. I know that our topics jump around a lot, and I also know that some people like the blog for different reasons. For this reason, and this reason alone, I am splitting up the posts into different genres, or types.

I know that I could probably hire a professional to do all of this analytical grunt work for me, but that costs money, and I’m sure that I won’t sell more than a dozen of these pieces of dog shit at $1.99 each, so I had probably better not pay some “expert” a whole bunch of money to fuck up something that my friends and I can fuck up for free.

So to you, my friends” I ask this question. “Will you help me?”

If you answer yes, I will email you every Therapy Thursday for the first year in a single document with a number at the start of each post. I need you to read them all and then rate them from 1 to 24 or 25, whichever the total number is. For this, I will give you a copy of the e-book when it comes out, or if it never does, I’ll give you a really good back rub. For reals. They are awesome. There may be some other perks, but I really don’t know yet. For this particular service, I would like to have 25 people if I can get that many. If you know people that don’t read the blog, but they would be willing to help out, I will also give them a back rub, because they are probably going to need some comforting after being subjected to this horse shit.

After the Therapy Thursday is compiled, I will be working on compiling a book of thoughtful, more serious posts, and then maybe just a funny one. I don’t really know yet, but I would really like to have a best of each year group of e-books, even if my best isn’t quite as good as say, The Bloggess’ worst posts.

I’m also thinking of starting a store, so if there is something from the blog that you think would be cool on a mug or a shirt or something, please let us know. If we use your idea, and a few people buy it, I’ll give you one for free.

These are just a few of the ideas that I have, because Google fucked me on the ads, Paypal took like $.68 of the $2 in donations that I got, sponsored reviews aren’t coming in as much as I’d like, and my man-whoring gig hasn’t been doing so well at $8 an hour. It probably wouldn’t be so bad, if I could just get more than three hours a week. I think I just need to get my name out there a bit more.

Anyhow, I’m going to crawl into bed and eat cheesies with my one and only. If you can help me out, or know someone who will, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and maybe some day, my supply of free shit. If you can’t, then thanks for reading this totally uninteresting, boring post all the way to here. You’re a champ.

Now check out this crazy dubstep beatbox dude. He is freaky good.

When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody’s help in any way,


P.S. I know it seems like I’m on a Beatles kick, but I’m not. They are just what comes into my head. I haven’t heard a Beatles song in weeks.

9 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. Good luck man whoring. It’s a tough gig, for sure!

    PS. I’d volunteer but I have to be honest with you and myself — I’d fail.
    A friend gave me his 120pg novel to read last year & I still haven’t finished it. I suck. And he’s pissed with me.
    I just wouldn’t want to ruin what we have 😉 Haha

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