I Have Left The Building

I wrote half of a beautiful story about when I lived in the shittiest trailer park in the land. It was so gross. I didn’t post the story here though, because I want to make you go to my friend’s blog over at Semi-Charmed Life to read it. While you’re there, check out a few of her stories and thoughts. She is a super person, and she writes with brutal honesty, which I know that you all will love.

So without further ado… Here it is at Semi-Charmed Life. After you’re done, read some other stories over there, and show some love. Bloggers are people to, you heartless creeps.

6 thoughts on “I Have Left The Building

  1. I remember that place. It was a dump. And you lovingly let me store stuff in your shed. Thanks man.

    I do miss Zoe though. She was cool.

    • Well, I don’t know about classing it up, but you’re welcome. I hope my numbers are wrong on the turnout, because that was pitiful. Ah well, I guess it was just too much clicking for most people.

    • Yeah, a lot of people won’t comment when there’s a captcha. I usually don’t, but I felt that I had to respond to the lone commenter.

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