I Hate Pop Culture, Unless It’s Awesome


I wrote this post over at Aiming Low and I guess they published it last week. It’s about fucking Slenderman. He’s bigger than Jesus among the young folk. I’ll never understand some of the things that make the kid’s lists, but I guess I’m not supposed to.

I’m old. I’m irrelevant to marketers and children.

I don’t like trends.

I never wore Converse track suits with the huge “CONVERSEā˜…” down the leg, and I never had Tommy Hilfiger clothes. Partly because I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on it, but also because everyone else was already wearing it. I didn’t want to blend in then, and I still don’t.

I do love the nerd pop culture though.

Harry Potter, Star Wars, and anything Tolkien. That shit is awesome.

Anyhow, go read my post if you’d like to, and leave a comment if you feel inclined. I’m going to bed, because I have to get up for my awesome job in the morning.

Love you,


2 thoughts on “I Hate Pop Culture, Unless It’s Awesome

  1. Iam so with you here Birdman. And thanks cause all this time I thought his name was Enderman. I was looking for your post on fuck, but can’t find it on my phone.

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