I Got A New Laptop


I was flopping back and forth between a big tablet and a laptop, but in the end I went with the ‘puter. It was the more economical choice, and the more logical choice for what I need to do with it. There are some pretty sweet Android tabs though, so it wasn’t cut and dry for me.

With all of that being said, I would like to recommend Justin at Staples in Fort St. John, BC if you are ever in the area and need some technological equipment. He was really good to deal with, from the time I called until the time I paid for it. He let me know that there was a good sale on laptops coming up the next morning, and when I needed a bag to go with the new computer, he didn’t try to push the most expensive one on me.

As for the computer, he asked what all I was going to be doing with it, and then told me that the on sale one would be my best choice. I even leaned towards a more expensive machine, but he told me that based on what I wanted, that computer was a bit overkillish. He would sell it, but it was unnecessary.

That’s a pretty decent sales associate if you ask me.

Anyhow, I hope to get done early enough to finish getting it set up.  I may even try to vlog with the webcam if I can make it work.

Oh yeah, I think I’m getting sick. Boooo.

You, you take my breath away, whoa oh oh oh,

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