Holy Shit!!!

Seriously, this is a post of holy shits. Not Pope Turds: the snack with the power to heal, but things that make me say “Holy Shit”. Speaking of the Pope, I haven’t heard much about bad Catholicism lately. That in itself is more of a “Hmmmmm, odd” rather than a “Holy Shit”, but I’m getting of topic again.

So apparently that doesn’t work. Try this link. THIS IS THE LINK I JUST TOLD YOU ABOUT

Holy shit that is some crazy dancing. I thought for sure it was edited to look that way, but he’s got other videos out there too. I think he really commands his body to act all cybertronic* and shit. I am going to start practicing that fluid movement stuff that he does, because I think this will be huge at the Legion dances.

*I have no idea if this is even a word.*

Speaking of Legion dances. Holy Shit! We went to our friend’s birthday party/dance/fundraiser, and it was awesome. There was a male stripper, a photo booth, and everything. I am glad I wasn’t really drinking, as I was still a little hung from the stag on Friday night, and the subsequent lack of sleep. I had so much fun with only a few beer in me, that I couldn’t imagine the funness of it all with say a dozen. That thought is just ludicrous to me.

My dear sweet baby was manning the photo booth, and taking fun shots for donations to lupus. If you want to see the photos of some crazy ass 80’s costumes, and all kinds of other batshittery Click Here. If you’d rather see a weird blob animal puke a semen-like substance at some idiots, Click Here. I suggest you look at both, and here’s a preview of the photos, to try and sway you to them.

This is the one where Crockett is hooked on meth, and Tubbs tries an intervention.


After shooting Tubbs in the face, Lt. Castillo assigns Crockett (still tweaking) a new partner... The Karate Kid.

Okay, for another, and maybe last Holy Shit…Single parenting. God damn, I salute every single mom or dad that does this every day. I have realized that my time management skills are quite poor, and my last nerve is getting thicker and thicker. Seriously, how do you do it? The getting them going in the morning, breakfast, fight with them over their lunches, dishes, semi-cleaning, dog walking, shopping, picking up and dropping off for school, and I’m only touching on it. This shit is crazy, and I really admire anyone who can do all of this, especially with a job and a social life.

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, and lack of real content in them, but It’s been hectic, trying to keep up with reading blogs, and sharing them on G+, along with playing Words With Friends (Which is ending after these games are done.), and my regular day to day shit. I have several in my head, but at 10 wpm, it takes a while to hash them out and type them up. I am going to learn very soon, so bear with me.

I want to write about my bachelor party on the weekend as well, but someone erased the photos and had to go and recover them, so when I get the pics, I’ll put up a post about that. It won’t be a regular photo post, because no one was really aware of the creepy French dude with the camera, but I’ll try to throw a few captions on them when I get a hold of them.

I got a great reception from the few people that read my guest post on Semi-Charmed Life. Thank you for all who did, and for all that browsed around Grace’s blog to enjoy her stories and thoughts. For those that didn’t, you can start HERE, or go and fuck your hats. Or your hands. Whatever feels comfortable for you really, as long as you go read it immediately after you’re done. Make sure you wash your hands too.

Okay, I have to go. This dog isn’t going to toss his own salad.

My mistake. It turns out he was planning on just that same thing. Great minds think alike.

Bow wow wow, yippee yo yippee yay, bow wow yippee yo yippee yay,



4 thoughts on “Holy Shit!!!

  1. That guy in the video isn’t even remotely attractive, but I am so turned on by his moves. It’s kind of weird, really. I’m not even sure why I’m telling you this.

    • Don’t feel weird. You can always tell the Birdman about what turns you on. For me, it’s comments on blog posts. Oh God, I love it when you comment like that, it feels so good. Maybe you need to get in on some Therapy Thursday tomorrow, I feel like I need some.

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