Holy shit, the Pope’s got balls

I was reading an article today about the Pope going to Cuba to tell those commie bastards that they need to be an open society. Really? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black on a huge scale? The same church that won’t allow people to masturbate or use birth control, is telling someone else to loosen up? I just don’t know where to begin with it.

Another thing I liked was when he told them that Marxism “no longer responds to reality”. Holy shit, that’s rich. It’s almost like the Popester wants to wield the power in this world. The Catholic church is just like a communist country. The peons give and give, while a bunch of fat cats, get to sit around and fart in their gold encrusted briefs. It makes me sick to think that these fuckers have the power to do whatever they want, and there are people who just sit around and give them more of their hard earned money, time, sweat, you name it, they’ll take it from you. I’m talking about the church and communism there, in case you were wondering.

Castro - I can't believe you've never had a Mojito. I'll have my house boy make one up. Poperino - Wait. Your house boys make things? Mine are either too lazy, or too young. (editor's note - The original response was over the line. Message me if you want to hear it.)

In this article on thestar.com, he urges Cuba to let the church teach religion in schools and universities. Okay, but why the hell would that be neccessary? Seriously, I want to know how that could benefit students in their learning about the things you need to make it through life? It wouldn’t. Maybe a better choice would be to ask about opening up a few seminaries on the island, and maybe some Catholic schools for the children. Give people a choice. I know it’s foreign to a megacorp like the church, but times have changed, and you need to give up this idea that you are the best thing since unleavened bread, and realize that things aren’t going to keep going well for you anymore.

There is a reason that, statistically speaking, the Catholic church has been steadily declining. You will notice here that there is a huge drop in numbers of priests, nuns, and kids enrolled in Catholic schools. Seems odd that a steadily increasing population would need less of a good thing, doesn’t it? Well that has to say something about their services being no longer needed. The Pope-a-Dope should divvy up all of their ducats with the Bishops and Cardinals, and hightail it for Scientology, or some other shitshow. I’m sure their are some freelance priest openings in South American prisons. Those sonsabitches need saving, and bad.

Another thing that bothered me (like I need more) was when the Pope told Cuba that they should build a more open society, based on truth, justice and reconciliation. I know the Papal One is over eighty years old, but if senility is setting in, we had better get him checked out. It’s like they’ve lost touch with common sense. I wouldn’t haul my fat ass over to your house and tell you that you need to lose weight. That would be hypocrisy. Of all the organizations in the world, they are the least likely option to be preaching about truth and justice. Reconciliation is okay, because you just have to repent, and you’re good to go diddle your neighbours wife again.

Let’s look at truth for a moment. I’m pretty sure that in order to have truth, you need proof. Without proof of something, it is only theory and belief. I believe in evolution. Can I prove it? No, not on the whole I can’t. I have proof of micro-evolution, but that’s not the question here. So until there is proof that we evolved from monkeys, I stand a firm believer in evolution.

On the other hand there is God. Any proof of that? Nope. Can you still believe in him? You betcha you can. I wouldn’t get into the habit of praying, but you do whatever comforts you, Skippy. The fact remains that the church is not spreading truth, it is spreading belief. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, spread away. If you find people to join up with you, all the better. They will pay you cash money to let them follow.

But wait, truth can mean a lot of things, right? Sure, there can be all kinds of different truths. I lack ambition. That’s a truth. The Catholic church tortured and executed people, for just questioning the existence of God. There were approximately 87000 trials during the busy years of the Inquisition, and over 1000 executed for not converting to Catholicism. Yikes! That’s a hard truth. The Catholic church covers up for the child molesting priests. Very sad truth. These points also bring us to the justice part of their request.

Who gets to judge? The Pope himself? Maybe a committee of aged clergy? If the church was worried about justice, it must be a new idea they’re rolling around the Vatican. It sure isn’t something that they have been practicing publicly throughout history, and just all of a sudden figured they’d mention it to some communist leaders. Like Castro gives two shits about what the church wants. This isn’t France in the 1600’s. You can’t bully countries like you used to. Well yeah, maybe Boston and parts of rural Quebec, but that’s not a whole country.

You know I could go on and on about all of the shitty things about the Papist bastards, but what’s the point? I’m tired, I just want to wrap things up, and snuggle in beside my lady. If I’m lucky, I’ll get some premarital sex, maybe spill some semen on the ground, and then I’ll go hug my queer friend that had an abortion and a divorce.

Tell ’em a hookah smoking caterpillar, has given you the call,


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6 thoughts on “Holy shit, the Pope’s got balls

  1. TESTIFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m pretty sure I know what the original response from the old Nazi Pope was, cause I was thinkin’ it myself.

  2. I have a huge problem with (dis)organized religion. My father-in-law is a preacher and, boy oh boy, that’s fun. I’m sure he and his congregation think that I’m the horrible Jezebel that pulled their darling son away from the church (hubby stopped going not long after we got married). Oh well, they can get over it.

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