Here’s to everyone that goes out of their way to make someone happy

Mrs. Birdman was going through a rough patch today. It was just one of those things where a few crappy things happen in succession, and it kind of gets you down. I, of course, was there for moral support when I realized it wasn’t a laughing matter, and I told her that for every bad thing that happens, there will be a few good things following it. I was just talking out of my ass, trying to cheer her up and make her feel better. I like to do that for people, especially when they are always doing that for me, as she always is. I was almost giddy when less than five minutes later, two very nice things happened for her. I guess it was actually three things, because, you know, I was rubbing her back and kissing her a lot. A little while later, there were a few more nice things, and presto, my baby is a happy little ninja again. It didn’t hurt that my theory was proven.

I got thinking about how it only took a few people to make her feel like shit, but it took double that to get her back to the level she started her day at. That’s a pretty messed up formula if you ask me, because she is always helping others, and always tries to make people feel good, about themselves, and just in general. She is well loved by all of my friends and family, and all of the people that I talk to that know her. She’s fun, and funny, but not foolish, which with some people is hard to differentiate. She has an amazing talent that evokes so much happiness in people that I’ve seen them crying with joy, yet it only takes a few harsh words to take away the flare in her eyes. When I watch her interact with people, her beauty shines through, because she truly loves all types of folk. There is so much joy and happiness on her face when she sees an old couple holding hands, or maybe a little boy hold a door for a lady, because that’s how he was raised. If you could see how her eyes sparkle at these simple acts of love and courtesy, you’d up your game, just like I’ve done. There is absolutely nothing I love more than to see her smile.

This brings me back to the point of this here blog post. I’m not here to condemn those people that treat others poorly, they will do that on their own. I’m here to say thank you to the people who will pick something good about someone and pay them a compliment. You don’t have to flatter people, that is just cheap. Actually say that you admire someone’s loyalty, style, compassion or taste in prostitutes. Whatever the case may be. Any douche can get a person upset by humiliating, demeaning or mocking them, but for the same amount of effort, you could make them feel like they just got a massage with a happy ending. Even just a smile will go a long way, if you aren’t feeling up to actually being kind. I know it will be hard for a lot of people to think of someone else’s happiness before their own, but in the end, it will come full circle.

Maybe it’s easier for me, because I enjoy seeing people smiling. I get off on it, and I wish there were more people that did. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m the elite. I’ve managed to surround myself with people I can be proud to call friends. You don’t last long with me if you’re cunty to people. Yeah, I used it, but only because it seemed fitting. Here, is it better if I spell it kunty? Come on, it’s just a word folks. As I was saying, my friends all treat people with respect and kindness. At least they do around me. I rarely hear someone say “Oh, you hang out with her? She’s a rotten bitch.”, or anything like that. I also don’t think I’m all kindness and jellytots. I have bad days too, and even on good days I can be quite biting, but I don’t usually try to make people feel bad about themselves. Well, unless you are clicking on those spam videos or regurgitating all of the Facebook tripe, but I won’t single you out as an idiot or anything. If you’ve made me mad enough to verbally or physically attack you, then I need to go to anger management, or you need to shape up.

Anyhow, I guess I strayed from my original thought, which was that I love Mrs. Birdman more than anything, and I hate it when people are toxic. Go out tomorrow and do something nice for someone else, and if you aren’t up for that, say something nice to someone who normally wouldn’t get many compliments. If that is still to much syrupy kindness for your crusty ass, give the people a big toothy grin. Whatever it is, don’t be mean, no one likes that.

You can’t hang a man for killin’ a woman, who’s tryin’ to steal your horse,


P.S. There’s a good chance that Mrs. B will delete this when she sees it, so I’m not getting her to edit. Sorry for the typos if there are any.

5 thoughts on “Here’s to everyone that goes out of their way to make someone happy

  1. I wept like a newborn whilst reading this blog because I’ve never read the word “cunty” used with such poetic flair and finesse. Huzzah, kind sir! Huzz-friggin-zah!

    love jay

    Pee.Ness. I’m a huge fan of the lovely, smiley Mrs Birdman and sad to hear she was sad.

    • It gives me great pleasure to make you weep those tears. I know a man such as yourself does not give praise lightly, and I am honoured to catch your eye. I’m even more honoured that my lady has caught your eye, and for a few shekels, we may be able to strike a deal.

    • Thank you Jay for your sadness in response to my sadness. It is my greatest joy to control your emotions from a distance.

      Pee.Ness: I also enjoy slipping in naughty words for no reason, although I fear Birdman may have thrown a match on the powder-keg with his creative ‘C’ word usage. 🙂

  2. Mrs. Birdman, we have yet to meet but I am proud to call you a friend and it would be my honour to make you smile! Birdman, treat her right or I will steal her away from you!

    My love to you both!!!

  3. Oh he’s treating me right, Vette…we are lounging in our robes in the Cocoon, listening to Van Morrison and preparing for another glorious eve. I can’t wait to meet you too, and although Birdman has my heart, my breasts may be enjoyed by all. God bless. *wink*

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