What a Happy Canada Day Weekend

Yes, it most certainly was.

We headed down to Hastings on Friday night for a visit with Gadget, Penny, Juice, Armando, and a herd of others that have no code names. There was beer and margaritas, Dr. Pepper and whiskey, and a stolen golf cart, but at least no one got hurt.

Sometimes the booze is so good, he looks like this.

Blue came along for the ride, and was surprisingly good. Well, good for Blue. He didn’t bark too much, and he provided a lot of entertainment as we would get drunk and watch him run to the end of the line and then look confused as to why he can’t go any further. It would be nice if we could let him run free, but he’d be like Yogi Bear with the picnic baskets, except for not as smart and he would probably just shred up the garbage and leave the food there.

We were going to leave him with D$ for the weekend, but he didn’t quite take a shine to her dog like we had hoped he would. This meant a last minute change of plans, and because of our self diagnosed ADD/ADHD, we are used to such occurrences, so it didn’t faze us. We just keep on truckin’, like nothing ever happened. Ever.

Drugs were way better back in the 60’s

Our original plans were to head to the cabin for Friday, then back to Hastings for Saturday, but because of extreme tardiness on my part, we went to the trailer park first. The ensuing fun made it easy to choose to come back the next night after a little soiree into the rugged Canadian Shield.

We ran into my mom and Aunt B at the camp, and it was a good thing that we had decided to go back to Gadget’s trailer, because I had left the cabin keys on the table at home. (I should remember to put them in the van today, but I probably won’t). It was the first time that Mom has been up there since last year, so that was good for her to get there and walk around without a lot of people. Blue got to run around with Aunt B’s dogs, and he wore himself down pretty good, so it was a pretty deep sleep on Saturday night.

No improprieties here, folks. Move along.

Mrs Birdman and I had a pretty deep sleep, thanks to tequila and beer, so everything worked out well. We put a foam mattress in the back of the van, like we did on the east coast extravaganza last summer, and it was a comfy sleep for the most part. Blue slept in there with us and everything was right in my world. I don’t know why I like dogs sleeping in the bed with me, but it could have something to do with me being so lazy.

On Sunday, we got up and went to get the kids from their dad. We decided to meet on the rez, mostly because they have cheap gas, and it was around the halfway mark. We marveled at the cheap, Chinese off-road vehicles and water toys. I don’t know how they get the stuff here so cheap, but you can sure tell they have. 25% off and no tax signs everywhere, and the cheapest smokes around. I remember when I smoked cigarettes and some friends would buy the Big Bag O’ Smokes from one of the discount smoke shops. It was like smoking the contents of a restaurant dumpster. There was crackling stems, some lettuce, and some shards of chicken bone. I guess they have gotten better over time, but still, if I was going to smoke, I’d at least want to smoke something good and delicious.

I then got to go and work for a bit at something I have always wanted to do. It was pretty exciting, and a bit scary. I guess that seeing as no one died, I made it through okay, but there were a few mistakes to keep me humble. I can never have anything go flawlessly. It was also cool because I got to work with a man that I deeply adore, and his name is Jay. In his regular job he is the morning guy on The Breeze FM, but on this particular day, he was my mentor. I found out that he is going to be performing at an undisclosed location this summer, and it will mark his debut as a singer in a band. I wish I could make the trek to Collingwood, but it’s way too far to go, and we already have plans doing important things that day. I’m sure he understands.

From there we went to the beach and set up camp for the impending fireworks. Fucking spectacular is the only way to describe them. Cobourg constantly impresses me, year after year, with their excessive spending on the fireworks display. I haven’t got a clue how much it costs, but I spent $80 one year, and theirs was like ten times better than that. We kept thinking that the finale was upon us with every barrage of brilliantly coloured fireballs and explosive booms. It wasn’t. Well, not when we thought, anyhow. The finale was in fact, the greatest spectacle I’ve witnessed since I saw Pink Floyd at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. The kids ran around and played, friends and family stopped by. We ate smores and other assorted foodstuffs, and I had a couple of iced teas.

They love living here. Why wouldn’t they? It’s great.

Canada Day also marks Scooter’s birthday each year, and this one was his fortieth. Mere-Cat, Nate-Dog and Scooter all showed up down there, and because he had had a few wobbly pops earlier, I gave him a ride home. I was reminded of the time we bought him a birthday cake, but forgot forks and plates, so we just sat in the woods, drunk, and ate handfuls of delicious cake from Tim Hortons. That was before they turned into assholes.

All in all it was an amazing time with my family and friends, and I can’t wait to do it again next year.

With glowing hearts, we see thee rise, the true north strong and free,


9 thoughts on “What a Happy Canada Day Weekend

  1. Just to clarify the golf cart was “borrowed” not stolen. I cleared it all up with the lawyer the next evening.

  2. It’s pretty amazing what you can get tricked into doing after you smell someone’s seat. It’s nice to get out of our comfort zone once in a while and expand our world just a little bit. It was pretty cool to get to chat with you quickly on Sunday back at the mother ship. I didn’t twist his nipple as I thought that someone might get twisted into thinking it was a case of police brutality. I really hope that gig turns into something for you Birdman. All the best!!!

    TACOS! Shoot me text on my cell and we’ll pick a day.

  3. Believe it or not, I once watched a documentary about the artist “Robert Crumb” who drew the “Keep on Truckin” comic you have up there. It was very interesting. He was once sued by Disney over a comic involving Mickey and Minnie Mouse partaking in lewd behavior. I watched this on television, but oddly, I can find no info about the lawsuit on the internet. I just this second learned the movie Crumb was about him, and he also starred in it as himself. Perhaps everything I have told you is mentioned in that movie and more. You can disregard this post. =\

  4. Sounds like a rockin’ good time! Wish our firework display was something to brag about. Poopy I think describes it better then anything.

    Hug your beautiful girls for me and give Blue a scratch behind the ears.

  5. The margaritas were totally amazing; as was the margarita dance which we were required to perform (pretty sure this was only for Gerri’s amusement!) Pretty sure they contributed to my headache the next morning, but all in all a very good night! For once I was behind the camera taking pics as didn’t want Gerri to have any incriminating blackmail pics on me!!! Hehehhe

  6. Just wanted to say thanks in this somewhat public forum fr helping Jay sound great at Waterfront!! Let’s talk abut more opportunities!!

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