Halloween Shavedown Spectacular


If you are wondering where the post is from Gadget and Penny’s Annual Halloween Party, you can rest easy knowing that it will be coming one of these days. I may have gotten a little tipsy, so I may have forgotten to take as much photographic evidence as previous years, but there are a few, and perhaps anyone else that had a camera could send along any that they have to kind of fill in the rather sizeable gaps.

The reason that I don’t have a post done is because of The Halloween Shavedown Spectacular. I, with the help of Mrs. Birdman, Emma at Movember Canada, Kelly’s Homelike Inn, Rob Hood and Shaun Savoy (aka The Savvy), and anyone else that would like to help out, are throwing a Mo Party to get everyone ready for the greatest facial hair growing event of the year.

That’s right. We are all trying to raise awareness  for men’s cancer and the effect it has on everyone. From researching new ways to battle the disease itself, to helping with the mental struggles that a lot of men have when it comes to dealing with and talking about their ass and balls and the cancers that affect them.


I’m a one man wolf pack .

I think a lot of people underestimate the Movember movement and the good that it does for men’s cancers, but since joining up with this charity three mos ago, I have learned a few things about it:

  1. They have very low overhead costs. Movember only used 8.5% of the funds raised for administration and fundraising costs last year. That’s very low for a charity of this size. It means that more than 87% of the 42 million dollars raised last year went to men’s health programs. That’s pretty huge.
  2. They really do give a shit about this. I was almost crying last year at the Gala Parté when the MC started talking about how well we did on the world stage of Movember fundraising and everything that the money was going to do. You could tell how much he cared about what we were doing.
  3. They are fun and serious at the same time. Behind all of the joking around is someone telling you to go and get a checkup, talk to people about the dangers of depression, or to help support the cause by donating. We went to the Gala Parté last year and it was a great time, but around every corner was some sort of message about cancer and raising awareness. I like that they don’t lose their focus amidst all of the frivolity.
  4. Movember Canada raised more than any other country in the world last year. High fives to my MoBros and MoSistas. That’s right. Mo Sistas are an integral part of this campaign, and I really hope we get a few that will join our team and straighten our unorganized asses out. If you click the link it will take you to a page where you can learn just how you can help us. (No, it’s not a guide to oral, but if you want one click here.)
Follow them. Unless they try to make you eat rabbit turds. In that case, they aren't your friend.

Follow them. Unless they try to make you eat rabbit turds. In that case, they aren’t your friend.

These are just a few things that impressed me about the organization, but weren’t the only things. The more I researched, the prouder I became of what we were doing. It wasn’t just a fun way to fund raise and remember some of the great men I’ve known that lost a battle with cancer anymore. It was becoming something that I looked forward to all year. Something that I wanted to do, and do it well. I guess it was the sense of accomplishment that I felt last year after we did so well. I’m not saying we will beat that number this year, but I would be a bit of a slacker if I didn’t try my hardest. Right?

There's cool stuff like this in the store.

There’s cool stuff like this in the store.

So that’s what I’m doing this year. Trying a bit harder. Teaming up with one of the oldest and manliest establishments in Cobourg seemed like a good idea for what we hope is a good turnout for a great cause. We will have a computer there if anyone needs to sign up on Movember Canada, live music that anyone can join in on, and a shavedown photoshoot with a Halloween twist. You will get a nice, clean shaven photo for the start of your lip weasel journey, a few good laughs, and herpesa beer if you join the Change The Topic team.

How can you lose? I’ll tell you how. By not showing up, that’s how.

But Birdman, it’s Halloween and I have kids. This isn’t a good night for me.

Really? It’s also a Thursday and you have to work in the morning. Look, I’m not the one who schedules October 31st each year, but I’ll talk to the powers that be about maybe having it on a Friday next year. As for Halloween, suck it up. I’m not asking you to be there at 8:00 and stay until 1:00. That’s crazy. Maybe pop down after the kids go to sleep and stay for the beer I’m going to buy you. Sign yourself up on the team, a three minute shave with a couple of pics, and off you go. By the time Children’s Aid finds out that you left the kids at home alone while you went to a bar, you’ll already be back, and they’ll have sent someone out for nothing.

This is the phone background. For your phone. If you know how to do that sort of thing.

This is the phone background. If you know how to do that sort of thing.

I kid. If you can’t make it down, then you can sign up at home and take a selfie in the bathroom mirror. Just make sure you flush and wear that cute midriff shirt that you bought at Bootlegger; it really shows off your gut. The biggest thing is to talk about it with anyone who even looks at the little bit of dirt that you grow on your pouty upper lip. Go on the Movember site and research what we’re doing, then tell people about it. If one person sees a doctor and gets an early diagnosis or even gets a yearly checkup, you’ve done a great thing.

So anyhow, come down to Kelly’s Homelike Inn on Halloween night between 8 PM and 1 AM. Listen to The Savvy, Rob, and whoever else ends up in the fray. They are talented bastards and you won’t be disappointed. Have a beer and look around the walls at some of the photos or get a shave and join the good fight. Either way, get talking about cancer and ways that we can help. Not just for November, but for the rest of the year too. This disease doesn’t understand time.

While she wishes she was a dancer, and that she’d never heard of cancer,


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