Halloween Party 2.0

Well, we had the second Halloween party of the year, and it was a beaut. I say that, because I stayed sober and drove everyone around, so I got to watch and remember what all was going on. That’s right, you bunch of freaky fuckers, I saw what you all were doing. You had better be really damn nice to me from now on. That means all of you.

So, after dinner, and then drinks at Dora and Swiper’s house, we hauled ass to the Castleton Hall for the annual Halloween Dance. It worked out great, because everyone had parties to go to on the Saturday before the big day. This meant two opportunities to wear our fabulous Muppet costumes that Gadget had skillfully handcrafted from PXL Crosslinked Foam. That stuff is very good to work with, but pretty heavy duty for mask making. Mine weighed around 30 lbs, but it was the first one. The rest were a little more trimmed out, and it probably shaved five pounds off of the weight. The Castleton Hall is really cool too, because…


Officer Sassypants is blatantly threatening my baby.

Our costumes won best group, so Zorro is going to cut us up some of the finest steaks in the land.

That’s right, we got a prize, motherfuckers. We won a $50 Keg card, a $25 Swiss Chalet et al Card, and a $50 gift certificate from Leclerc’s Butcher Shop. If you’ve never bought steaks, or anything else from Kelly, you should go there now. Right now, hurry. He’s been a butcher or apprentice for as long as I’ve known him, and in my opinion he has the best product and service in town. When we used to have the restaurant, we would get a lot of meat from him instead of from our food supplier, because it was that much better and he would deliver it as soon as he was done the order. Also, his shop is like the butcher shops from when I was a kid, and probably when my parents were kids. Needless to say, we were happy to get the gift cards, but $50 is going to get us a nice bunch of porterhouses for a beautiful BBQ on Gadget’s deck, and that’s better than sitting in some chain restaurant buying overpriced drinks any day.

Anyhow, it was good to see him and Abigail out and about, but we must get on with the show here.

In case you haven’t guessed it, that isn’t me under there.

Shifter and Slugger (while she was still upright). Man, she can sure creep you out when she wants too

You can see that she’s slipping fast. Note the glazed eyes

Gadget is doing a dramatic West Side Story number with Dancing Queen and Dora. Note the Muppet fingers.


The progression from here is shady at best.

I told you. It gets worse.

I don’t know what lady he got the leather jacket from.

These two kept the troops watered. Quite sexily, I might add.

Officer Sassypants is back. She is responding to a noise disturbance because he played Achy Breaky Heart. Get her a drink.

I don’t know about you, but I’d let her take a round out of me… as long as grappling is allowed

There was more in this sequence, but we don’t have the space

It’s starting to look painful, but still playful. Hi, Dora


Because a night just isn’t a night without a beautiful modelling pose with Mrs. Brady and I

Looks like someone got Officer Sassypants a drink…or twelve

TROPHY THIEF (She also said she will steal every trophy we make to replace it, but I forgot to turn my recorder on, so it’s hearsay.)

This is Ted. He makes all of the great food for the dances. Thanks, Ted. You rock!

Nicest camel-toe of the night.

This is the love of my life. Drunk

Well, that was our night. I got everyone home safely, and still had a great time. I should thank all of the people and businesses who donated prizes for this, and all of the other dances. I’m going to start asking for lists so you folks get the recognition you deserve. I know Castleridge Concrete donated, so thank you, Roger and Tracey.

We really do have a great time when we go out to dances there. It’s a good, safe, down-home feel, with a bunch of great people. I guess I should be advertising when they are having more of them, because it’s so fun, and there might be some of you that live in the area and want to get out for a relatively inexpensive evening with some great people and fun tunes. Mixed Media does a great job of DJing, with an even mix of country, rock, and dance. I guess, anyhow. I figure if the dancefloor is always full, they are doing a good job.


Because there are 150 more photos that didn’t get on here, I’ve put the rest up on our G+ profile. Here’s the link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/113342887006406622118/photos/113342887006406622118/albums/5807539317300513777

Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind up in HERE, up in here,


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