Good People

Well the Bird is well on his way to Calgary, I got here just before 7 pm and promptly managed to switch to a flight for 8am tomorrow after some headshaking red tape with the national airline. Since the Bird’s plan was to keep the schedule we originally had I left his as is, only to have the Bird ask if I could get his changed. After some well placed compliments and a little bat of the eyes, the lovely and not totally unpleasant Amy from Air Canada made it happen. I get home to the princesses earlier and the Bird is ecstatic that he will be in the loving arms of the “Bird to Be” that much sooner. Everybody(except the princesses) is happy.

While the Bird has spent the day behind the wheel, yours truly hopped on the company charter in Fort Nelson. Sounds good right? Well…it was! The only downside was the stops along the way. Fort St John, Grand Prairie, Edmonton and finally Calgary. The upside was my flying companions, namely Dean and Jamie. Two of the three fantastic newfies I met in camp. I’ve been on night shift with Dean as my foreman for about two weeks and I don’t know how anybody could be a better boss or person. We ate meals together, sat through safety meetings together, worked together and laughed together, but most of all we became good friends. The other two newfies, Jamie and Russell, I don’t know quite as well but I can safely say they are high quality as well. Jamie bought dinner for Dean and I at Montana’s in the airport and Russell is probably going to kill Dean and I for giving his phone number and address to Forrest. Forrest is a really good hearted, well meaning young fella that Dean and I took shine to. We like Forrest and Russell does too.

This whole time at camp was an excellent experience for me. I wish I had done this much earlier in my life sometimes, but if I had who’s to say I would have met these people. My life has been enriched by these new friends and I hope I have made their days a little brighter in return.

I know a lot of really good people and I am blessed in that regard. I also know a lot of not so good people but they get skidded(refer to previous post) because I don’t need or want that in my life. I’ve always said that if you can count on one hand the amount of true friends you have, I mean the friends that don’t care what time of day you need help burying a body they just show up with a shovel and bitch about it, but still help, than you are a very lucky person. I am a very lucky person!

I don’t know why it was so easy to make friends at camp. Maybe it has to do with the isolation or the fact that nobody has it any better than the next person. We all eat the same food, more or less wear the same clothes and we all live in identical nine by six rooms and have the same twenty four channels of sh@# on the tv. Regardless of why, it just seemed easy. I haven’t had so many laughing good times compressed into a month in I don’t know how long. This past month has really been a healthy soul cleansing experience for me and that is just what I needed after becoming tired of the drudgery of work-a-day life back home. From the moment the Bird picked me up in Cobourg, I have had nothing short of one hell of a fantastic time(that doesn’t include the periods of borderline depression from princess withdrawal, that gets fixed tomorrow and not a moment too soon). The Bird has been a willing accomplice in most of the good times and he has done a ton of chuckling along the way as well.

If there are any young people reading this, male or female, who are struggling with boredom and frustration about employment, I would not hesitate to recommend a journey like this to them. Not only would they learn how to live, work and co-exist with people of all different places and backgrounds but with the money being so good it would be a great start to post secondary funding.

I guess all in all, what I’m saying is that I am really glad I took the chance to come out here. I have heard people say that they want to do it and they are going to do it, and I think they should do it(or shut up finally).

I’ll end this on the thoughts of five very special people, Bailey, Virginia, Gerri, Tanis and Olivia. Chris and I miss you beautiful ladies so much that it brings us to tears. We’ll be home soon!


When the power of love overcomes the love of power…man will know peace!




P.S. If Pike Pole even thinks about making a man card comment, I will personally ram a live raccoon up his ass!

(editors note: I will have him bent over the stump for you.)

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    • I gotta confess; I lost my man card many years ago. I’m really just a big pussy with a loud growl and no real bite. Kinda sad actually…….maybe even pathetic.

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