Going batshit

We made it to the resort last night at around 10PM and got ourselves situated. We then went down for a few toddies and a shit shooting session by the pool. It sure felt good after spending so long being boxed into vans, planes, and buses, and it was just nice to unwind a bit. I quickly jumped in the pool for some refreshment after the bar closed, and Mrs. B wouldn’t give me back my shorts because she didn’t want me to get them soaked, so I was forced to walk back in my underwear. I sure do love that girl. Today, Penny and I sat through the introduction meeting where they told us not to do a bunch of shit that we did anyhow, had some breakfast, and then we hit the beach. We were harassed quite a bit, but that was a lot of the fun. I got to fuck with a lot of people, and they were pretty good sports about it.

We got some nice shirts, and booked our charter for going fishing. We also drank some rum. We got to see a public hanging, and then when it was over, the people kicked the body down the street. I don’t know what he did, but it must have been bad. We tried to get some info about it, and the speculation was that he bought some weed from and undercover cop. We decided right then and there that we would not be having any dope this week. Oh yeah, I learned about the laxative qualities of pina coladas, and that when there are so many interesting foods on a buffet, I will try to taste everything.

Our room is not the greatest in the building, but it’s not too bad. No hot water, three drunken flights of stairs, two twin beds instead of the king, sparking power bar, patio door that won’t lock, and near the disco. They will move us on Sunday, but because they’re at capacity, they don’t have any more rooms. Princess Beaner and Stanley got put up in a nice suite in a newer building, but Gadget and Penny are still across the hall from us. The only thing separating us is about twenty feet and a few large bats. The girls, as it turns out, don’t really enjoy the company of the fluttering rodents, and it becomes evident with the shrieking as one approaches them. I do have to admit, that these bats are at least twice the size of any bat I’ve ever seen at home. I really am emphasizing the “at least” part of that statement.

We kind of watched the big show from afar and had some pizza right after supper, but we packed it in early tonight. Well Mrs. B did anyhow. She hasn’t slept much in a few days, so she has retired to her side of the twin bed (she says it’s a super single), and is now peacefully dreaming of sitting by the pool tomorrow morning. She looked so beautiful tonight (all of the girls did), with her face aglow, and her tired eyes on her face. I know it’s weird, but when she’s tired, her eyes project a serenity that is hard to explain. All I know is that every time I look at her, I feel the need to touch her. Her hair, her back, her neck, wherever. She is the reason this trip is so fun, and I can’t wait to see what she has planned next for us.

Anyhow, I don’t have anything left to say, but then again, my memory is not what it was. I guess I’ll go and sneak in beside my baby, while trying not to wake her up. When we get the photo processing technology going, we will try to get some pictures up.

Zoot suit riot, throw back a bottle of beer,


P.S. There was an untrue statement in the above blog post. You guess which one.

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  1. Throw a comb through your coal black hair…. while your at it.

    Now that song I don’t mind having bounce around my head all day.

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