Oh My God, Darien Lake Is So Awesome

That’s what I’m probably saying right now, because I wrote this on Saturday to schedule(pronounced – shed-yule) for Monday. There are some things that I love in this world, and being able to schedule blog posts is one of them.

Another thing I love is my lady. She’s the bee’s knees. She’s the one who got me interested in blogging last September. That’s right, fuckers. I’ve almost been blogging for a year, and I still can’t believe how far I’ve come. If you hold on a bit, I’ll show you.

Like really? I’m fucking flabbergasted.

I don’t want you to think I’m bragging here, because I’m not. These aren’t amazing blog stats or anything, but for me they are phenomenal. That’s almost 50000 page views, and while I realize that a lot of them are from Google and other bot companies, I’m still very happy with myself. Even if it’s half of that I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m still in shock over this, and I have you all to thank for it.

Yeah, the readers are very important, but if it weren’t for my incredible support team, I’d never have gotten very far at all. You see a lot of them in the photos, and you know a lot of them by code names, but you don’t see the stuff behind the scenes. We have to go to a lot of parties to discuss new posts, plan them out, and execute the … Who am I fooling. We go to the parties to get liquored up and try to see girls kiss each other. They rarely do, but all it takes is once. What the support team is is the greatest bunch of friends and family that anyone could ask for. I get so much inspiration from them that it still seems surreal to me that one person could be so lucky. Not only are they funny as fuck, but they are there with a helping hand, comforting shoulder, or a kick in the ass whenever it’s needed.

This is just before we Godzillad the playset

I know that I don’t give my greatest supporter, fan, and friend the respect and adoration that she deserves on here, but Mrs. Birdman knows how much she means to me. She is always there to tell me that something is good when I need a boost, or that it needs some work, when the writing needs a boost. She is my last line of defence when it comes to publishing these posts, and the reason that this jibberish that I throw down on here is even readable.

One of my favourite shots of her. So happy and beautiful

I love to watch her read certain posts, to gauge her reaction, and I love seeing the fluctuation of emotion in her face. It’s those times where I know I did it right. Again, I’m not trying to boast, but sometimes I feel really good about what I do. I know that it’s not saving the world or anything, but it’s something that I love, and when I write a post that makes me proud, whether anyone reads it or not, I get such a feeling of accomplishment. I have never got that feeling so strong from any other thing I’ve done. I’ve always been just mediocre at everything. Just enough to get by, that was my motto. In a way I am like that with blogging, but it just seems like the right thing to do here.

Anyhow, Gadget and I had a big day at Sebastard’s birthday for an hour, and we have a bit of a day tomorrow, so I’m outta here with just one more question.


But she has faith in me, and so I go on trying faithfully,


10 thoughts on “Oh My God, Darien Lake Is So Awesome

  1. WWJBD? What Would Justin Bieber Do? He’d go kill himself. No wait, that’s just what I HOPE he’d do.

    Congrats on your almost one year, and especially on your page views. I try not to think about the bots, or how many of our page views come from people just searching things like “huge tits” or “big fat boobies” (which is about 20-30 a day, if you’re wondering).

    • That’s better than what they search for on mine, which is; host families dublin and enjo yand sex and fack with women, track pants boner, young gay love, and for some reason: susan boyle nude is near the top with 32 searches. Thanks for the grats too. Is Justin Bieber even a thing anymore?

  2. It must be awesome to see, in real-time, someone you love so much viewing something else you love so much.

    Also, I love that picture.

    Congrats on the pageviews, followers, and blog anniversaries. But mostly congrats on being one of my favorite blogs, and a wonderful web-presence.

    • I want to have your babies, and yes it is a real kick for me, but mostly when she’s had her sleepytime medicine. That’s when she thinks everything is awesome.

  3. Look forward to reading your blogs and your occasional guest blogger….happy almost 1 yr anniversary chris….Keep on going!!!

  4. Reading the blog is the highlught of my day. I look forward to it at the end of a long day.

    It is funny, distasteful and thoughful all at the same time. And that is what I love about it. I also love the fact that you inspired me to start my own blog and work on getting my thoughts out.

    Don’t stop beleiven’ Birdman. You rock so worlds. Including mine.

    • I’ll never stop believing. Unless you’re talking about God. In that case I might be in some trouble. Thanks for the support.

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