Gadget is the big wiener and St. Patty’s shenanigans

Before I show you the photo party from the Irish drinking holiday, I’m going to tell you all that through cheating and manipulating, Gadget has secured himself as the fiftieth subscriber, and won a coveted story, written in the style of Penthouse Forum, by me.

I don’t know about you folks, but I’m not a fan of cheating, so I’m changing the rules a bit, because it’s obviously okay to bend rules when you want to get a certain outcome. Right, Gadget?

I will now deviate from the writing styles of Forum, and take on a mixture of romance novels and barnyard animals. Gadget, of course, is a lonely traveling salesman who is waylaid by an old farm in the country, and he must spend the night.

It’ll be my special weekend present, and it’ll be disturbing, so don’t come back if you’re squeemish. Now onto the regularly scheduled post. ( I hope you pronounced it shed-yule)

Now for the She-nanny-gans

I have already done the explaining yesterday, and I wasn’t even there for a lot of this, so here are the pics.

That's about as green as I get on this God forsaken holiday. Stupid jalapenos


Coach's Corner.

Scooter, after a breath of "fresh air". He's trying to watch his drink evaporate.

You're gonna want to stick it out further than that if you're looking for a date, Juice.

Whatever her name is going to be, and Gadget in his clean shirt


Sometimes I wonder what is behind his creepy eyes. Probably two cracked out carnies fighting over a can of beans in a post-apocalyptic Wicklow. Ah, whatever. She loves him.

Hey!!! Quit judging! Like your eyes have never got really, really dry, and then you ate a whole crock pot full of meatballs. I know I have had that problem before.


This might need some explanation. Maybe an itchy nipple?

Penny is talking out of the side of her mouth. Probably saying to not go too far with the wine.

I made this in MS Paint. It's awesome, and only took me an hour

Dora!!! at the Queens. Looking at the screen instead of the camera. I have many of these pics of myself.

God he looks happy. I'm glad he's taking his meds.

SHIFTER!!!!! Wait, where's Slugger?

Must be a new piercing that's bothering him

I wish Scooter would body surf.


I’m totally going to get beaten down for that one, but I just couldn’t help it.

OOOOHHHHH, Daddy like's where this is going!

Boooo. Maybe I got a little ahead of myself.

You guys found Slugger. Woohoo, now shit's gonna go down.

Those are the squintiest eyed grins I've seen in hours


Swiper stop swiping... that ladies husband


She really is.

I haven't the words. Cracks me up every time


Hoodlums in the park

Do we wanna know what this is about? Well, I kind of do.

And here's your faithful servant, with nothing better to do in the wee hours of the morning.

9 thoughts on “Gadget is the big wiener and St. Patty’s shenanigans

  1. Yikes! This is why i don’t drink very often. It’s also motivating me to get a haircut and renew my gym membership…

    • i hear you scooter! jog to my place and we can start from here… well i can! Great photo journey of the funny evening!

  2. The constant need for blog-fodder means that any drunken shenanigans will almost certainly be bastardized. Naked drunkenness is not only tolerated, it is encouraged. Word to the wise…never agree to photographs that you wouldn’t want all 12 blog readers to see.

    Werd. 🙂

    • As Gadget said in the Dominican: If you go drinking with a guy that has a blog, and a photographer, you kinda have to expect to see your picture on the internet. I love you guys, and keep it up.

  3. I want to be in on the shenaigans!! I agree to posting of all photos of me! Especially if I am caught in a compromising position with a beautiful young lass. Then I want EVERYONE to see.

    • Thanks Ed, but apparently I should enlarge the red part a bit. Now that I’m a stepdad, I find my social responsibility increasing. Thanks for reading.

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