Fric and Frac

Life is speeding right by

I was chatting with a buddy from out west tonight, and got talking about how fast life is moving along. His little baby girl is trying to stand and do things on her own now, and it seems like she’s only a week or two old. I’ve never got to feel that excitement of waiting for the first steps of my child, but I did get to see my niece take hers, and the look on her dad’s face was priceless. It was a mixture of joy, and awe, mixed with a bunch of pride. Then I got thinking about what a joy it must be; seeing your kid do all of the firsts in it’s life.

This past little while, and the week ahead will bring about a few first time dads that I know personally. I find a lot of inspiration when I watch this change in a person. It’s almost like they have a heightened sense of awareness, and are singlehandedly responsible for blocking everything, from bullets to germs, from reaching their new babies. I can relate to this feeling a little, because I’ve noticed a big change in myself since I’ve undertaken the role of stepdad to these two girls. You start to watch things that you normally wouldn’t notice, drive much slower and safer than usual, and don’t get drunk or high every night, because you want to make sure that you are able to respond, in case there is an emergency. I always have said that I will never change, but I guess I’m a bit of a liar now, sorry.

New shit in my world

I’m evolving again. Hopefully for the better. I have put a bunch of ads on the blog, and I am going to need some input on which ads should be where, and what types of things you buy over the internet. The way these ads work is that we get a commission if someone buys something through one of our sponsor’s ads on the blog. It’s not a pay per click like the Google ads, so it only works if someone buys things through here. The reason I ask what you buy, is because I could put in an application for hundreds of different advertisers, but I don’t know what everyone spends their internet money on.

Don’t get me wrong, because I’d rather you spent it at a locally owned store that sells locally made products, but if you can’t do that, and you were going to buy it online anyhow, we might be able to work out a deal. Anyhow, you can check out our advertisers in the page titled Advertisers at the top of this page. Thanks everyone, we really appreciate any help we can get.

I think they'd look nice on me


Another new thing is that our friend, and long-time reader Kari, has set up her own business page on the Facebook. Now I’m not much for putting on the ritz, but there are some really cool looking things that she has made there. Stuff like earrings, necklaces, and sets of earrings and necklaces. I don’t know how she gets that cool shit in the glass so perfectly, but it’s pretty cool looking jewellery. I’d buy some if there were prices on any of it, but I suppose it’s just there for show right now. She’s trying to make me want it, because I know I can’t have it. Well it’s working. Now I want the pretty blue ones for my mother. Come on Kari, I’ll pay whatever you want.



I should also mention that I have figured out this RSS shit that is on everyone’s blogs these days, and it’s actually kind of cool, if you don’t want to comment or anything like that. I figure that because most of you don’t comment anyhow (which makes a tiny lumberjack saw off a little piece of my soul every time you don’t), I can let you in on how it works. If you see an icon like the one to the right, you click on it, and copy the address from the address bar. Then you go to your RSS reader (I use Google Reader), and enter it into the box that appears when you click “subscribe”. Then you can have a continuous feed of all of the blog posts from your favourite blogs. Some of the ones that I like are Youngman Brown, The Suniverse, What Happens in the Hotel, Stays in the Hotel, and The Bloggess to name a few. I’m going to create a page with all of the blogs that I like, and hopefully you can get a chance to check them out, because there is more to life than Change The Topic. well, for you, not for me. This is my whole life right now, aside from my wonderful family and friends.

Our upcoming wedding

Things are actually coming together with the wedding. I guess the invitations got ordered tonight, and we are bottling the wine tomorrow. Thirty white, and thirty red, and they come with generic labels, but I’d like to get our own labels made up for them. I’m told that you have to get waterproof ink for them, but I thought I’d ask all of you if that’s the case. So is it? I only ask you guys, because I figure you must all be drunks if you are always reading this tripe and haven’t told me to shut up yet. We are just trying to get decent labels made for a relatively cheap price, and if we order them from a wine label maker it will be almost $90 for sixty labels. I’m sure they are nice labels, but come on, are we really needing to spend that much money on something that will be immediately thrown in the recycling? We welcome any suggestions you have for us.

I have all kinds of other little tidbits and questions, but I guess there is always tomorrow. Please don’t forget about Therapy Thursday this week. We haven’t got any submissions for it yet, so someone please make something up and send that shit in. Also I feel I haven’t said motherfucker in a long time on here, so there you go.

Drinkin’ wine motherfucker, drinkin’wine! Goddam,


13 thoughts on “Fric and Frac

  1. What a totally bitchin’ plug!!!! Thank you! And I’m working on figuring out pricing and some way to actually sell this stuff online. The interest has been very surprising (and flattering). It has become my new priority.

    Looking forward to trying the wine! I will look into some label options as well (did you know that my day job is for a graphic design and promotional products company?) I think the custom labels should still have monkeys, however. 🙂

    • I did not know that, but we have the designs from the invites etc… that we would like to incorporate into the labels. Maybe we could send them to you, and you could see what it would take? I’d be interested in seeing how you make that jewelry too. Is it glassblowing, or something more precise?

      • I’m going to check with some different printers for cost on 60 waterproof labels, in 2 designs, full-color, approx. 4″ wide x 2.5″ tall. We’ll see what we get – it might not actually be any cheaper (especially since we’ll have to ship them), but I’ll do my best. You don’t need to send me any art just yet – let me run down some pricing, first.

        Glassblowing is a lot harder than what I do. 🙂 I do glass fusing. You can get fusible glass in a lot of different forms, including sheets, stringers (which are like pick-up sticks), millefiori (which are multicolor beadlike chunks), and frit (which is ground glass, and comes in a variety of colors and degrees of coarseness). For some pieces, the glass was cut from a flat sheet, and decorated with other bits of glass, millefiori or frit. The earrings that you like were made by pouring different colors of frit into a mold. All the glass needs to be fired in a kiln (glass melts between 1200 and 1600 degrees) in order to fuse. Once it’s fused and cooled, I use a special adhesive to glue on the findings, and there you have it! 🙂

  2. O.K. Chris. For you, I have signed up for a newsletter,lol. Funny, how sitting down to write about tidbits of life, can add enjoyment to the lives of others. Keep it up!!

    • A newsletter? How exciting. Yes, it’s a pretty cool world we live in, where our ideas and memories can float around in cyberspace for all to see and read if they want to. Keep up the shitty bathtub stories.

  3. Birdman,
    I like this post a lot.
    You are like an onion my friend.
    Many layers but all have a similar flavour of your personality.
    No matter what you post about.
    Be it about using the c-word, death, travel, loved ones etc…The reader still feels the real you within your words.
    Your wings are getting bigger and stronger Birdman,
    You are evolving into your true self more and more.
    I am proud of you Bro.
    You have done a lot of courageous things in the little time I have known you.
    Keep it up.
    Good job.
    You set a great example to others to do and be who they truly are.
    Everyone who knows you and/or reads your blog are better for it.
    I know I am.

    • Yeah, you were working. I totally understand. I was going to help you with your fowl problem, and I didn’t. This is payback, I guess.

  4. The only stuff I buy online is books and movies, really. But if you have an affiliate through Amazon, I’ll certainly buy thru you.

    I am trying to figure out this RSS stuff too and whether or not my RSS subscribers are reflected in my pageviews etc. But as far as following other blogs, it is priceless.

    • I put my Amazon link up in the advertisers page. If you can use it, that would be really cool of you. I spent the last four hours getting the rss tracking thing going, and in the end it wouldn’t work. What a waste. Oh well, on the plus side, I’m learning a lot of things about writing code. I see you are picking up a lot of new readers. That’s awesome. You deserve it, if anyone does.

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