Easter Is Over, Thank Christ

It’s true, I have eaten my last bit of ham and scalloped potato for a while. It was a good little spell, and the kids got spoiled by everyone, but what can you do? You sure can’t control anyone else, or what they buy for the girls. I guess it’s kind of like Christmas in a way, but this year we are going to do things differently. All of the kids are putting their name in a hat, and there will be one present bought per child. It’s too much anymore. By the time Santa gets here, there will be ten grandkids. That’s eight or nine gifts per family, and that’s too much. Way too much really, because there are six of us kids, and that means that every grandkid would get five gifts, not including what their parents, or grandparents get them.

132.5/litre here today. Fucking gross

This has to stop, so this year, there will be one present per child, and then whatever else they get. The Mrs. and I have opted out of the adult draw as well, even though everyone else is doing it. That doesn’t make us bad people, right? We don’t need anything, and we don’t want to buy anything for anyone else. Sure, the money has something to do with it, but it’s not the most important thing. I’d like to think the message to the children should be the focus of our attention.

Can't argue that.

Do you think it’s healthy for children to get so much free shit on holidays? Who the fuck started all of the excessive gift giving anyhow? Do they feel guilty about something, or just believe that you can buy someone’s affection? Our girls got more stuff for Easter, than some kids get for Christmas. I mean, it worked out well for me, because they don’t like Reese bunnies or jelly beans, and I happen to quite enjoy them both, but it’s still too excessive. I believe there is no value to showering any child with gifts for holidays, because it doesn’t help them get through their life, as much as it hinders them. It’s going to take them longer to figure out that nothing’s free in life, and that if you want something, you are going to have to work for it.

I know, because I was spoiled as a kid. The only reason is that I come from divorced parents, and we always got double everything. It sure didn’t help me out. What it did was give me a bunch of useless crap, that I thought I needed. None of it was important. I think that the only thing I have still got from childhood is my shotgun, but that’s a useful tool, that should last me my life. Where are the old toys, games, computers? In a dump somewhere, would be my guess. You don’t realize it at the time, but the only thing that you really get out of those days are the memories that you create. As a family. All of the chocolate bunnies in the world will never equal a good Easter dinner with people you love. It just doesn’t compare, and if it does, you need to go get your fucking head checked.

I thought everyone knew that Satan is a myth

Anyhow, I’m just doing a smaller post today, because I’m beat, but I want to than my beautiful and talented mother in law for the wonderful dinner, and for always including me in your family gatherings. It was also nice of you to invite my wee mother as well. I am glad that you two were able to get together and chat before the wedding, and this way she got to meet everyone at once. That was really cool.

To my Mom, I’d like to say thank you for having a huge, delicious Easter dinner for all of us. I know it was hard not having him there for me, so I can only imagine what it was like for you. I really hope it gets easier in time, but I don’t know if it will. You have such a strong heart and soul, and I hope that having all of the kids there, running around and tearing your house up, kept your mind off of everything. There has been so much love in that house, that I don’t think it can ever feel empty to me, but I’m sure it’s different for you. I just hope you know that we are always here, and any time that you want a couple of girls for a night, they already have their bags packed, and can be ready at a moments notice. That goes for me too.

Okay, I am really going now. First to wipe my tears, and blow my nose, then to crawl into my nice, warm bed, with my nice, warm baby. I hope I mixed enough funny Jesus pictures in this post to make it fluffy.

And you, of tender years, can’t know the fears, that your elders grew by,


P.S. Rudy and I are now friends on Facebook, so that makes it more real. He’ll probably talk to me again, when he gets over how bad my recollection of events is.

10 thoughts on “Easter Is Over, Thank Christ

  1. Birdman,
    You need to have a national column in a newspaper/website to reach some more people.
    As much as I despise the corporate whore media, it is everywhere and maybe you could be our Mad Max to save us from the Thunderdome.

    You’re freakingly talented with your words.
    The feelings come right off the screen.

    Alan Alda once said” “To create a memory, you need to touch people’s emotions.”

    You have definitely given us all many, many memories.

    Thanks Birdman.
    Keep it up.

    • Thanks Brad, I’m really happy that you enjoy my writing. I’m sad to say though, that my style doesn’t fit well with most people, as the numbers will show. I don’t care, mind you, but it’s a fact that most people don’t share this blog, and if they do, the people they share it with aren’t very interested in reading it. I’m okay with that though, and traded in my chance at gaining readers, for being myself. I could tone it down, and go with the flow, but that’s not me. Therefore, I don’t imagine that there is a national forum of any sort that would be looking for a mouthy, crude agnostic, that can’t seem to let things go.

      That being said, I would keep writing this, knowing that ten of you enjoyed it.


      • You keep doing what you’re doing!
        Look at some of the greats and how long it took them to be what ‘ successful ‘.
        They never changed, people just started to realize them.
        You’re day is coming, your future is widening in front of you. I can see it.
        Visualize what you want every day and it will happen.
        Just look at how much you’ve done since you and I have known each other.
        To me, ( and I imagine a lot of others ) that’s fucking impressive.
        Don’t ever sell yourself short.
        Believe in yourself as you have many around you who believe in you and support you.

        You’re out of the terminal, on the air strip and ready for take off.

        Fly Birdman, FLY.

  2. We’re not Christian, so Easter was never a big thing, obvs. But my inlaws are Catholic, so I am constantly surprised every spring when she asks what our Easter plans are. I mean, I don’t even think about it, but the fun thing to do is to get together with fun people, because you’re right, it’s the memories that matter.


    • Yeah, I don’t know if you got it from my post, but I’m not in any way religious, but I do take advantage of the holidays. What the hell? I might as well get some benefit for having to listen to them spout their bullshit all of the time. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. This year for Easter I drove all night to get to my Mom and Dad’s house so I could surprise her for her birthday. Which just happened to be at Easter this year. The look on my parents face when they seen me standing on the thier doorstep was worth the rain and snow and blinding boredom of driving all night with only a cheeky sock monkey for company.

    Keep on keeping on Birdman. You are my inspriation. The wind beneath my wings.

    • Oh, I bet they were so happy to see you. That was a sweet thing to do. I knew you were gone, but didn’t realize you were surprising them. Good for you. Thanks, Dusty

  4. My husband and I don’t do the whole Christmas present exchange thing with either of our families. His parents have more money than we do and they have everything they want… if they don’t have it, they have the money to go buy it. So, we don’t want to bother spending our hard earned money on trivial shit that’ll just get thrown or or stuffed into the back of some closet. Hubby and I will exchange small gifts with each other, but even that’s kind of died out. We just focus on spending time with each other and our loved ones.

    I’m glad that you got some good Easter candy and had, what sounds like, an awesome dinner.

    • I think you and Jason would be fun to party with. You guys seem a lot like us, but with more energy. Mrs. B will be in your neck of the woods next month. She has a conference in Charlotte.

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