Do you like the new look?

I tried several different themes, and this one seems to be the best fit for me. Now I wonder if it’s the best fit for you?

Come on, like I care. I just wanted you to think that your opinion mattered. My sweet lady made the graphic for me, and I put the ads up. Once again, clicking doesn’t help, unless you buy something through them. I’m not trying to persuade you, just letting you know that if you are trying to help by clicking, that I thank you, but it just gives me false hope. If you are buying something though, click away. If you buy enough stuff, I could share some commission with you. Like if you were looking to take a vacation, and I got $200 back from the company, I sure wouldn’t balk at sending $100 your way.

Of course if Amazon cuts me a check for $10, I’m probably keeping that shit. Sorry, but it will be in a gift card. If I got two $10 gift cards, I would send you the code for one of them for sure, but I’m not wasting my time so you can have a fin. Yeah, I’m an asshole. I can’t help it.

Oh, now you’re making me feel bad. Okay fine, I’ll share whatever gift cards I get from Amazon with you. Man, you sure make it hard for a guy to feed his family, but whatever, as long as you keep coming back and feeding my ego.

So anyhow, the new layout. Yea, or nay? Is there certain things you’d like to see on the blog? Maybe a photo of Gadget in his stripper outfit, or some other funny pic you’ve seen on here? I’m going to try and get a widget that will have a steady rotation of photos from the media file on the server. I don’t know if it exists, but I’m going to try. I think it would be cool to see all of the old photos just popping up here and there. Let me know if there are some favourites that you have, and I’ll see what I can do.

Now for a few stats, because I’m a whore like that.

Since September you folks have commented 1019 times (500 were probably me, with Dustin, Brad and Gadget taking at least 400 between them, I imagine). Thanks for that. I love it when people comment, because it gives me a chance to talk to you. Usually it’s just me, and as much as I like the sound of my own voice, I love to shoot the shit even more. I don’t care if it’s just to call me an asshole, or to tell me that my shit really does stink, because it very well might. I just feel really honoured when you take the time to comment, as I’m sure that every other blogger in the world does too. I’m going to start asking random questions at the end of posts, if I remember to, and it’s just to get the chatter going. I would be happy to chatter on the Facebook page, but there are only a select few that ever respond on there. I guess it’s because not many people like it, so there’s that I guess. Anyways, I’m going to try it out, and if it flys, great. If not, then I guess I’ll keep crying tears of shame into my already soaked pillow at night.

As of the time of writing, the site was viewed 26309 times. That’s huge for me, because I don’t do SEO or any of that, and the majority of those hits are to read something that I, or one of the other delinquent authors on here have written. How cool is that? Pretty fucking cool, I’d say. I didn’t call them delinquent to try and taunt them into writing something, although I wish they would, because I know they have a lot on their plates right now. I do want to say that I miss getting posts from Chin and Alice, and if Pike Pole could calm the fuck down, I’d like to see some more from him too. Brad Rose is another that I like, and of course, the love of my life, and the reason I do everything I do.

I don’t like getting those posts to save me from writing my own. I love writing. It’s because I also love reading, and they are actually some amazingly talented people that have just happened into doing some posts for the blog. Just think about it. Not one of us has a writing degree, although Mrs. B’s major was English, has ever taken a creative writing course, to my knowledge. We are just regular people, but when I read some of Chin’s posts, I’m brought to tears. Alice keeps me on the edge of my seat, and then switches it up, and gets me feeling heartsick. Brad Rose makes me look at things from a new angle, and when I read what he writes, I can feel the anguish that he feels at how our world seems to be crumbling, and it makes me worry, but I also feel hopeful that we can smarten our asses up.

Last, but so very far from least, is my true love. Baby, I know that you use your creativity every day, doing what you love to do, and I’m in no way trying to make you feel like you aren’t writing enough. I’m just letting you know that I love your writing, and I love how you wouldn’t just write to write. I love hearing you yell down the stairs; “I think I have a blog post brewing.”, because it means that there is a chance I’ll get to read something that touches my mind, makes me laugh, and most of all, makes me think. Anyhow, I got that out there. I will wait patiently until you are all not as busy, and can indulge me.

The last stat is 225. That’s how many posts we’ve published in just over six months. I’m pretty stoked about that. That’s more than one a day, and I can’t even imagine how many words and photos that is. I guess because of Movember, and the fact that there were two posts every day during that time, but still, wow.

I want to thank all of you for making this possible for me. I really love you all for it, amongst other things. It has given me a renewed sense of worth, and as hard as it is some days to get the time to pump out this drivel, it makes me so happy when it works. When something comes into my head and I furiously peck the keys until it’s done, and then I wake up in the morning, and there’s an email saying that someone has commented, and my heart swells with pride. There’s no feeling in the world like it, and next to love, it’s the best emotion I’ve got.

This question is maybe not so random, but I’m going to ask you anyhow. What gives you that rush of accomplishment, or that sense of pride you feel when you truly like what you’ve done?

My baby’s got good timing, don’t know how but she reads my mind,


10 thoughts on “Do you like the new look?

  1. Yes, I like the new look! Nice graphic, Mrs. B.

    The jewelry that comes out right gives me a pretty good sense of accomplishment – really, anything I make that turns out well, I feel pretty good about (whether it is glass, or woodcarving, or sewing).

    But (weirdly) the most satisfying thing for me is canning, especially when I’m canning something I’ve grown myself in my garden, and then giving it away. Maybe because I get to make stuff AND feed people at the same time?

    • I don’t think that’s weird at all. I haven’t done a lot of canning, but when I did, it was a blueberry ice cream topping and pickled carrots. I gave almost all of them away, because I loved to see the smiles on peoples faces when they ate them. I can remember thinking that it felt really good to be able to make someone happy through a jar of syrupy blueberries and coconut rum. Thanks for the reminder, Kari.

    • Thanks Holly. It was actually simpler before, but now the font is bigger, and there are way more cool gadgets. I love gadgets. I just hovered over your Gravatar. Very impressive. I’ll go and check out your blog and see if I can lose a few pounds too. (Not really. I eat everything, and hate exercise.)

  2. I like the new layout and thanks for making me think my opinion matters.

    Rush of accomplishment or sense of pride? When I can help new clients see the big picture that has never been shown to them before. Anytime I can help someone really; be it through my financial planning practice, the volunteer fire department or auxiliary police, I just really enjoy helping people. There is nothing better for me.

  3. So I am pretty sure that you and my oldest have the same disease. Train though word vomit. You start talking or writing and the stream of consciousness that comes out is so profoundly disturbing that you can not possibly imagine how wonderful it all is. She starts talking and you have to listen to follow, then when she is done, Jesus is a Pimpin’ Zombie and it all made perfect sense.

    LOVE THAT! I hate white, but if it works for you PARTY ON!

    • Thanks for stopping by Sweety, and thanks for the compliment. That is exactly how my brain functions, and I knew there must be more like me. I appreciate you taking the time to reassure me. 🙂

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