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Scooter came over for a visit and we were talking about the new stuff I want to do on the blog. It’s kind of a big deal for me, and maybe for others as well, because I want to start doing podcasts and/or video blogs.

I know it doesn’t seem like a huge deal to a lot of people, but for me it is. I have a lot of stories to tell, and I don’t remember the details of half of them, or even that they happened at all, until I’m reminded by someone. I’m also a shitty typer, and a big fan of winging it, so it seems like a perfect fit for me.

What I’m thinking, is to just have friends come in and have a few drinks while shooting the shit about the old days. The first ones will probably be at the studio or the kitchen table, but I’d love to do some at the camp as well, and maybe a few at some old watering holes. We could get a guy’s weekend going, and do a whole shitload at once, but would probably have to bust it up into small chunks, so you bastards didn’t become bored. We’ll have to try and keep them short, I guess. That will be tough, seeing how long winded I am, but I’m sure we’ll manage.

Maybe some stories from this era? (photo credit - Carolee V M)

Maybe some stories from this era? (photo credit – Carolee V M)

I also want to do a bit where I interview local business owners and people with different careers, but I get to ask half of the questions about random things. The other half can be about their interests, but I want to be able to switch topics on the fly, just to mix things up and keep them (and me) on their toes.

There is another thing I want to work on when my beautiful Mexican friend (not you, Mo) gets some free time, but I can’t divulge any of that just yet. I think it could be really cool if we do it right, from the start.

Do you remember any crazy shit that we, or anyone we knew, did? Do you have old photos of us doing stupid shit? Let me know. I went over it with Scooter and we thought of a couple of dozen stories we could maybe go with, so I’m going to try to get some filmed and recorded this week and possibly have something for next Monday. Hopefully. I don’t know.

These two could probably remember a few stories.   (photo credit: Carrie J W)

These two could probably remember a few stories. (photo credit: Carrie J W)

Seriously, I have no clue what we’re up against with editing video, audio, synching, etc… No clue at all. I just think that we need to do this for clarity purposes, because a great many people have alluded that maybe these posts from a younger and crazier time are just based on true stories, and embellished to make it more fantastic.

Well, they aren’t fabricated in my mind, but that doesn’t mean that I remember them correctly. This is where you come in. We pick a night, have a few pints, puffs, whiskey, or whatever else butters your toast, and we try to remember what happened. On video, or audio if you can’t be identified for whatever reason. How does that sound?

I know for a fact that she will call bullshit on a lot of my memories. Her head was a lot clearer back then. Love you, Mom.

I know for a fact that she will call bullshit on a lot of my memories. Her head was a lot clearer back then. Love you, Mom.

Scooter and I will start the ball rolling and then we can see how it goes. I know that Brad is in for some, and we’ll need Bugs for my birthday at the strippers story, but who else can even remember what happened? I’m pretty sure that you were all a bunch of hammerheads back then too. How about you, Stan? What about the weekend at the camp when Minnie was drinking beer in bed? We almost pissed our pants laughing when Paul started tossing all of the empties out.

Ah well, I know we’ll get a few people out, and maybe we’ll come up with some stories about local legends and whatnot. Who knows?

Uninvited he sat down and opened up his mind, on old dogs and children and watermelon wine,


8 thoughts on “Digging Up Bodies

  1. As someone who has over 600 posts and only 2 vlogs, I can tell you this:

    The editing video, audio, synching, etc… part is about 80% of the process.

    Vid 1 took me about 2 minutes to record, and 4 hours to edit and sync. And it looks like shit. Vid 2 was one continuous take, no editing because editing is a bitch.

    I’m with you, I’d love to do more vlogging, but you’ll need to learn the back end (heh heh) before you become the master… Good luck!

    • Thanks, I’m willing to put the effort in to learn all of this, and I know it will be rough to start, but we are going to audio record it as well, so if it goes to shit, we can still use it as a podcast. I’d like to branch out from that to maybe doing some skits and shit, once I get things figured out. I am just going to be using borrowed equipment to start, so it will probably all change when I end up buying my own. We’ll see.

      I’m very lucky, because my wife already has her photography studio set up with lighting and all that. That will make a huge difference if we use it.

      Thanks, Brandon

  2. Can I make up stories?

    Like the time we took that road trip to Fort Nelson, got ourselves a couple of hookers who tried to roll us but we had no money?

  3. I think it would be hilarious to see some videos/vlogs by you! I have actually been wanting to do a vlog, but I’m sorta camera shy. But the idea I have for my video stems from you and Youngman Brown… remember the one post I did where I added a clip of my voice and you guys ragged on me for my accent? Well, this would be going off of that. When I say certain words, my southern accent is horrendous and my mouth does this weird motion. I need to just do it. But, back to you – YES!! Make some videos. Just don’t post any sex videos. You’re not a Kardashian for the love of goats.

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