Chinny Chinny Bang Bang (caution – the C word is used)


It's true, I'm a bit of an asshole

I don’t know what to write about today, so I’ll start with our day, and see where that takes us. We have moved to a new pit, and there isn’t enough material to keep us hauling, so we got done two hours early yesterday. Pretty good bonus, seeing as we should be getting paid for our full day.We started late today, because of snow, and Chin’s trailer brakes froze on, but that didn’t stop our new driver from being an hour and a half early on site.

It's for effect

His trailer must have froze up too.











He’s one of these guys that make me seem timid and mild. He just rubs me the wrong way. Seriously. I’ve told him a thousand times that I like a tickling rub, like Mrs. B does, but he constantly presses down firmly and rubs in circles. It’s like he doesn’t listen. He also recites cowboy poetry while he’s rubbing, so that’s nice. Honestly though, you all know a dude like him. That guy who can not only tell you how good he is at his job, but also at your job, the mechanic’s job, and the consultant’s job. He is not afraid to point out all of the things that he does right, or the things someone else does wrong. As Chinny says, “He’s a douche”. He started an hour and a half early today, so he could pack down a spot for people to stand and sign the safety book. I don’t know the reasoning behind it, but he did it, and there’s nothing we can do about it now. I should also to tell you that the word “cunt” has been used in the same sentence as his name on more than one occasion, and there are more than three people who would like to choke him.

I think we finally got going around 9 AM, and by about 11:45 AM we were shut down. I fueled up, and went back to camp,  had a quesadilla, some bratwurst and kraut, and a blue raspberry slushie. I had one the first day we got here, and I was hooked. Those things are fucking delicious. I have perfected my pour on the machine, so that I get very little ice, and a ton of juice. I call it juice to make my mind believe that I’m not murdering my body at a slow rate of speed; sometimes I think I can trick it. I texted Chin to see where he was, but no answer. I called Aaron to laugh about getting shut down, and he was getting the boys some lunch, so he was busy. I saw the consultant, and asked him when we should go back out, and he said noon tomorrow. Wow, that’s a lot of time to myself, and that isn’t always a good thing. I went to tell Chin the news, but he was gone. Oh no, where has my partner in crime run off to? I texted again, and found out he had to work  at another site, just with box(dump) trucks, and there was no room for my Omaha.

I tried to nap, but ended up watching a few Breaking Bad episodes, and a little porn that I found on the computer’s hard drive. I played around with my other blog (You didn’t expect it to be a blog I was playing with, did ya?), and got Twitter and a Facebook page made for it. I then tried to get Alice’s post for Monday all tweaked up, but was having troubles with the format. I talked to my beautiful fiance a few times over the course of the day, but she’s not feeling 100%, or even 50% for that matter, so we didn’t spend too much time on the phone. She’s got the AIDS or a cold, or something along those lines, so if you could leave a get well comment for her, either here or the Facebook page, it would be greatly appreciated.

Mmmmmmmm, biftek


I texted Chin a little after five, to see when he would be done, and he wasn’t too sure, so I ate without him. Jesus, I love steak night. It’s almost insane how much I look forward to Saturday night in camp. Maybe because it’s also “musical rooms” night, and there’s nothing better than a gamble when it comes to sex. Hey, I’ve got a 1:20 shot of getting laid by a chick, and that’s way better than the 0% I used to have. I didn’t get lucky tonight, but Steve sure did. I just hope that I can walk tomorrow by noon. I had mine medium-rare, smothered in onions and mushrooms, and a blue slushie.

I’m now going to show you the 307 steps to get to 7-11 corner. Enjoy, because it is quite a wonderful thing.

J dorm hallway

The Get Smart theme should be playing in your head










Behold it's glorious aura

They were having a meeting, so I got a pic of the salad bar














Well, there you have my day. Luckily you can’t smell Chin through the blog. He’s ripe, and I believe he’s also had a couple of organs die inside of him. I like the guy and everything, but I’m getting tired of the Dutch ovens. Enough already Chin, it’s not funny anymore. Okay, maybe it’s a little funny.

Well you wake up in the morning, hear the ding dong ring, you go a-marching to the table, see the same damn thing,


4 thoughts on “Chinny Chinny Bang Bang (caution – the C word is used)

  1. Amazing how most camps look alike. I’m sorry you had to spend so much time alone. Think of it as a growth time. As in “How do I amuse myself”. You seem to be learing very well my young Pada-wan.

    Thank you again for my “birdman” fix.

    • Yeah, they may look the same, but they sure aren’t run the same. This is a brand new 8 million dollar camp, and I’d rather be in Keypile.

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