Jun 17

Glory Days


That song was playing in my head when I ran into a guy I used to know, the other day. He was showing me some of his antiques and I mentioned that my stepdad would have loved his basement, because he used to love all kinds of old tractor, auto, oil, and farm memorabilia.

He asked who my stepdad was, so I told him.

“Holy shit. I used to go watch him pitch for the Cold Springs Cats. He was a great ball player.”

“Yeah, he sure was. One of the best I’ve ever seen, but I only ever watched around here. Everyone tells me he was one of the best pitchers in the area. He said you and your brothers were good ball players too.”

“Yeah? We did play a lot of ball. Hey, you have to come and check out my sports room.”

I followed along and was just dumbfounded by what I saw.

There was an entire room dedicated to his hockey and baseball careers.

Jerseys, write ups, photos, sticks, you name it. It was pretty awesome.

He went through a brief history of all the teams, teammates, and leagues that he played in. As we would get to the next item, he would touch it and get a bit wistful.

These were his glory days.

Some people might have seen this as arrogance, but all I could see in his face was pride and love.

Love for something he had given up.

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Jun 09

My Very First Anniversary – A Year In Review

This is a loving post to my darling wife. If you ain’t into that; take a hike. If you are; read on.

Today is our anniversary, and I was lucky enough to get Breasts McGee Photography to take some photos of me with the different ranges of emotion that I have felt since we were wed on that glorious June night, one year ago today.

First off, I will show you how I’ve generally felt with you by my side.

I think I got my mother's eyes.

I think I got my mother’s eyes.

Except for when I was depressed. I felt like that on the inside, but probably looked like this.

I'm guessing at this. I don't think I looked in a mirror for ten months.

I’m guessing at this. I don’t think I looked in a mirror for ten months.

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May 09

Some Things Make The Day Worthwhile


Saturday was a long day for me. I started at the crack of dawn and worked until late at night. Things kept going wrong, but everything was pretty great, considering.

I had to start early to get to a farm north of Napanee at a decent time. Things are really busy for us right now, so we are doing what we can to get everyone there fertilizer on time.

As soon as I got out of the truck at the farm, I was swarmed by black flies, but they weren’t really biting yet. This is good. I don’t mind them crawling around in my hair, as long as they aren’t chewing anything. I was greeted by an older guy and his son. I would estimate the son’s age at about 30-35, but I’ve been known to suck at guessing age before.

I was having some pretty good conversations with the dad about hunting, farming in the Canadian Shield, hunting, and the price of old cedar swamps, while we were putting the tote bags on the tines of the tractor loader, when I saw a car pull up with what I assumed was his wife in it.

“You’ve got company.” I said

“That’s the boss. Look busy.” He replied.

As she got out of the car, I noticed that she had a tiny little guest in there with her. Out of the car scrambled a little boy of about five years old. They stood on the far side, staying away from the tractor with a huge bag dangling from it’s forks. When we got half a ton loaded in it, he dropped the bucket and headed over to set it on a skid. That’s when they made their move.

As the little fella was getting hoisted into the cab by his dad, I noticed the little seat that looked like it was custom made for a tiny rider.

“Look at that.” I stated to the grandpa. “That’s every little boy’s dream, and he gets to do that whenever he wants.”

“He’d stay in there all day if you’d let him. His dad was the same way. I used to babysit him when he was a little boy, and he would spend the whole day in the fields with me. Just loves it.” Continue reading

Apr 17

Koala Kid Giveaway – Yes, Two Copies For Free


Well, this worked out in my favour. I was going to not write a post for tomorrow, because I’m bed-ridden with flu like symptoms and an overdose of Calmylin. As I was crying, because I would be letting down so many adoring fans, an email came in from the absolutely lovely Mandy over at Think Jam. She has offered up a couple of DVD’s for a giveaway, and I gladly accepted. I guess we’ll just do it the regular way. Put in a comment, and on Friday morning we’ll do a draw on the Facebook page.

Okay, now read and comment. Or don’t. I guess my nephews and nieces would use them if you don’t want to.

Top Australian Animated Characters

To celebrate the release of Koala Kid on DVD April 30 featuring Johnny, we’re going down-under to explore the exciting world of Aussie animation. Our research has led us to a crowd of friendly critters, both old and new. We’ve listed best of the bunch below!

The Tasmanian Devil

Often referred to as ‘Taz’, the character is the youngest of the cartoon characters from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes series. He is a ferocious yet dim creature with an extremely short temper and boundless appetite. Distinguishing features include communicating mainly through grunts, growls and blowing raspberries. He also has the impressive ability to spin like a vortex when on the chase for a tasty morsel (Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck). Continue reading

Apr 12

Another Year With You

This our first public appearance photo. Remember how you loved those glasses?

This our first public appearance photo. Remember how you loved those glasses?

Yes, it’s true, we’re still together after almost a year of marriage. They say that the honeymoon will end, but I don’t think it’s true. At least not for another year.

We still have to make the sequel to this masterpiece.

Your laughter in this brings me so much joy. We still play like that, but we never think to record it. Sometimes I think we should have a crew following us around on a daily basis. Maybe if I get working soon. 😉 Continue reading