Jan 16

You say it’s your Birthday…

It’s your BIG DAY, Birdman!

 Dear True Love,

If all goes well, I will have pulled off a pretty epic sneak attack on you.   I’m sorry I have been lying (a bit) and sneaking around (a lot) to make this work, but I knew that the end justified the means.

Today is your 40th birthday, and you are 4000 km away from me, with no birthday celebration plans on the horizon.  I don’t believe anyone should let such a milestone go by without the proper amount of public adoration and slight humiliation, so here is my gift to you, baby.

A while back I hatched a plan to create some birthday shenanigans for you.  You have been the subject of a stealth Facebook group, and we have tested the limits of technology to make this happen.  Our friends were in on the plan, and with their help, have created a living birthday card to let you know that we are with you in spirit on your big day, even though you are very far away from us.  It is a gift from the heart, and a labour of love.  It took a village to bring it together, and let me tell you, we have the greatest village I have ever known.  I can’t imagine having a greater group of people to conspire with, and it has been so much fun plotting together.  It’s pretty long, and I know it, so if you are not the Birdman, and you would rather sit this one out, I grant you a free pass.

While working on this, I became even more aware of how much people love you.  I understand and completely agree with them.   You are the best man I have ever known, and the depth of your kindness and compassion knows no limit.  (Neither does the depth of your perverted mind and your dark, twisted sense of humour, both of which I also adore).  I miss you more than you know, and I am counting down the days until you return and we escape on our tropical adventure!

So here it is, rough and a bit unpolished, but full of love and hopes for you to have a very, very happy 40th birthday.  So glad we are both in the same decade now.  🙂

All my love,

Mrs. Birdman



( or click HERE to view)

EDITED to add the US viewing link for poor Kari and Seth!  🙂 Check it out HERE

PS.  There was one other video that came in, looking so polished and slick, that it deserved its own moment in the spotlight.  Without further delay, here is a special greeting from our dearest, angriest french friend.  A brief warning though:  If you are a person of delicate sensibilities, then you should not view this video.  It’s chock full of expletives and offensive language.  I’m totally serious.  You will be offended.  However, if you’ve gotten this far in our blog, and you haven’t left yet, it will probably be okay for you to go ahead and view the following piece of cinematic wonder.

Special thanks to Jean-Sebastien for this fabulous nugget…I do hope you will consider doing our wedding video in your avant-garde style!  🙂


(Or click HERE to view)

This one came in late, but I wanted to get it up here too. Thanks, Brad.

Dec 30

Sooooo, I met one of our loyal readers for a coffee

Well, we didn’t actually have a coffee, but that was the original plan. Unfortunately the Village Cafe in Grafton, wasn’t open, because of renovations. When Scotty told me he lived close by, I figured we could meet there; Joey, Mrs. Birdman and I love their breakfast, and I think Tim Hortons has enough of the public’s money, so why not give it to a hardworking family? When Scotty stepped out of the car, I was glad I hadn’t come looking for him the day I jokingly said I was going to punch him in the lips. I probably couldn’t reach his lips, unless I had a step stool and a longer arm; that guy is fucking monolithic. When I suggested we then head to Colborne, he told me he had found out his mother was getting out of the hospital, so he had to head to the city and pick her up. He promised that we’d get together though, so all is well with that. I guess they found that she has an infection, and are going to keep her a little longer, to make sure she gets rid of it, so we’re hoping she gets home soon. Although we aren’t hypocritical enough to pray, we are sending many positive vibes her way, and wishing her the speediest of recoveries.

Now for something we haven’t tried before.

The Mrs and I have been tossing around the idea of introducing our cocoon via video-blog.  The cocoon is a sacred place of fun and love, and one of our most favorite places in the world.  It seemed only natural that it would make an appearance on the blog eventually.  We aren’t sure how this is going to fly, but we thought we would let ‘er rip, and sort things out after the dust settles.  Without further adieu, I give to you, Dear Reader, our first

Cocoon-Cast #1

If you’re after getting the honey – hey

Then you don’t go killing all the bees,


P.S. It’s true that I left a warm bed with a naked woman in it to have coffee with a dude, but let’s be fair it was after 9 and I was a little dehydrated.