Feb 12

Today’s somewhat random thoughts….from Brad

Here’s a blog post I made back on October 19, 2009
I made it after I had lost my business in 2008 due to corporate banking greed and the resulting ‘ credit crash ‘.
Since then, it has been a struggle some days to make sense of it all, but I am now AWAKE to the shit that BIG MONEY has put us into and we’re just at the tip of a larger shitstorm unless we all start waking each  other up and fight back. Fight back you say? How do I do that?

Simple. Look at what you need vs what you want when you spend your money.
Use cash and not credit. Credit is a way of the banks controlling us ( more on that in another post ).
Buy locally to support your local economy, not the world economy.

The more you do simple things like this, the more control you take away from the BIG MONEY BEAST.

I could rant all day and maybe Birdman will give another guest shot at telling all you how you can help create a better life for yourself and  others.

I am as passionate as Charlie Sheen – just not as friggin’ high.

So here is my post below from October 19, 2009 and thanks for giving me some of your time.


Today’s thoughts….

Basically we are all moving too fast in our lives these days.

Working longer hours for less pay and even lesser appreciation for our efforts and sacrifices.

Banks and Government have been screwing us all for years.

It’s time to fight back by slowing down.

Start doing things with your friends and family again.
Plant a vegetable garden, read a book, play a board game or just sit around and talk.
Talk to your loved ones.
Ask your elders about how they lived without the internet and all this technology that was created to make life easier..

I know I have a better appreciation for my Grandparents generation.
They went through World Wars.
They went through Depression Eras.
They grew gardens.
They preserved, pickled and jarred foods.
They had less plastic in their homes.
They recycled for a common good.

It’s time we step back and look at what’s important and not just ‘ What the Joneses are doing ‘.

Does your kid really need ‘ play dates ‘ and ‘ a schedule ‘. Gimme a break. Let your kids just play!

The mandatory two income family created by Baby Boomers has caused more harm to the everyday family than good.

Hardship is everywhere and it needs to stop.
Slow it down.
If enough of us tell the upper 1% to piss off and not pay our bills, what would happen?

Time to take it back.