Bring On The Fall

I’m serious. I know that Mrs. B and I don’t share passion for the same seasons, but we are passionate in many other ways (I mean sexually and in the ways of steak), so it doesn’t really matter about all of that getting colder/warmer bullshit.

She loves the summer and the heat. I sweat like a rapist in a Walmart parking lot when it hits 26C/80F. Yes, I said that as a joke, and also as a dig at Walmart for not taking the proper security measures when it comes to the safety of it’s patrons.

I, on the other hand, enjoy a more temperate clime than the Caribbean, so autumn or spring are ideal for myself. I wish it weren’t so, but it is, and we just have to deal with it.

Another thing we had to deal with is the last long weekend of the summer.

We lucked out, and Mrs. Birdman only had to work until early afternoon on the Saturday, so Mr. Brady and I took off early to get a start on the weekend. We got to the camp at about 10 or 11 in the morning, and I suppose we started drinking as soon as we pulled the cooler out of the truck. Blue took off for a hunt as soon as he heard the beers being opened, because he knows he’s going to start getting blamed for things like shitting on the floor of the outhouse or pissing in the barbeque.

After we got some things set up, we went scouting around in the woods for an adventure. We didn’t find it, but we did manage to shred our legs up pretty good on the raspberry canes that were littering all of the trails we were blazing.

When our womenfolk finally showed up, we played around with getting the generator running, and after several failed attempts, we Googled that shit. Within five minutes we were up and running, and with a joint effort between Mr. Brady and Mrs. B, we were feasting on steak, fresh veggies and baked potatoes. There was also a side of fried mushrooms and onions, and they were awesome. Portobellos and white mixed in together give it that little extra to push an already good thing into greatness. We drank until quite late at night, and it was odd, but I went to bed with a pounding hangover headache. I guess maybe I was dehydrated, but I thought that the few margaritas that I had would have replenished my missing electrolytes that the beer had leeched from my system.

The photography started the next day, so I guess we’ll get to that part of the story.

This is where we went to freshen up and enjoy some sunshine. I obviously am showing Mr. Brady what the treetops are like up north.

This was what I got for catching a fish. I shouldn’t have dumped all of the bait out, now there’s no chance of woodland sex.

After our fun time at the lake, we headed for Stanley and Beaner’s camp to hang with the gang there. It’s only about thirty minutes away from us, so it was kind of a no brainer. We packed the cooler full of liquids and off we went.

It was kind of like the scene from Ghost, but without the messy clay, and way more sexiness.

He gets like this if I don’t spoon him enough. He’s insatiable.

You might recognize this guy from such blog posts as The Fishing Hole – Part 2

He doesn’t even remember how to be with a woman when he’s near me.

He finally gives up trying.

Meet Otis, or as we like to call him: Whiskey Otis. Otis is married to Sugar Bush, and she is very proud of him when he’s at the camp.

Cleave tries to put one (or two) over on Otis, but he has the ability to sense when there are tits close by. Nice try Cleave.

Juice likes to embarrass himself with Maple Leafs paraphernalia.

Fuck he’s a handsome boy.

Juice and Princess Beaner. Nothing but sexy, right there.

Gadget, Penny, and Sugar Bush. Gadget is elated that they will talk to each other so that we can sneak away for some alone time. I want to be Jack Twist this time.

We headed over to a private lake, and that was what set my beautiful bride’s mind working to figure out how we can one day get some lakefront property and have a place to do this stuff ourselves. This place was amazing. One family owns the whole lake, except for one lot. It’s not a huge lake or anything, but it’s more than you would ever need. We were in heaven (or our version of it, anyhow), and are very thankful that our gracious hosts allowed us to enjoy their little piece of paradise with them.

Here’s Juice’s signature move, “The Nutcracker Suite”.

This is now referred to as “The Spawn Dive”

Mr. Brady, in his infamous “Shallow Muff Dive”. Mrs. Brady’s face lights up every time he announces it.

These rarely end well.

“All the single ladies, all the single ladies”… They wish.

He’s our handsome, mountain climbing, good running, hunting boy.

This is me being proud of my boy, and thoroughly loving my life.

I’m sure that you are by now realizing that we don’t do one piece photo blogs, so come on back tomorrow for part two. I’m sure it will be worth it.

It don’t matter if we sit forever and the fish don’t bite,


13 thoughts on “Bring On The Fall

  1. Dude. It looks like you had a KILLER final summer weekend. I played video games all weekend. Sigh.

    I agree with you on the seasons. Summer is not my bag. Bring on Autumn.

    Oh… and as for being passionate “sexually and in the ways of steak” – aren’t they the same?

    The Girlfriend likes it “raw”, while I prefer it a little more well done.

    Great pictures dude. I wanna go on vacation with you sometime (in a non-gay way).

    • Thanks man, and I can’t wait to vacation with you. I should let you know that there is no non-gay way to party with me, unless you are a lady. Keep that in mind if you pass out early.

    • You’ll have to come up sometime, JSim. Then you can either be in them, or put your artistic flair on them. Oh yeah, I’m wearing your Lulu Lemon clothes. They’re really tight.

  2. It looks like you guys had an awesome time! This is how my summer ended:
    -Worked Sat at my new part time job until 1. Picked up my girlfriend and drove her to McDonalds to get her junk food fix. Drove to Toronto, parked my car there and then drove with my friends to London for a birthday party. Got drunk; watched my girlfriend get hit on all night by a clueless guy who thought we were just very affectionate friends (idiot); went to bed at 4 am.
    -Sunday we went for brunch in London, walked around town for a bit and drove back to Toronto to get my car. We got home in the evening and had a quick shower to go out for dinner with my friend The Bee.
    -Monday watched Sons of Anarchy all day in my PJs. The end.

    • That sounds like a fun weekend too. I’d be hitting on both of you foxy lesbos if I didn’t already have my soulmate with me. Rawrrrrr, now I’m a tiger.

  3. I will add my request to go to the camp/camping with you guys as well. I will be back in 2014.

    And Irania, yeah, that sucks when the straight guy has no clue. Or they do get a clue and make crude jokes about watching all night.

    I hung out with family and watched football all weekend. For me, that was perfect!

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  5. What an awesome weekend, many thanks to the B’s for inviting us up to their chalet in the woods. Nothing better then beers, friends and yes my favourite sport, shallow muff diving. Nothing like muff diving out in nature and getting your face a little wet.
    As for the other cottages we visited, words can’t describe it, from back in the middle of nowhere to the most beautiful lake in Ontario. Can’t wait to go back, thanks guys.

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