Bring On The Fall – Part 2

Yeah, we had too many photos to do just one post, so here’s the rest of them. If you don’t know the story you should check out . It’s the first post in the series, and should provide some semblance of a story.

When we left off, we were at a beautiful private lake, but now we’re back at Stanley and Beaner’s camp again. It was time to party.

This is actually from WWJBD, but it was on the card, so it goes in anyhow. Happy birthday, Princess.

This one is from  the night before, but because we all love Diesel, I put it in.

Mr. and Mrs. Brady, back at the shack. Can you tell she was hitting the hard stuff? No, I don’t mean Mr. Brady.

Cleave looking luminescent and happy. An alternate term would be “pleasantly pickled”.

I know there’s a reason for this, but I can’t for the life of me figure what it would be. Caption that photo for a chance to win some street cred.

Fuck off, it’s not from another night. They just ran in and changed quickly. What a good looking couple though, hey?

??? The light must have been more than she could bear. It was reflecting off of her fancy stemware.

Oh, Otis. What have you done to get them smiling like that?Must be the shirt.

The power of Christ compels you!

Sometimes you catch these two smiling. Sometimes they have been drinking.

Guess whose cleavage

It’s a new fetish that no one knows about yet. It’s called Cleavage Fingering. I’m actually writing an erotic novel on the subject as we speak.

Most will probably never understand it, but I suppose that’s the whole thing with fetishes.

That makes a little more sense. There’s an extra fifty if you guess the tongue.


Don’t mind the hairs.

I just want to touch them. Oh wait, I probably have.

Why me? Some guys go to spring break, and I’m in the bush looking at a dude’s ass cleavage.

Oh good. We’re back to the boobies. I feel like I could nap on these.

Sugar Bush and my baby. I think they are starting to get fuzzy.

How can you not love a guy with that t-shirt? Who rocks the party? Fucking Otis rocks the party.

Cool, they seem to like each other. It’s good because they are the tallest people in the world.

PHOTO BOMBER. She just couldn’t let the garlic-stuffed olives have their day. Oh well, hater gonna hate.

Sometimes she touches my bum.

We didn’t stay all night there, but we could have. We had to get back to our camp, because we had shut the gate, but still had everything laying around. By the time we got back, we had devoured a box of crackers, a kielbossa, and a block of cheese. That was just an appetizer for spaghetti, steak, and any leftovers we could find.

Here’s a pic of when we got back to the cabin.

Mr. Brady snapped this one. It took him a few tries and lots of yelling, but he finally got it.

We got up in the morning, ate breakfast, said goodbye to our friends, and then I cut down a dead tree while Mrs. B cleaned and packed our shit up. We stopped at our swimming hole on the way out so that I could rinse some of the filth off of me, and it also gave us a moment to wave goodbye to summer.


Out behind me is the rock that we were jumping off of the day before.

I love having the freedom to just stop at a nice, clean lake and jump in whenever you are hot and sweaty, or just want to have a swim. Sure you might have to move to the side when someone launches their boat, but generally it’s a pretty carefree thing to do. That’s one of the things I love about summer, and one of the things I miss every fall.

What’s one thing that you love about a season?

Summertime, and the living’s easy, Bradley’s on the microphone with Ross and G,


7 thoughts on “Bring On The Fall – Part 2

  1. Man ass cleavage? Not so much. Boobie cleavage? YUMMY!!

    The tongue belongs to Mrs.Brady.

    And how can I get involved with cleavage fingering? Sounds very naughty!!

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