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First of all… GET AN IDENTITY. I’d like to say that writing has helped me immensely. I have learned to deal with my emotions, instead of tamping them down; I’ve also learned a lot about grammar and punctuation. I know from talking to a lot of you, that you have some interesting stories, and you also have some funny stories (dogs eating shit comes to mind). I know that some of you are embarrassed to write these stories for whatever reason, and I understand, so here’s a cool thing you can do that will also add mystery to your life. Create a pseudonym (pen name) for yourself. Make it something that no one would guess, and then create an email account for that persona. It’s very easy to make another email address, but I’m not sure of the easiest way. I just go to and make a gmail account, but it’s just a preference thing. I would prefer it if you posted as yourself, of course, because I consider all of you friends, but I do know about stage fright and whatnot.

Second of all… WRITE. It’s really not that hard, once you get started. We will help you with your post as much as we can, and we also have access to real english teachers and shit for editing, if we need it. You can write about whatever you want, and we promise not to publish it, until you are satisfied. I think about how you all know me a little better than I know you, and I think that puts me at a disadvantage, so I want to hear about your life. What are your dreams, fears, trials and tribulations? What scares the bejeezus out of you, and what empowers you, and gets your ass out of bed in the morning. Do you want to hug your kids until their spine cracks, (not recommended) or do you just want to have kids? How’s your relationship? Would you like to hear someone say that they love you, but they never do? These are all things that we want to hear about, because we have all been there at some point. Maybe you have a real problem, and you would like to get other peoples view points on it. We welcome all submissions, and also any suggestions. You never know, you may want to start your own blog if you like it.

Third thing… SEND IT IN. The best way for us is if you copy and paste it into the email body, and send it in that way. It just makes it easy to copy it to the post box from there. The email address is

birdman at changethetopic dot com

Thanks for reading our meager blog, and keep on loving each other,

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3 thoughts on “Become a guest blogger (it’s easy and fun)

  1. Hey Birdman: I am incredibly sorry to hear of Paul’s passing. From all of the comments, it is obvious that he was an amazing man. We have had our own share of the pain of loss through this rotten disease, and you are so right that those memories you post are so very important. When my own dad was dying of pancreatic cancer, I was pretty down and out about what a shit life he had. Lost both legs in a haying accident at the young age of 22, but went on to make a good life for himself and his family, although it grew more and more difficult for him as he aged. In my mind, he didn’t have a very good life.
    One day a colleague asked me if he lived a good life. I said I though he lived a good one, but wasn’t sure that he had a good one. My friend asked if there were stories. On the spot, I could think of many (most of which were funny). We decided then and there that if there were stories, then he had a good life. I bet your Paul made a lot of stories and memories.

    I have been on both sides of this Cancer Monster, and I can tell you without question, that having Cancer and loving someone with Cancer are incredibly different, and I know for a fact,. that it is harder on those loving someone with cancer than it is for the one having it. It’s the sense of helplessness that is the worst. Those of us with it. have other choices. Don’t get me wrong, it is a devastating diagnosis to receive, but it is an amazing sense of calm that comes after the storm., and you accept and move on, and live every day with a new sense of urgency to be the best you can be and to pack in as much as you can. With the love of your mother ( whom everyone describes as nothing short of amazing), I am guessint that your Paul left this world with a deep sense of love and peace.
    “What the heart has known, it shall never forget”. Take Care, and we are so grateful to have met you and Mrs. Birdman in Puerto Plata
    Dominican Shirl

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