Aw Jesus, Who Invited God To The Party?


Is it just a given that he’s welcome at all events? I know I’ve never told him about any party or function that I’ve ever gone to. Did you?

I know someone did, because we were at a civic awards ceremony on the weekend, and before the dinner, we were asked to bow our heads in prayer and thanks.

I, of course, did not.

Instead, I looked around the room to see if there was anyone else that either didn’t believe, or didn’t just try to conform with the crowd for fear of being labelled a heretic. There weren’t many.

I have to think that there had to be more than four percent of that room that didn’t believe in God, and if that is indeed so, then why not just sit like you normally would? Why would people want to just fit in if they don’t believe in something? That’s scary.

You know what’s scarier to me? That all of those people might believe that God really is the creator of the universe, just like the MC/Pastor said he was.

Something else that really bothered me is that after dinner there was a high school singing choir thing that did 3 songs. Two of them were about God.

It’s not a Christian high school. Or is it?

Maybe it’s just a strictly Christian town and they teach religious songs in school, because everyone there is a Christian. That could be why they say prayer at an awards ceremony, and have a minister MC the event. I mean, they must be all Christian, and I, along with the three others, were just visiting from out of town, so that’s why we seemed out of place.

But that’s not the case. I know a few people from Brighton that are non-Christian. One is Pagan, and the other’s are no religion that I know of. Our Pagan friend is one of the neatest people I’ve never met, but I’m going to hunt her down one of these days. I thought that maybe she wouldn’t want me telling you about her witchy ways, or about the tiny folk that inhabit her part of the globe, but I’m going to anyhow. I suppose that they frequent everyone’s domain, but she’s just lucky enough to have some evidence of them at her place.

One of the neat things on her blog at

One of the neat things on her blog at

Seriously. I just love telling people about the super cool things that she createsfinds up there on the hill. I’ve never seen anyone with that active of an imagination that has the talent to bring their ideas to life. Her name is Nichola, and she is blowing people’s minds at Pixie Hill Studios. Go check her out, and start your winter holiday shopping early. I guarantee that you’ll find some one of a kind treasures there that will brighten up someone’s day. Even just sharing her blog with a friend who loves those types of things would be pretty damn nice of you. It’s free, and they still get to see all kinds of magic from a distance.

One of my favourites from her Etsy shop.

One of my favourites from her Etsy shop.

Anyways, I got a bit rambly there. What I was getting at was that there are a few folks in Brighton that don’t believe in everything that the church has to say, so why is it okay for a man of the cloth to force a prayer onto people at an awards banquet for people in the community? It’s not like he was in church, where people go to hear prayers and songs about the lord. This was a community event.

I understand why they got the guy to be the Master of Ceremonies, because he’s a very good public speaker, but come on. Doesn’t he have to be? I’m sure he could go an evening without bringing God to the show and he’d still have plenty to talk about.

Maybe I’m just being pissy, because it’s Sunday and I’m a little bit mad at the Catholic Church still, but I just don’t think it’s right that people should bring their religion to a banquet for anyone in the community. Nowhere on the ticket did it say “Join us for an evening of fun, friends, awards, and the Christian Lord Almighty, creator of the universe”. It just didn’t say it, because it’s not a church, and why would you expect it?

That would be like someone hiring me to announce something for a function, and then I start spouting off about how we are now going to bow our heads to Demeter for the food we are about to eat, and to Aphrodite for the orgy we will have later. There would be some offended and pissed off people in that room.

(* A sex club would probably be the only group that would hire me.)

Anyhow, I’m curious to see how many of you bow your heads when someone is saying a prayer, just so that you aren’t different from everyone else. If you could leave a comment on here to let me know, I would really appreciate it. You can put a fake name and email in so that we won’t know who you are, if you’re still in the closet.

Dancing a spiral we sing unaware, on faery night wings our songs fill the air,


All sorts of awesome

All sorts of awesome

P.S. Nichola puts on an exhibit called The Pixie Project each year and it tours around to different places. You can help her out with it by donating to her Indiegogo site. It’s a great cause, and she’s really not asking for much.

18 thoughts on “Aw Jesus, Who Invited God To The Party?

  1. I have to agree. There was an awful lot of prayer for a secular, non-religious event.

    A community event shouldn’t provide a forum for the expression of religious beliefs unless the entire audience has expressly agreed to participate.

  2. Ha, I do the exact same thing at company functions where they want to pray. I scan the room for anyone else not participating, lock eyes with them and give them the knowing ‘sup head nod to let them know they are not alone in their dis-belief.

  3. Pretty much everyone knows I’m a heathen. Except my dad. And my aunt who’s a nun. FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T TELL THEM. I grew up in a small town in Minnesota where we all went to something called “Baccalaureate”, in the high school gym, the night before graduation. It was basically a church service blessing the graduates at which a bunch of Lutheran ministers in town preached. They probably still do it.

  4. I agree 100 %. And hey I am from Brighton. I have been known to receive an elbow to the ribs by a dinner companion because I don’t bow my head during grace.

  5. I am with Kathy on this. And I work for a company that is heavy on the religious folk in the main store.

    We had a staff thing in Feb. and I just sat there, fondling my girlfriend during the prayer.

    Well. Maybe not fondling but there was a bit of rubbing going on.

    My promise to mall friends and family right now, if I ever decided to have a commitment ceremony( I don’t believe in marriage. For me anyways.), there will be no God Damn praying before we eat and party on.

    I am sure I am a huge disappointment to “God” so why invite him to my party?

    • Yeah, I really don’t care if others want to pray. They can go ahead. I worked with Mennonites in the bush, and they dropped everything before they ate, just so they could thank God for their blessings. The difference is that they just quietly bowed their heads and prayed. They didn’t tell anyone else that they had to pray with them. They aren’t so ignorant to think that everyone should believe and do what they do.
      That’s why we didn’t have a Christian ceremony. We did steal the handfasting from the Pagans, however, and only because we thought it was cool and it made sense to us.

  6. When I am somewhere where they are saying grace or a prayer, I will bow my head for respect of others’ beliefs. I will NOT, however, say “amen,” which means “I agree” (or something to that effect) in Hebrew.

    Do I think it’s right to force worship in a secular situation? No. But I try VERY HARD to respect other people’s beliefs, whether or not I share them, and whether or not mine are met with the same tolerance.

    I hold myself to this standard –

    “Treat the other man’s faith gently; it is all he has to believe with. His mind was created for his own thoughts, not yours or mine.”
    -Henry S. Haskins

    It is my most sincere hope that some day, everyone will embrace this philosophy, but I’ll not change MINE, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.

    • Yeah, I’m tolerant when I find myself in the midst, but barely. I don’t bow my head, because that isn’t my belief and I don’t just do things because some person tells me to. I respect their beliefs insofar as I don’t stand up and say “This is against my beliefs, and I refuse to be party to this bullshit any longer.”, but I do feel like saying it. It’s one thing to say grace or a prayer, but another thing to tell others to do the same.

  7. I don’t tend to do the bowing head thing unless I’m at my mom’s because she would probably get on her direct line to God and call down an air strike on me. She took me and my sis to lunch this past weekend, some public BBQ place which was really yummy, and I stuffed a roll in my pie-hole before she glared at me to take her hand for “grace”. So there I am trying not to choke on bread while my mom is praying for God to bless the hands that prepared the food that is killing me. My sis had one hand, my mom had the other, so I couldn’t even surreptitiously take a quick drink to wash it down. God wanted me to die; it’s only due to my excellent gacking skills that I managed to dry swallow that shit. Henceforth he is uninvited to ALL gatherings at which I appear.

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