And now…the rest of the story

We left off yesterday with our heroic twosome having to wash one last D8R, before heading home for the night. As they were running out of water, they started to grin wildly. Could it be that we would be done early? Oh the joy of it, we may be back in time to see the comedy show at The Lido. Yahoo, we ran out of water, we are free of our shackles at last. Now to pack everything up, and head for town.

Yeah, I know all of the high on ice jokes now. Leave it alone

We got back to the Northwoods, quite disheveled because of the hard days work we had put in, and the great fire extinguisher incident of  ’12. Before we get to that, I should tell you about the water stand. You know how sometimes you look at something that you have to do, and you just know that you have an easy, time-saving solution? That happened at the water stand, when we were filling up the steamer tanks. We had the tanks as full as we could get them, and I had shut the valve, but there’s always a pipe and a hose full of water. The times before, I had opened the camlocks from the front and the hose popped off, spraying me a little. This time I had figured it out; I’d open it from the side, and stand back. I flipped them partly open, and said to Chin, “I know what to do!” I then gave the ear a kick, and stood there on the ice, waiting for the gush of water to start. It didn’t. Instead, it sprayed out the sides and thoroughly soaked both of my pant legs and a shoe. I looked up and Chin was having quite a snicker at my expense.

Hope we're not to late to watch that burn

We then went to the shop, and cleaned out the steamer. Our work parkas were splattered with grease and other assorted filth, so we decided to pressure wash them off before taking them to the laundromat. I hung mine on the fire extinguisher and cleaned it up all nice like, then Chin took it off and put his on there. As I was spraying it off, Chin said “Whoa”, and pointed down. I was trying to figure out where the soapy foam was coming from, and then I thought ‘what the smell is that?’ (Fuck, I’m clever. Did you see how I combined smell and hell? Pretty good, don’t ya think? I totally shortened that sentence, only to write four more sentences, explaining myself.) Anyhow, we set the fire extinguisher off in his inside pocket, and we fire-proofed his left foot. After opening all the doors to let the cloud of bitter tasting dust blow out, we squeegeed up the piles of powder on the floor, and called the boss. Well, someone needs to get that extinguisher charged, and get a new pin for it. I don’t know where the old one went, but it sure wasn’t there.

I said to make her hair look pretty

So we’re in the hotel, covered in grease and grime, and getting into the shower. I had called ahead to The Lido when we were on our way back, to get tickets to Laugh Your Ice Off. It coincides with the High on Ice Festival, and they always get top notch comedians in there. I’ve actually seen quite a few shows of all types there, and I’ve yet to have a bad experience. I’ve also spoken with five performers that have played that venue, and they all love playing there. Brian, Byron, and staff have done a beautiful job of fixing the old cinema up. I remember when I first came to Fort St. John, and the Lido was the only movie theatre in town. I went and saw the Fellowship Of The Ring on my birthday, and gave a homeless guy my last four dollars. I was broke, and it wasn’t going to do me any good. I only had to go one more day, and I was getting some money for four night shifts hauling clay to pad a lease. The movie was amazing, and worth not eating supper that night, but all in all, my birthday was pretty depressing. That was eleven years ago tomorrow (Monday), and one of the darkest periods of my life. I guess I just didn’t know it at the time.

-28C with the windchill, and Chin needs to rest on the couch

Click on the logo for their website.

And now for something a little more upbeat. Chin and I went to the show, and it was hilarious. Chindaddy wasn’t drinking, so I think I out chortled him, but he said he was laughing on the inside. The opener was pretty good, but Kerry Unger, who was the headliner, kept ’em coming, until I couldn’t breathe, a few times. That was a great show, and although it sometimes got a little much with the mouthy, drunk bitch from Nova Scotia heckling away behind us, it never took away from how funny it was. There’s something about that little theatre that always makes me happy. I think it’s because of all the hard work that went into transforming it from a shutdown old cinema, to a 200 seat multi tiered showplace, that doesn’t have a bad seat. They have built it up in levels, and instead of row seating, there are booths and tables, for a more intimate night out. The acoustics are great, and the staff are top notch. I don’t know how many of you are from FSJ that read this blog, but if you haven’t been to a show at The Lido, get your ass in gear, and get down there; there is something for everyone.


I couldn’t find much on Youtube for Kerry Unger, but here’s one of his songs set to some really bizarre video footage. I don’t understand it, but just shut your eyes, and it will be okay.

I tested positive for loving you,


P.S. Remember when I said this was going to be an epic story? I lied. I totally said that to make you come back and support us. Seriously though, tomorrow is going to be a really good one, so I suggest that you tune in for it. I promise you will leave here with a different perspective, or your money back

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  1. Hello. It’s your Mama calling. I will call you tomorrow, but have a very happy birthday even though your fiance and sweet little family won’t be there. Have some fun with your friends and remember I had you when I was 10 and you are 30. I LOVE YOU. HAVE A GREAT B’DAY. I will call tomorrow.

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