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(Birdman’s note: I read this entry on a friends Facebook status and asked if I could put it up as a guest blog post. It hit home with me, andĀ  I found it to be very well written, as I find all of her posts, and I hope she will grace our pages again)

With regards to the peaceful protests, demonstrations, rallies and occupations taking place globally, the misinformed continue to be ignorant, just as they have sat back and not questioned the conduct of leadership, the large banks and the media.

Many of these people DO have jobs or are going to school, or a have a so called “LIFE”. Many people around the globe are stopping their “LIFE” to be out here and bring attention to the deeply rooted corruption in the economic and political realms of our world. Many don’t hate big business or banks. They want our “Leaders” and the Media to stop helping and protecting the 1% who are allowed to steal. Democracy demands that the will of the majority is served.

The simple principles embodied in Democracy shouldn’t be difficult to follow. If elected representatives back pedal on promises, fail to carry out the wishes of the majority then it is WE that must accept the responsibility for the failure of democracy. There is no use trying to avoid responsibility for failure. In instances where a government continues to oppose the will of the majority, thinking they can easily betray the people, then the failure of democracy is the result of us failing. WE are responsible for any breakdown in democracy. It is always our responsibility to make sure that our will is being served at all times. If a population only exercises democratic rights at election time, this enables self-serving “Leadership” to actively pursue their own will or that of a corrupt minority. If we are not willing to speak up, we deserve everything we get.

That’s exactly why these protesters are in our own Spirit Square and other locations globally.

We all hope to benefit from a revolution leading to a new model of society that doesn’t involve a few ‘takers’ sucking up all the resources they can while the 99% are left to suffer and clean up the global, and environmental messes the unchecked and untaxed 1% have made.

So called “jobs” being created are not real jobs. They are “make-busy” activities that rely on moving worthless paper and diluting the value of others’ honest and constructive labor. Since when has it become necessary to sustain a class of parasitical overpaid royalty in order to exchange goods and services amongst us? They are not essential to such transactions and they certainly aren’t entitled to suck the life out of the economy as they do. Many politicians, bankers and media staff would be of more utility filling a pothole in the road or fixing a dilapidated home than trying to manipulate the 99%.

Jody Tippett

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