A Week Off


Yeah, I know you didn’t miss me, but I sure missed you. I am working on a post about our trip to Darien Lake, but I haven’t really had time to put it all together. It will be along the same lines as last year’s, but more coaster pics, and less from Mrs. Birdman. Apparently she thought she deserved time to relax and enjoy herself, but it turns out that that doesn’t include following us around with her camera. Much.

We did get her to snap a few shots, but most of the time she was riding the hell out of the coasters and lounging around the ten acre water park with Penny, Blondie, and Mrs. Witness Protection Program (WPP), while sipping tropical drinks from the discount liquor store in the great little town of Alden.

I guess she deserves a bit of rest. She does work pretty hard for a white girl.

Anyhow, it looked like our drive down was going to go pretty smoothly, because we ended up behind the Prince of Peace in a traffic jam in Burlington.

I thought he was driving by the way he led us around an accident.

I thought he was driving by the way he led us around an accident.

If we had of been really lucky, we would have got behind Moses and he could have parted the sea of vehicles and got us to the border where we would still have to wait for two hours before Mrs. WPP called and told us how to get around the back up. That was some handy info to have, and we thank her for it.

Once across the border we had a stop for some beer and some “huge bundles of firewood” that we saw at a roadside stand. They were between two and four sticks of wood that were Saran Wrapped together. We bought four of them for ten dollars, but it wasn’t nearly as much wood as Mr. WPP got in his ten dollar wheelbarrow full. His lasted longer too, but mostly because it was so wet that we couldn’t get it to burn.

When we got to the park, the check in was fast and painless. We quickly found our RV and Mrs. B got us registered. Now it was time to enjoy a relaxing Genny Light and unwind after our seven hour ride that shouldn’t have taken more than four.

I guess we’re all caught up now, and I’m sorry that it’s taking so long to get these posts out there, but I really have been on the go steadily. I hope this week brings me a bit of a break in the action, so I can get caught up on everything.

No I ain’t going down on the border with you tonight, drinking tequila, and taking chances on our lives,


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