The evolution

Remember that time I left off without telling you what happened, and then like a complete asshole with no regard for anybody’s feelings, started trying to figure out how to move his blog to his own site? That was right now. It’s true, my baby bought me for two years, so I guess I had better get thinking of shit to talk about. The only problem is that there is a big book that I have to bone up on, so it could take a while. Anyhow those are my plans for the future of this here blog. Expect great things from me once I start reading about all the fancy stuff that the interweb can do.

I hear tell that there’s a way that you might be able to pull a drop-down menu to separate the funny shit, from the shit that made me cry like a little kid after a good spanking harsh scolding when I wrote it. I don’t want to be a downer you know. Now you’re up to speed, so if things start screwing up royally, it’s just me and my addled brain trying to figure things out that I have no business doing. Now I’ll leave you with some funny pictures I’ve stolen off the world wide web.



I’m just looking for some tush,


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