May 01

I Gots Me A Job


Yep, I got a job delivering fertilizer to farms.

This is awesome, because it combines a few of my favourite things. Farmers, driving, slinging the proverbial shit, and getting a paycheck.

As I was sitting here contemplating what to write about today, I was flipping through G+ and I came across some video footage of Black Sabbath performing one of their new songs in Australia. I couldn’t tell whether it was good or not, because of the bad video, but on the left was a link to a 1973 video from a Deep Purple concert in New York.

I clicked on it, and was immediately transported back to grade 9 or 10 when I worked in the arcade that was attached to The British Hotel, or I suppose it was called Speedy’s by then. There was a jukebox in there, and during a shift of doling out quarters and french fries to my delinquent friends, I would hear the four Deep Purple songs that were on it, maybe twenty times. I worked there 5 days a week at least, so you could safely say that I heard Deep Purple more than the average person.

I believe that this was the model. Maybe some of you remember better. Like how many times Wishing Well by Terence Trent D'arby got played.

I believe that this was the model. Maybe some of you remember it better. Oh, and how many times did Wishing Well by Terence Trent D’arby get played.

This may seem like I’m complaining, but I’m not. I don’t remember ever thinking that I was sick of Hush, Highway Star, or even Smoke On The Water. I liked hearing them all whenever they came on, but the biggest treat was when someone, namely me, would put their two bits in and play Kentucky Woman. Continue reading

Mar 25

Hunter S Thompson Was A Goof

Well, I’m just going by Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, but if I had of had to deal with him, I would have beat the piss out of him.

I guess that would make me a goof too, but I don’t care.

This revelation came about after a conversation the other day. A young guy had asked me if I had ever seen Fear And Loathing, and when I replied that I had, he wanted to know if I loved it. I said I figured it was okay, but that I couldn’t really remember everything. I said that I thought it was based on a true story, and he said it was, and he thought Thompson was a genius, yadda yadda yadda, and something about how he admired him for not giving a shit about authority.

“He’s like me.” He told me. “I fucking love that guy. Fuck law and fuck cops.”


I said “That’s all well and good to say ‘Fuck law and cops’, but sadly we need to have laws and rules, and people to enforce them.”

“Fuck that. We only need two rules. Don’t hurt people, and don’t be fraudulent.” Continue reading

Mar 11

Standing Up For What’s Right


I’m bypassing the post about how I was depressed and didn’t realise it. It’s not that I don’t think it’s worth talking about, because it is, but this just happened tonight, so it’s still fresh.

I followed a guy that I thought was drunk, and I confronted him when he pulled into the convenience store parking lot.

I had to meet some people at the Tim Horton’s and got stuck behind this guy doing anywhere from 10 to 40 km/h in 50 and 60 km/h zones. He was swerving and hitting his brakes all willy-nilly and generally being a nuisance, so when I saw him getting into the drive-thru, I realised that I had a couple of minutes to talk to the family I was meeting. I saw the shiny, new avalanche leaving, so I got behind him and followed him back downtown. It was the same erratic driving as the way up, sometimes almost coming to a complete stop and then taking off slowly.

Not cool.

Not cool.

When he pulled into the Mac’s, I got out and approached his truck. He had oxygen tubes in his nose and his eyes were droopy and dull. I asked if he was alright and he said he was fine. I then asked if he’d been drinking and he got pissy and exclaimed that he hadn’t had a drink in twenty five years. I told him that he was driving pretty crazy, and that he was endangering anyone who was out on the road, because he wasn’t paying attention, but he told me he was just fishing for change and that he had looked around, and there wasn’t anyone following him, so he didn’t think it mattered. When I told him that I was right behind him the whole way, he said he didn’t see me, so I explained that he obviously wasn’t paying attention around him. Continue reading

Mar 06

The Top Secret Hoe-Down


So we made it in, and we enjoyed the journey that brought us to the hall for the surprise party. By now everyone was feeling a little rambunctious and ready to let loose, so they did. The camera was taken by whoever wanted to use it, so there were quite a few shots that we’ll call “abstract” or “avant garde”. They didn’t make it into the fold, but these did!

Half of the Cameron Family Singers were here. You'll read more about them soon.

Half of the Cameron Family Singers were here. You’ll read more about them soon.

He's going to miss his buddy.

He’s going to miss his buddy.

You’ll find it hard to believe, but there was booze to be had. I know, it’s crazy. Continue reading

Mar 01

The Liberation Of E And Some Runaway Cats


As you may remember, we are losing a couple from our ball team to browner pastures, and we are going to have to replace them, because we can’t leave second base wide open, especially when our all-star roamer won’t be around to cover it.

Yes, Dancing Queen and Mr. Man are buggering off to Alberta and it is going to be tough to fill their holes. Not on the field so much as in our hearts, but I guess we don’t really have a choice. We really do have the best ball team in all the land when it comes to having fun and caring about each other. I can’t think of anyone on there that I wouldn’t get out of bed at 3 am to pry off of the van door and then put to bed on the couch with a big puke bucket beside them. Well, in Mr. Man’s case it would be a bowl.

This is after our wedding in Dora and Swiper's trailer. We were so proud of our Cats that night. They shut the dance down and still took a case of beer and a bottle back to the trailer.

This is after our wedding in Dora and Swiper’s trailer. We were so proud of our Cats that night. They shut the dance down and still took a case of beer and a bottle back to the trailer.

Even after Mr. Man goes down, DQ is still getting her groove on.

Even after Mr. Man goes down, DQ is still getting her groove on.

You may recall the ball banquet when our trophy was kidnapped and we were taunted for what seemed like months. Well, we couldn’t let our friends haul their asses across our great nation knowing that the last time they saw our precious E that he was in the clutches of JRoc and her minions. This is why we decided to liberate E from his prison. Sure, it may have been a nice prison to lie low in for a few months, but it was a prison nonetheless. Continue reading