Fox Friday – Ice Age: Continental Drift

(This review contains adult themes)

T and I watched this the other day and I loved it. It was just the two of us here, and I felt bad that she didn’t have anyone to play with, so I said “Hey, do you want to watch a movie with me?”

T: “What movie?”

Me: “Ice Age: Continental Drift.” I had received it weeks ago and hadn’t had a chance to watch it, so I thought this would be a good chance to get some one on one time with her, and be able to review the movie.

T: “I’ve already seen it.”

I started to feel sad, because it seemed she would rather sit by herself than watch something with me.

T: “It was really good. I would watch it again.”

Yay! I grabbed the DVD and a couple of popsicles for us, moved half a dozen pillow pets to one end of the futon in their room, and settled in for the fourth installment of the franchise. I had seen the first one and the one about the ice caps melting, and really liked the characters, writing, and animation, so I figured that this one would have to be fairly decent.

I was right. I had forgotten the cool way these films got the messages about loyalty, friendship, courage, and love out there. I really like the clever way they put adult humour in with the kid stuff, and the beautiful imagery that they use. The movements are so fluid and natural looking, I had never once doubted that a mammoth or sabre-toothed tiger would move like that. The addition of “Granny” was fantastic, and I believe it was Wanda Sykes that did her voice. Her constant rambling about “Precious”, and all of the scatterbrained goodness of a demented old lady was spot on. (I think.)

I also am ashamed to admit it, but the lady tiger, that sounds like J Lo, really made me horny. I wanted Diego to slam her into and ice wall and make her purr like the bad kitty that she is. (Spoiler Alert – He doesn’t.) Never in all my life have I wanted to be a cartoon feline as much as I do now. Well, not counting Fritz the Cat, of course. That dude was ballin’.

Come on, Diego. Give it to her. She’s practically begging for it.

Anyhow, we both loved it, and it was a perfect way to kill a couple of hours with one of my favourite ladies. Thanks, Fox

So it don’t matter what it looks like, we look perfect to me,


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