Days Of Yore


Seeing as either nothing is happening, or I just can’t remember what I did today, I’m going to go back to when I was working out west and tell you a little story. There was this guy that I worked with, let’s call him Randy. Now Randy was a bit of a pothead, and he may have been playing with less than a full deck, but this guy had balls, as you will see from this story of my time in the north.

Randy was in camp, about a ten hour drive from town and he had run out of weed. He got his old lady to drop off a care package at the shop, so that it would go out on the next truck. The boss told Randy that they weren’t in the business of transporting drugs, so if he wanted his package, they were going to open it to make sure there wasn’t dope in it. He was also told that if they opened it and found weed, that it was getting flushed.

There was a lot of protest, but he wanted his package, so they opened it, and lo and behold, there was an ounce of weed, some aspirin and a few chocolate bars. They flushed the weed down the toilet and put the rest on the truck that was heading north.

Now Randy needed his weed, so he went to the consultant (the liason between the oil company and us) and told him that he couldn’t work without his headache medicine. The consultant then put him on a medivac flight to the hospital to get the medicine he needed.1)I don’t even want to guess what it costs to get an A-Star for a few hours

This is where the story starts getting good. The helicopter dropped him at the hospital and he went in the back door, straight through, and out the front. From there he headed over to the bar where he proceeded to try and score some ganja from the locals. By this time the consultant had called the shop and freaked on them for not sending his headache medicine. When he explained to them that he had medivacced Randy to town, they phoned the hospital.

No Randy. Next they tried the bar, had him paged, and he answered. Needless to say, Randy was promptly told to go and pack his things for his trip home.

Don’t fear though, he makes several other appearances throughout my time there.

Please look out for each other,


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1. I don’t even want to guess what it costs to get an A-Star for a few hours

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