Aug 01

Okay, I’ll Bite. (Into A Juicy Chick-fil-A Sandwich)

There, I said it. I would eat a Chick-fil-A sandwich, just on principle.Wait, let me state my case before you get all crazy on me, you buncha homo lovers.

From the info I’ve pulled off of Wikipedia, Chick-fil-A started a charity in 1984 called the WinShape Foundation, which has a sister foundation called Lifeshape. Now the WinShape Foundation, from what I can tell, gives money to Eagle Forum, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Marriage and Family Legacy Fund, Family Research Council, Exodus International, and Focus On The Family. They also have some sort of affiliation with the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

Now most of you know my feelings about religion and the folks who spout it, so you would think that I would be all over these people, but how is that any different than them trying to silence me? The thing is that my stance on freedom of speech overrules that. Just like I’m free to say what I want about religion, sex, and whatever other bullshit that I’m spewing, they are free to believe what they want and say it as loud as they want. Well, as long as there’s not a curfew where they are. No one is allowed to just be screaming their head off all night. Lights out at eleven, peeps.

Yes, even for them.

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May 28

Praise Jesus

Quite a bit of cursing in this one. Just saying. Or is it jus’ sayin’? Oh fuck, who really cares, anyhow?

So, for those of you that don’t follow comic books, let me fill you in on something…

I don’t follow comic books either.

I do follow stupid shit though, so when I saw this on a friend’s Facebook wall, I had to investigate.


Yes, I was informed that the white dude in the left-hand picture is an openly gay, Quebecois superhero from the X-Men comic books. What in the fuck is this world coming to? Do you seriously think that children need to be exposed to this sort of abomination? It’s bad enough that they have to see these freaks on television, in our hockey games, or in our makeshift military, but now we have to see them in our comic books as well. They have even taken over Las Vegas, mincing about in their colourful costumes, and their tight leotards. I remember when Vegas was reserved for real men, like Old Blue Eyes, Sammy Davis Jr. and Deano. Jesus Christ, they’d be rolling in their graves right now if they could see the shit that’s going on in the world. Continue reading

Apr 11

Homophobic News Media In Canada?

What is going on over there in Oshawa? I was writing away at a very thought provoking, inspirational post that I was going to put up in the morning, and then I made the mistake of looking at Facebook. One of my sisters from another mister had put up a status update about an “Open Letter To Joe Ingino, publisher and editor of the Oshawa/Durham Central”, and there was a lot of angry responses to the homophobic comments that the editor of a local paper had been spouting. Me, being an inquisitive sort of fellow, decided to find out more, so I read the letter. All of the fancy words kind of turned me off, but seeing as I have the ability to decipher them, I kept on reading. Continue reading

Apr 06

Go To Hell, Jesus

Seriously, if I was a Christian, I’d tell Jesus to go fly a kite. You don’t go and get yourself killed by the Romans, just to come back three days later and float around, leaving all of the world wondering what’s going on. That’s just not cool.

Party on, Jesus

Jesus could have left a bunch of tablets buried in different sites that he ordered no one to look at until the dates shown. There could be people guarding the burial sites that just keep replenishing their masses as they died off from old age and the pox. (I mean really, his followers would lay there and starve to death, as long as Jesus had told them to.) Then, when the dates came around they would have to dig up the corresponding tablet, and read the inscription. The keepers of the tablets will have been anointed by Jesus, and it could be well known that their words are to be adhered by all Christians, for all of eternity. (Jesus knew Atheism and Agnosticism would be rampant throughout our society, but because of the wine and whores he was doubting the existence of his father himself.) Continue reading

Mar 29

Holy shit, the Pope’s got balls

I was reading an article today about the Pope going to Cuba to tell those commie bastards that they need to be an open society. Really? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black on a huge scale? The same church that won’t allow people to masturbate or use birth control, is telling someone else to loosen up? I just don’t know where to begin with it.

Another thing I liked was when he told them that Marxism “no longer responds to reality”. Holy shit, that’s rich. It’s almost like the Popester wants to wield the power in this world. The Catholic church is just like a communist country. The peons give and give, while a bunch of fat cats, get to sit around and fart in their gold encrusted briefs. It makes me sick to think that these fuckers have the power to do whatever they want, and there are people who just sit around and give them more of their hard earned money, time, sweat, you name it, they’ll take it from you. I’m talking about the church and communism there, in case you were wondering. Continue reading