Mar 01

The Liberation Of E And Some Runaway Cats


As you may remember, we are losing a couple from our ball team to browner pastures, and we are going to have to replace them, because we can’t leave second base wide open, especially when our all-star roamer won’t be around to cover it.

Yes, Dancing Queen and Mr. Man are buggering off to Alberta and it is going to be tough to fill their holes. Not on the field so much as in our hearts, but I guess we don’t really have a choice. We really do have the best ball team in all the land when it comes to having fun and caring about each other. I can’t think of anyone on there that I wouldn’t get out of bed at 3 am to pry off of the van door and then put to bed on the couch with a big puke bucket beside them. Well, in Mr. Man’s case it would be a bowl.

This is after our wedding in Dora and Swiper's trailer. We were so proud of our Cats that night. They shut the dance down and still took a case of beer and a bottle back to the trailer.

This is after our wedding in Dora and Swiper’s trailer. We were so proud of our Cats that night. They shut the dance down and still took a case of beer and a bottle back to the trailer.

Even after Mr. Man goes down, DQ is still getting her groove on.

Even after Mr. Man goes down, DQ is still getting her groove on.

You may recall the ball banquet when our trophy was kidnapped and we were taunted for what seemed like months. Well, we couldn’t let our friends haul their asses across our great nation knowing that the last time they saw our precious E that he was in the clutches of JRoc and her minions. This is why we decided to liberate E from his prison. Sure, it may have been a nice prison to lie low in for a few months, but it was a prison nonetheless. Continue reading

Feb 21

Malibu, Vegas, and Arizona.


After we finished the first part of our day, we toured down Sunset Blvd. to the coast and then headed up to Malibu. A delicious feed of Jack In The Box and a brisk walk on the pier got us thinking that we should drive to the other side and see Point Dume.

It's just like in movies. Except there wasn't people lining the sides with fishing rods.

It’s just like in movies. Except there wasn’t people lining the sides with fishing rods.

There were a few people fishing at the end, and I was surprised to hear that they catch sharks and halibut off of the pier when they’re in season. They were just catching perch when we were there, so not worth renting rods and all that. Continue reading

Feb 11

I’m A Bit Of A Cowboy


So we got up on Monday morning and blew off TPIR. The hassle of it wasn’t worth going for, because we weren’t even guaranteed a seat, and unless you win cash, you are probably stuck paying tax on some crappy prize that they inflate the price for. Yes, I researched it. A lot of people just leave their prizes there. We decided that our one day in LA shouldn’t be wasted by sitting in an audience watching Drew Carey.

So we went to the Sunset Ranch at 3400 N. Beachwood Dr. in the Hollywood Hills. It’s right up by the Hollywood sign. The horse ride doesn’t go there, but it does take you near it, and that’s good enough for us. We aren’t showing you the whole ranch, because it’s just so cool the way it’s carved into the mountainside, that we want you to have an excuse to go there. I think my favourite part was the guy with the goats that lived up above the crowd. It really is something to see, especially when you are used to houses and buildings being built on the flat.

If Six was here, he'd get one named Wildfire

If Six were here, he’d get one named Wildfire

We got weighed in, (scale was waaaay off, I hope) and helmeted up, and then Jason wrangled up the steeds, got us all learned up on the basics, assigned us our horses and then sent us off with Cassandra, our guide. I got Neptune, who Cassandra said was a bit spunky. He did rear up once, when something spooked all of the horses, and he was a bit skittish with the coyotes calling through the valley, but all in all, he was a pretty mellow dude.

He wasn't afraid of anyone at all, but Blue wasn't with us. Things would be different then.

He wasn’t afraid of anyone at all, but Blue wasn’t with us. Things would have been different if he was.

Mrs. Birdman was one-handing that big lug of a camera that she uses while on the move, so there might be some blurry shots, but you’ll get the overall picture. Continue reading

Dec 06

The Dream Team. Well, Except For Shaun

That’s right folks. We really did a great job fundraising, except for Sean. He didn’t even show up for the fucking practice. Everyone else took photos, bugged their friends, looked cool, etc…, but not Sean. He was too busy not getting any phone numbers from women. You know why? No moustache!

If any of you are on speaking terms with Sean, could you tell him that next year he should let us know if he’s not going to actually participate. As long as we know, we can hire a stache double to sit in for him. That way when people look at our team, we aren’t embarrassed to shit, that one of our MoBros is a SHINY, FUCKING PIG.

I digress. Instead of focusing on the negative, I should talk about how utterly awesome our hand picked band of moustachioed beefcakes has been. I would have these masters of the man-hair back on this team, any day. We’ll run them down for you in no particular order, right after we show you some figures from our CTT team for Movember. I snuck the link in, because you can donate until the end of December, but if you’d rather, the lady at the top of the sidebar could really use some help too. If you were inclined to give some cash up, I’ll leave it up to you as to where your money would be better spent. Read her story if you haven’t yet.

Look at the right side. $1888

Look at him down at the bottom. He’s mocking us with his $5 donation that he didn’t have to show up for.


Had a hard time figuring out if he was going to be able to do Movember, not so much because of his work, but because of the threats of no kissing for 30 days. I assured him that having a badass stache was better than kissing, he scratched his head and contemplated his pros and cons. Luckily Kari gave him a last minute reprieve, because it was for such a good cause. I think she made a good choice, because he rocked that shit, and I think in her heart, Kari was imagining him as a 70’s street thug. I know I was. So sexy. See for yourself.

The beginning

Part of the way









The final




Next year?





This handsome bastard is officially my brother in law, and unofficially the best singer-songwriter in the family. This Movember marks the first time that his darling wife has seen him with a shorn face. From the sounds of it, I’d say Continue reading

Dec 03

Movember Gala Parté

Yes sir! We thought we would head up and check out the big Movember Canada gala event at Kool Haus (The Guvernment), down by the waterfront in Toronto on Friday night. What a cool party. Other than the $25 to park, it didn’t cost us anything to attend. The tickets were free, because our team totally rocked the shit out of fundraising, and as we went through the door, we were handed free tall boy tickets from Molson. Every time we went through the door.

Before we get going, I should show you what Gadget did for the cause.

He’s a trooper.

That’s right, he shaved his head, except for a huge moustache at the back. Don’t laugh, it got him into the kitchen at The Keg with a couple of hot waitresses.

Inside we were greeted with quite a few moustaches and the Appleton Estates Ice Bar Thingy, where they pour a shot through this carved block of ice, and into your glass. For someone who likes to drink straight rum, this would be the place for you. You could just stand there and do a free shot, walk out to the lobby, punch the bag to win a Schick t-shirt (I was pretty close), back through the door for another free tall boy, lather, rinse, repeat.

Yeah, I don’t think it was just the rum that attracted the boys.

Continue reading