Jul 02

One Thing I Love


It’s when I am sitting quietly upstairs in the nook, and I hear Mrs. B talking to the girls. The topics range from them getting harangued to clean up their mess, to advice on how to get extra marks on a project, to why they have to brush their teeth all the time. It’s always entertaining, no matter if it’s comedy night, tearjerker night, or inspirational night.

Tonight was on how to accept compliments. It was inspirational.

I had noticed before that when there was praise given for a certain talent, it was automatically deflected to which of her friends can do it better. I had noticed it, but never thought to correct it.

This would be a typical conversation:

Me: Hey, that’s a cool poster. You did a really good job on that.

Her: Oh, you should have seen how good Daisy (I’m naming them all Daisy) did on hers. She’s a way better artist than I am.

Me: Oh that’s good for her, but yours is really well done too.

Her: Not as good as her’s though.

Me: Okay, but I like this.

bad art

I don’t care how good Daisy’s is, it will never match this.

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Jun 27

Therapy Thursday


Hey Birdman,
So here’s a problem. I’m in my forties (yes you’d never tell by my profile pic) and feel I have not yet found that one person who really understands me and what I’m really about. And by that, I don’t necessarily mean a man.

Yummy Mommy


Dear Yummy,

I am not sure if you are lamenting your lack of partner in general, or contemplating a change in sexual orientation to find that perfect someone.  Either way, you find yourself lacking in the one part of life that we all assume will be sorted out by now.  The funny thing is, there are lots and lots of people in the exact same situation.  Many people marry in their 20’s or 30’s thinking they have it all figured out, only to grow and change in a direction opposite of their spouse.  It soon becomes apparent that we are going to have to make major changes in our lives if we are hoping to get what we want and need. Continue reading

Jun 09

My Very First Anniversary – A Year In Review

This is a loving post to my darling wife. If you ain’t into that; take a hike. If you are; read on.

Today is our anniversary, and I was lucky enough to get Breasts McGee Photography to take some photos of me with the different ranges of emotion that I have felt since we were wed on that glorious June night, one year ago today.

First off, I will show you how I’ve generally felt with you by my side.

I think I got my mother's eyes.

I think I got my mother’s eyes.

Except for when I was depressed. I felt like that on the inside, but probably looked like this.

I'm guessing at this. I don't think I looked in a mirror for ten months.

I’m guessing at this. I don’t think I looked in a mirror for ten months.

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Apr 12

Another Year With You

This our first public appearance photo. Remember how you loved those glasses?

This our first public appearance photo. Remember how you loved those glasses?

Yes, it’s true, we’re still together after almost a year of marriage. They say that the honeymoon will end, but I don’t think it’s true. At least not for another year.

We still have to make the sequel to this masterpiece.

Your laughter in this brings me so much joy. We still play like that, but we never think to record it. Sometimes I think we should have a crew following us around on a daily basis. Maybe if I get working soon. 😉 Continue reading

Mar 14

Therapy Thursday

(This didn’t actually come as a Therapy Thursday, but as it came anonymously, I am treating it as such. Also, if you want to send us in a question or problem, go to the “Harass Us” page in the sidebar. You can put a fake email and name in there if you’re scared.)


Dear Birdman

You seem like a angry dick on your facebook. Why do you hate God so much? Why do you always try to find a reason to make fun of religion instead of just checking it out and maybe liking it. It’s pretty cool to have all of the people in your church there to back you up and they make you always feel like your a good person. Theirs alot of worse things in the world than loving God. You could be a rapist or murder people.

Love Life


Okay then. If I was an angry dick, I would start this out by correcting your grammar and calling you an inbred stump jumper. I would then tell you to go grab the old mare and give her a right good rogering.

But I’m not angry, so I won’t. The dick part, would I guess depend on who you talk to. I’m now going to respond to your questions, albeit briefly, because you sent me this at 9:55 on a Wednesday night and I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow. Why not leave it for next week, you might ask? Well, I haven’t had a Therapy Thursday question in forever, and I kind of miss them (a lot).

I love Monty Python.

I love Monty Python.

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